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Posted June 2nd, 2015 at 6:51 AM by PlatinumDude

I'm finally back from Japan, and I had a blast!

For the first three days, we stayed at Tokyo. We went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Park, and the flowers there were absolutely beautiful.

For the last three days, we went to Yokohama. When we rode on the bullet train, my dad and one of my sisters got separated from us because I couldn't get the bags out fast enough. Other than that, the trip was fine; we spent it shopping for things we wanted. I, for one, went to the Yokohama Pokémon Center. It was everything I expected it to be, like there were plushies, cards, and stationary. I could've taken pictures of what I got, but I can't use my phone, atm.

Pictures of the trip to be announced soon.
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