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Dance Derby Pie 1 (Dish #63]

Posted August 17th, 2016 at 3:51 AM by gimmepie

Dance Derby Pie - Kyle Hanagami

So, for a while now I've had a bit of writers block when it comes to my blog, but from a moment of boredom and misery came an idea. I've been sick for ten months now and unable to do the thing that I love most - dance. It's given me a real appreciation for just how much I love the art form and the competitive sport in not only my own discipline (ballroom) but all of its varieties.

In particular, my favourite part of dance and where my own talents primarily lie is with choreography. I love to create unique and interesting routines and I love watching what others create. So using this new blog series I'm going to share my love for dance and choreography by introducing you to some amazing choreographers and performers from a variety of styles. In this entry I'm going to show you some videos choreographed by Kyle Hanagami who I've just recently discovered whilst trolling through Youtube.

Kyle Hangami has a really unique style and is a very versatile dancer and choreographer, which shows through his work. His performances tell us stories and he can make us feel happiness or sadness with ease as he takes us through gripping romances, sensual performances or wild raves. More than anything though, this man has a knack for staging. With nothing more than the simplest costuming, lighting and camera work/editing he is able to turn a performance into a production which is something truly impressive. You can check out more of his amazing work on his Youtube channel.

Note: For anyone wondering, this is a Derby Pie and they sound bloody delicious.

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