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Weekly Music Mince 5 [Dish #22]

Posted March 8th, 2015 at 10:15 PM by gimmepie

Weekly Music Mince

There's this unfortunate trend of me getting these up a bit late. I actually could have posted this yesterday to be honest, but by the time I got home after the busy day I had I just wanted to watch comedy and go to sleep.

Anyway, I have another eclectic Mince for you this week with music from genres including folk, metal and jazz/blues. Bon Appétit!

Number One
Song: Shape of Love
Artist: Passenger ft. Boy and Bear

Info: I only recently discovered this song when I went on a Boy and Bear binge. I really love how well the two artists gel on this track, their styles and vocals combining perfectly. I also really enjoy the little story it concocts, the imagery it creates and the generally happy and cruisy feel of the song.

Number Two
Song: Killpop
Artist: Slipknot

Info: Slipknot are also back on the list this week, and with a song with a very different feel to the above song (weird huh?). Killpop is a very dark track dealing with twisted emotions and obsession. The vocals and music are great in this song, giving it a sort of eeriness that I love. The build up is fantastic.

Number Three
Song: Arsonists Lullaby
Artist: Hozier

Info: Another song with a somewhat insane character at its centre. This track is just as intense as Killpop but it possesses a different kind of intensity, a quiet intensity. The music is very simple and stripped down and Hozier doesn't necessarily belt out powerful vocals, but his voice and melody behind it draw you right in.

Number Four
Song: Dragula
Artist: Rob Zombie

Info: Okay... this is just really good head banging music. Rob Zombie has one hell of a voice, it's perfect for music like this. The music is good too... ah screw it *headbangs.

Number Five
Song: Hats Off to the Bull
Artist: Chevelle

Info: This song sounds like Placebo meets Tool, which is a sound I approve of. This is basically the anthem of the underdog, its about cheering for, or being, the underdog in a situation but not backing down no matter how much people want you to. That's the vibe I get anyway.

Number Six
Song: 500 Letters
Artist: Tarja

Info: Yeah... this is another song about a stalker. Don't judge me. This song however, is taking the point of view of the one being stalked. The character of this song is afraid and confused and the song conveys that story beautifully. Not to mention, Tarja's operatic vocals over the heavy music behind are a brilliant contrast that sound as good as ever. The song is of the symphonic metal genre mixing celtic, operatic and metal elements.

Number Seven
Song: Keep the Faith
Artist: Bon Jovi

Info: I don't feel as though this song is necessarily about religion, despite the title. To me it seems that the song is more about having faith in your beliefs and ideals regardless of what they are and where you draw them from. Either way, the vocals in this song are strong, the construction is good and the music is also excellent. This isn't my favourite Bon Jovi song but it's good.

Number Eight
Song: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Artist: Nina Simone

Info: Now here's something a bit different for you. This song originally came about as a result of a tiff between a soon-to-be husband and wife and is extremely relatable. Especially when you include the beautiful, soulful vocals of Jazz/Blues singer Nina Simone and the amazing arrangement including orchestral instruments and a harp.

Number Nine
Song: Good Luck
Artist: Basement Jaxx ft. Lisa Kekaula

Info: This is one of my favourite rage/break-up songs. It's essentially saying "you suck, everything about you sucks, you'll be alone forever now so good luck without me looking after you". The music is pretty decent, but the intense vocals of Lisa Kekaula are what makes this song. Few have a voice as powerful as hers.

Number Ten
Song: Rabbit Song
Artist: Boy and Bear

Info: More Boy and Bear, I told you I went on a binge. This extremely catchy folk song seems to be about standing up for and defending those who are persecuted. The vocals in this particular song are fantastic and the composition is brilliant. The video is almost as weird as Dragula's but I like it xD

Well, those are my picks for this we... last week. I have enjoyed all of them profusely, what do you guys think?

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  1. Old Comment
    Foxrally's Avatar
    Ah, so that's what the Weekly Music Mince is about :O

    I love how you name your threads "dishes" though XD
    Posted March 17th, 2015 at 5:47 AM by Foxrally Foxrally is offline
  2. Old Comment
    gimmepie's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Foxrally View Comment
    Ah, so that's what the Weekly Music Mince is about :O

    I love how you name your threads "dishes" though XD
    Pretty much every title is food related xD
    Posted March 17th, 2015 at 5:52 AM by gimmepie gimmepie is offline