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Day #2

Posted June 2nd, 2015 at 12:37 PM by Circuit

The Slowest Day of the Week

Tuesdays were always slow for Ninja Aiden. He found it hard to get up, and once again found himself waking later than he should have. But today he needed to shower too. That meant little preparation time for him. But nevertheless he got himself ready as quick as he could manage in his tired state, before emerging from the bathroom and dressing in his overalls and a t-shirt again. This would likely become a routine for the next five weeks too, so he thought he'd better get used to it.

Upon sitting at his computer with his cereal and tea, he thought he'd try taking four teabags to work to provide sustenance throughout the day. That wouldn't go too well either, but he didn't realise that yet. He scrolled through the PokéCommunity and allowed himself a bit of time to respond to the VMs and Notifications that had built up overnight. But just like yesterday, he'd hung around too long, and would be rushing to work. Luckily this time he was in the room before the coach was.

Work started off on the laptops, and today, Ninja Aiden and his class were left mostly to test the electronic circuits and logic gates, and simply learn the material needed to complete the test they would have the next day. Ninja Aiden obviously didn't use the laptops for learning, but instead scrolled through 9Gag and researched pet Foxes, and tried to come to a decision on whether they were ethical or not. The minutes ticked by slowly, and Ninja Aiden felt himself becoming more and more tired as the day moved on. But the day was theirs, and so he did as he pleased. Of course, the test still loomed over his head, but he didn't worry about that. It was his opinion that logic gates were in fact, rather easy, and he didn't need to spend his energy busting his brains over some German he didn't understand, he'd manage with what he knew tomorrow.

Lunch came and went, and Ninja Aiden began to feel the side-effects of having drunk too much tea. Something began to pain his stomach, and for the rest of the afternoon he sat slumped in quite some pain. Eventually, upon leaving, the pain passed, but Ninja Aiden had learnt his mistake. Tomorrow, he'd only take two teabags, and leave it at that.

He'd also acquired the knowledge of a German test tomorrow too, and began to feel like tomorrow would be a very slow and agonising day, filled with nothing but stress, boredom and German. Tomorrow would be a day spent longing for his bed, or home, or both really, as per usual.

But upon arriving home Ninja Aiden never actually slept. He was too busy for that, and had to respond to messages threads and notifications on PC. And work on his project on the Minecraft Server. The first phase he finished after returning from the shops, an accomplishment for the day. Ninja Aiden wanted to try and get one accomplishment every day, no matter how small.

After that, nothing else really happened, besides waiting for a new development in the Mafia games, and playing a failed League of Legends game. Ninja Aiden sorely awaited the weekend, and the chance to go out and party again. It had been quite a long time since he'd last done so, and he wouldn't mind spending a night this weekend doing so. With that thought, he shut everything in his flat down and prepared for bed. It was late, and he needed to sleep. Midnight was much too late. Hopefully now he'd wake up at the proper time. But he'd have to wait and see.
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    Might I suggest not setting a width in your CSS property so that it doesn't stretch out on fixed width? :)
    Posted June 3rd, 2015 at 11:28 AM by Tsutarja Tsutarja is offline
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    You may indeed. I shall do that tonight, with tonight's post, and see how it comes out ^^
    Posted June 3rd, 2015 at 12:20 PM by Circuit Circuit is offline