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I'm finally 17.

Posted October 3rd, 2015 at 10:09 AM by KorpiklaaniVodka

So yeah, today's my birthday, which ends in almost 3 hours as I'm typing this. One more year and I become legal lmao. If I'd steal vodka or Pokemon games, I'd end up in jail.

Anyway, I did like nothing today. I made a team with Passho Berry Volcarona, and this thing is really cool since it's able to set up on bulky waters and handle them with Giga Drain. Volcarona is one of those Pokemon who can 6-0 you if you allow it to set up, even once. The fact that it's 4x weak to SR and thus needs hazard removal support really sucks, though, which is the main reason why Volcarona is not a top OU threat, and is playing poker with Crawdaunt and Thundurus-T in BL.

Also, I'd like to mention that I downloaded a game called MUGEN, a no-holds-barred 2D game where you beat up your opponent until you KO him. The cool thing is that thousands of characters are available in this game, so Eric Cartman vs Sailor Moon is indeed a possibility. Meta Knight is still broken as **** though.
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