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I'll keep on active again.

Posted September 28th, 2015 at 10:29 PM by Starry Windy

Lately I find out that many things are hindering me from being active lately, even though some of these are not because of my own doing. Several days ago, I was doing not good because my city was full with haze lately, to the point that I was becoming unable to sleep at times, which caused me to having headyache or having trouble breathing at times... which is sad, because I do remember the haze hasn't been this worse last year.

Second thing, was that sometimes I'm experiencing blackout on varied times, which caused me trouble in real life and also in here, that I'm not even sure if I could take a Chinese lesson yesterday (it happens at night, btw) and granted that my main net connection needs power, and it doesn't have UPS as sort of backup yet... this spells trouble.

But in any rate, I'll try my best to be active once again, even though I may be on reduced activity mode or in Windvisible mode once again, I'll keep on doing my best, and I hope you will, as well. I'm sure someday I'll be active in its fullness again.
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