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Miracles really do happen :')

Posted October 20th, 2015 at 7:23 PM by Pendraflare

So, a week ago, I posted a blog about how I was feeling atrocious after three of my game systems, as well as some of my Pokémon games, were gone just like that. But tonight, I got a call out of nowhere from an unknown ID, saying that he had found my games.

Here's where it gets unusual: it was from a student who goes to Eastern University, which is right across the street from Cabrini College, where I am now. He had been near the steps connecting the two colleges and he found them around there. It did take a bit of confusion as to where to meet, but he found me, and I gave him a $700 reward, which I had promised in some flyers I had put up. That is quite a bit of money, but I don't care - it was worth it.

I can state that my things were messed with a little, as when I checked my capture 3DS and my DSi, the profiles there were messed up. I would hope I didn't give that $700 to the thief! But my Black 2 version, and my main White 2 version for that matter, are unharmed, and that just leaves me overjoyed. It's as if the pain and nearly losing my mind from the last week never happened.

It's weird though, because I had been to public safety more than once and would have hoped they would be able to locate whoever stole my belongings. I was not expecting my games and systems to be found by someone at a different college. But I did place a few flyers describing my belongings and offering the reward, in the house I live in.

With all that said, I can't easily explain how happy I am right now, at least not here. If you want to see just how overjoyed I am, you can read this post in my Black 2 thread on Marriland, which talks about how grateful I am to have people who care about me.
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