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Mysterious places in pokemon world.

Posted August 20th, 2016 at 4:14 AM by Ċorazòn
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Cinnabar Island's forgotten mansion (Forgotten Pokemon Mansion):

In Kanto, cinnabar island before the volcano eruption (C/G/S/HG/SS event), is one of mysterious constructions around the world, filled with fairly strong Pokemon, rubbers and thieves. It is said that it was a mansion concern of analysing and breeding Pokemons for research purposes, and some rumours that Giovanni who was behind its existence, however, in some unknown circumstances the building was destroyed, or rather, burned out without leaving any clue, to be one of unsolved mysteries in Kanto region, some rubbish still remains, somehow electricity was still running where helped Red to open the doors by clicking switches in weird figured status (Rhyhorn; Giovanni's favourite Pokemon in his party).
There are 3 things whom are very interesting about this place, first the tight security of how doors are locked with puzzle like structure and complex design making it harder to go through the 4 floors, which make us questioning about many things... The 2nd mysterious about this mansion are the diaries scattered around the mansion, those diaries describes an appearance of a new Pokemon that no one knows about... Wait a second how come that no one knew about it? Anyway, looks like a scientist left some important data on those diaries, reports:

July 5 Guyana, South America. A new Pokemon was discovered deep in the jungle.
July 10, We christened the newly discovered Pokemon, Mew.
February 6, Mew gave birth. We named the newborn Mewtwo.
September 1, Mewtwo is far too powerful. We have failed to curb its vicious tendencies.

Mew... There are no such things on Pokedex, an alien? Mewtwo? a number 2 of this creature??... The last thing is that somehow, any trainer who want to fight against the leader of Gym a.k.a Blaine, must have Key, which is found only there...

This mansion held many mysteries that were sill need to be unfolded, but after 2 years from Y/R/B/G/FR/LG, an eruption of a volcano persisted, erasing the whole island from the map...

The dark underground path: Celadon City - Lavender Town.
This shortcut was quite handy to cross directly to Celdaon due the guards of Saffron city wouldn't let you go through, its a quite calm place but dark and isolated from people but mysteriously, Police closed the path stating that no one is allowed to cross it because of trainer battles, but back in Y/R/B/G/FR/LG there was no trainers in there, if so why the cycling road which it is full of punks and moto-cyclers there and still opened until nowdays, even the thugs are rising in numbers?
"...Uncouth Trainers have been holding battles in the Underground Path. Because of rising complaints by local residents, the Underground Path has been sealed indefinitely. Signed, the Celadon Police".

local residents of Celadon city aren't "complaining type" at all, they have a strong Grass type leader and many strong trainers out there, even a casino with an underground consisting of a notorious gang, they wouldn't care less, the notice doesn't appea legit, something happened there in that dark underground path, to make the police who barely move to close that certain path, unlike the other one that leads from Cerulean to Vermilion.

Kanto's Power Plant - Abandoned energy company:
How can a power plant that distribute energy and electricity to be in that state of ruins, how it became abandoned, that no one dares to get inside it, isolated from the whole region, could be accessed only by having a big turn and surfing through mountains.

The rumours says that electricity type Pokemons were attracted to the electricity so they rushed inside the building killing everyone who worked inside it, but there were no proof, a matter of fact that there are no capable trainers or police in that area to infiltrate the building and check what really happened. A strange research showed that the remanent and rubbish were caused after some several explosions, turned out that were Voltorb and Electrode did it to destroy stairs leading to upper floors , dividing chambers and ultimately killing many employees of the power plant.
Years later, a powerful Pokemon, classified as a legendary was encountered by a legendary trainer; Red. Was that Pokemon the reason of that massacre?
Being populated and some workers appeared there after months of that legendary Pokemon disappearance, explains that the electric bird was the main protagonist of mass massacre of Power plant event.

Pokemon Tower - Buried secrets...
Many rumours concerned this gloomy place, restless souls, Gary's mystery, team rocket assassination of a Cubone's mother, Mr. fuji, white hands tapping on shoulders, purified zone, etc.
But the most important question is: Why after couple years from Y/R/B/G/FR/LG events, the tower became a Radio tower? why did it move to an other spot, and why exactly that spot?

Mr. Fuji currently taking care of the place, a person said that there are many hidden chambers no one knows except Mr. Fuji to access them, maybe some underground path that leads to something undiscovered yet?
real secrets of Lavender town and the old Pokemon tower? why would team rocket take over it? There are only dead Pokemons around there, they only want the living ones, something fishy in here! Sadly, a Marowak wanted to protect its child Cubone from team rocket to not let them sell him in casinos, but they killed it making her soul restless, haunting anyone who come forth to the higher floors of tower, many graves, many Pokemons buried in there, majority were because of intensive battles, one known deceased Pokemon is Gary's Raticate, it is unknown if it died due he battle with Red in SS ANNE, where he was really exhausted after Boat party held by trainers where he fought all of them, and got his HM and while getting off the boat, he faces red in weak state resulted in its death, or maybe when he fought while crossing mountains to the cave that leads to Lavender, it is uncertain but was clearly paying a last visit to his dead Raticate. Gary has nothing to do with Pokemon Tower, his purpose was to capture living Pokemon not the corpses, a fact that Gary said: "What are you doing here? Your Pokemon don’t look dead!", shows that Gary was surprised that Red was in there because none of his Pokemon died, only reason for a person to be there is when your Pokemon is dead (Gary's logic), we conclude that Raticate actually really died.

Glitch city - Post-apocalyptic town:

You should keep your eyes open when you're walking, each step could lead you to a different road, a different future and a different fate or... being called from sky that "your time is over" sent to another space-time dimension, a complete disaster, city in ruins, no where to escape for all eternity. Red mysteriously fleed from that place once, it is said that he was capable by using a psychic move; Teleport, others said he actually had a very strong fire/dragon type that helped him to fly... But as for the other trainers never returned...

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