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Censorship Strikes Back?!

Posted May 24th, 2015 at 9:05 PM by Starry Windy

Back then, when I posted last year, I complained about how the internet decides to block the internet connection to imgur, and a certain fanfic site, which not amused me at all. Thankfully I can access them once again, and I thought this must be the last of the internet blocking, or so I thought.

And then, today, I wanted to get some images from Deviantart, because I was looking for some image of Meowth or Zorua spoofing MGM Logo (I liked how they do just that), and decided to download the image. However, I got treated with the notice that says file or server not found. That's kind of odd, I think, and I decided to try to get another picture, like Navi vs Dragonite.

So, I try to download it again, and it's not there. That sounds fishy for me, but after several failed download attempts at Deviantart, I decided to check proxy for me to make sure of something, and it dawned at me, that the internet block strikes again :(

This makes me sad, and even though, yes, I know my country has a good intention to avoid NSFW stuffs (I also have that covered on my posts of before), if the site that is blocked also has some good and tame stuffs, that would cause a big problem. This is why I despise internet blocking to some extent. I think, if there is a selective block which only blocks any inappropriate content, not the site as a whole, I think I might don't mind.

I just hope that I can get a full access of Deviantart back, that's all.
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