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PokéPizza - Starters. [Dish #15]

Posted February 23rd, 2015 at 6:42 AM by gimmepie

PokéPizza - Starters

I'll start by giving a little information on this section. When I first joined PC in 2012 it was with the intention of creating a fan game based on the diverse ecology and geography of my home country, Australia. My first attempt at that project died in a spit of unfulfilling flames but since then I have (very) slowly been working on my project behind the scenes. This section will chronicle the long road to (hopefully) ending up with a fan game made including some little tidbits of information. In this post we will be having a look at the starters created for the project, three of many fakemon that are now made.


Designed and digitally rendered by Hexhellfire

Frettle (from "frill" and "petal") is the grass-typed starter of my region and is based upon the frilled-neck-lizard. It has the ability Overgrow, evolves at level fourteen and can learn moves including Bite, Razor Leaf and Glare. Frettle has the lowest defence and highest speed of my starters.
Hp: 55
Atk: 56
Def: 37
Sp. Atk: 32
Sp. Def: 58
Spe: 70
Total: 310


Designed by Dreamcatcher and digitally rendered by Hexhellfire

Firin (from "fire" and "pin") is the fire-typed starter of my region and is based upon the echidna. It has the ability Blaze, evolves at level 16 and can learn moves including Iron Defence, Fire Punch and Dig. An extra tidbit for you, Firin is genetically related to Cyndaquil.
Hp: 40
Atk: 64
Def: 90
Sp. Atk: 46
Sp. Def: 41
Spe: 29
Total: 310


Designed and digitally rendered by Hexhellfire

Platyx (from "platypus" and "toxic") is the water-typed starter of my region and is based upon the platypus. It has the ability Torrent, evolves at level 17 and learns moves including Tail Whip, Poison Jab and Water Gun. Despite its name's derivation, Platyx is a pure water type.
Hp: 47
Atk: 52
Def: 41
Sp. Atk: 70
Sp. Def: 54
Spe: 53
Total: 312

All three of the starters are based upon animals that are found throughout Australia however the dex for my region contains many fakemon inspired by many different kinds of animal, myth and object as well as existing pokemon. What do you think of these three? Any ideas on what their evolutions may bring? Feel free to share in the comments.

Progress Report
Currently: Back images are being designed, information about various pokemon, characters and towns is being compiled.
Looking for: Right now my priorities are an artist for human characters, a map designer, a spriter and a mapper.

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