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In which I... Rate the gens from worst to best.

Posted February 20th, 2016 at 8:20 PM by PageEmperor

I dun really feel like creating a thread about this, so I'm just gonna put in ma blog. Take note this is just my opinion. Sorry if you like the gens I don't like.

So here is my rating for all the gens, worst to best.
6. Gen 3
Say all you want, but I can't psyducking STAND this generation. It was either this or Gen 1, but hey, at least the latter had somewhat okay pokes, and started the entire series. What is Gen 3? An overhyped, overrated, and over-everything piece of muk. Like damn. Yeah, I know it's pretty dumb to judge a generation just because everyone likes it, but seeing everyone mention it is just insane, especially if I personally never really saw the appeal. I'm sorry you all had to see this.
Though I will give it a small bit of credit for veing one of the few gens where I can tolerate all the starters.

5. Gen 1
So yeah. This one. Basically same reason as above in a way it is also just an overrated meh, except I've grown on this one over time. But still.

4. Gen 2
Unlike the above 2 I'm kind of lenient to this one, since it relates to one of my favourite games in the series and I like almost all of the mons in this generation. Nothing more to add.

Alright, I'm done with the first half. Now for the gens I actually like.

3. Gen 5
Man, I remember the time when this was my actual favourite gen like it was yesterday. How the mighty have fallen, eh? No, no. Lets get serious.
I remember back when it was new, I used to adore BW1. I don't know why, I just really liked it for some reason. I confess that I had a harder time going theough that game the first time compared to other games, but for some reason I still liked it nevertheless. It was probably because I liked the plot or characters or whatnot, but eh. Soon, half a decade later, my love died down, and so BW 1 is now my 2nd least fvourite of the games I've played, and it's gen is my least favourite of the gens I've played. But I still like them both, I just like the other gens/games more now.
Black 2 is still the hitler of pokegames in my eyes, though.

2. Gen 6
I remember back when it was revealed, I was certain that it would possibly be the worst gen. But I played X, I liked it, and so I was wrong. I expected it to be bad, but I underestimated it, and so I ended up liking it, yeah, its plot is only OK, but I like everything else about it to make up. I also tried ORAS. It was only OK when I first played it, but now I'm nuzzing it and I'm growing to really like it, ironically enough. Again, like the above it had flaws(too long!) but I admit it, I like it way more than the generation that made it possible.
I've ranted about this on several other threads, but still. I didn't really like the mon designs for this gen. I dunno, I just never liked them. There was just at least one thing for me to not like about them, if I didn't dis their design, then I probably wouldn't like their name, stats, or whatnot. There are definitely mons from this gen that I like, but the bad kinda outclasses the good for me.

Aaaaand the winner issss.....
1. Gen 4
Hate all you want, but this is my pick. It didn't have a trash final game like Gen 5, nor did it have bad mon designs like Gen 6. And I'm not saying that it's perfect, none of the gens are. However, I feel this one has the least disadvantages for me, and so this is why I feel I like it the most. Sure, I can see why some people don't like some of the mon designs, but even then, I wouldn't say it was that bad, and I actually did like the cross gen evos(I know a few people who don't like those either, but I understand since I get it isn't good to see a mon you like get weirder looking when they get stronger, and I know others have opinions). But the main reason why I like this gen is more for the games.
As you might know, Plat and HG were my first games(yeah, this gen was my first gen) and for some reason, I have more fun with these 2 games more than all the rest. It could be nostalgia, the fact I find them to be just more fun, or I just like them in general. And with all that in mind, their generation is as a result, my favourite of all the 6 in my opinion.

See? Looks like you don't have to favor your first gen solely from nostalgia.
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