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Patreon Showcase: Rapunzel, Gemini, Sailor Moon (June 2016) [Daily Bloggity Entry #321]

Posted July 12th, 2016 at 3:00 PM by El Héroe Oscuro

Patreon Showcase: June 2016

Date: 12 July 2016
Time: 8:56 AM ET
Mood: I could use a drink right now

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"Patreon Showcase is a new monthly Daily Bloggity series that showcases some of the many artworks of Sakimi Chan, a digital artist on Patreon. For $5 a month, you would have access to all of her monthly artworks (plus more) on top of a few NSFW images as well. As stated, this is a monthly blog series that will appear in the Daily Bloggity at the beginning of each month."

These are only a few of the artworks that Sakimi Chan has made for her Term 36 from Patreon. You can find her Patreon page here if you would like to consider donating. PokeCommunity may use these images if they want.

Rapunzel (left) &
Gemini Sisters (right)

Gemini Twins (left) &
Sailor Moon (right)

Which is your favorite portrait by Sakimi? Comment below as I'd love to hear and discuss with you what you have to say about this topic!

‡ As always, the "Daily Bloggity" is self written by myself and includes just some of my opinions on different mediums. If you have a subject that you might want me to touch on, feel free to PM me or comment below! I would love to hear some of your ideas! And remember, rate each entry so I can know what you guys like and what to improve on! Tune in tomorrow at 5PM Eastern Time for the next edition of the "Daily Bloggity!" Cheers! ‡

- El Héroe Oscuro


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