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Let's Play Pokemon Life Version! Chapter 2

Posted August 21st, 2016 at 11:18 PM by Rainbow Chara X

It has come to my attention that Life Version (at the time of this chapter being put up, aka. 8/21/16) is currently incomplete, but there's still enough content for another chapter or so. With that said, let's have some fun.

Chapter #2 - Green Memories


Last time on Pokemon Life Version, we fought some weird kid who knows our dad and now we're going to meet some pink-haired chick. Good start.

"I'm scared of them... They might have items but they might have dangerous Pokemon too! Ugh! May I know what you were doing in there?"

I wouldn't say dangerous, but whatever.

Now that is an interesting mechanic! The ability to change the story based on how you act and what you say always fascinates me because it adds more replayability to a game. Granted, this would drive me insane because trying to see every new path would send me on a wild goose chase for hours.

I have a massive appreciation for people who pull this kind of thing off well, seeing as they don't have to make a nonlinear story. I guess it's because making decisions actually matter is something that's not quite common in games nowadays.

Let's go with yes because honestly why would we not tell her? She seems to be a close friend of Max.

"They do everything to become stronger! We will need to be careful once we arrive at the continent."

"They'll do anything" would have sufficed better for this scene, to be honest. But still, that is really neat. I'm curious as to how this would get fleshed out if the game is ever finished. (Because, spoilers, this is currently the only instance of this in the version I'm playing right now)

But for now, let's be a dick to Lola and say no. You know, just to see what happens.

"Am I right? Nah, I know I'm not. Xerneas is a legend, duh. Some people say that legends become true once our wishes are granted! I wish to go to the big city... Maybe we'll find one once we arrive to the continent!"

: "... How did you get Xerneas out of that?"

A few typos here and there, but this is a game in progress so I can't really bash it. But yeah, there's that.

"I won't leave you, hehe. See you at the ship! Bye bye!"

She says this regardless of which timeline you pick. But yeah, we have a brand new main character who's not a rival! I can't recognize who Lola is based off of, but still I like where this is heading.

You do you, pal, but technology makes the world go round. Hell, not being able to use the PC in a Pokemon game is torturous.

... Plus it gets weird when you realize there's a PC not even like 5 feet away from him.

Also, I've figured out why there was a glitched text box at the beginning and why I couldn't save - I was using the wrong save type. The silly part is that this could have easily been fixed before I even started playing, so way to go Dan.

Scented petals? Well, we do live near a farm, after all...

To be fair, this lady is me right now. Even as I'm writing this, I can't stop thinking about what to do in the future.

But hot damn are these battle backgrounds beautiful. How did you even do this?!

Leanan learns her first STAB move and its animation is Swift with the stars replaced with pink cotton candy clouds. Sure, it sounds strange when I say it like that, but the fact this kind of thing decimates Dragon types will never cease to amuse me.

Hey, here's our first real route. So, weird question, but is Nendios based on Hawaii? If so, that's hilarious... seeing as the Alola Region is actually a thing now.

I went and fought for a bit in the grass and found a Sewaddle. Believe it or not, they're a rare Pokemon in this route and I would have gotten them if I had any interest in Leavanny. I mean alright, they have some pretty cool attack and speed, but I'm not sure how they'd fare in this game.

So instead have these two lovable jackasses instead. Cerveau will be our flyboy and Baroque will be the Roserade I've always wanted in these Let's Plays.

He is going to be set for the entire game if this is any indication. To top it off, he gets Growth after this level up... so he can get even stronger. I tremble with anticipation.


Good for you. If that means your Sunflora keeps dancing, then cherish them as if your life depended on it.

"I think I am the only one who still loves it."

Awww. There's a lot of melancholy going around in this place... I love it.

Hey, there's our dad. Let's say hello.

"Love was all that mattered..."

The Florges sprite for that statue is pretty nice, just sayin'.

[Poke Flute sound effect]

Oh? Who's this? Waiiiiiit a second... This is Concordia from Pokemon Black and White.

But she never had a mugshot like this in the actual games... which means this is a brand new sprite they made just for this hack. Holy muk. Everything about this cutscene screams beautiful.

(For some reason I can't comprehend, the Diglett Cave theme is playing here. I know FireRed and LeafGreen aren't much regarding actual sad songs, but I'd... pick something else? Is this where the Black and White soundtrack is going to come into play?)

"She had this crazy love for flowers... I couldn't understand at the time, but now I see..."

[At The Bottom of the Night]

Oh... Ouch. No wonder he didn't want us to go.

Dad: "She used them to teach us how to love without fearing, without caring what others think. She knew that having this farm would create harmony between us."

"A place where you could grow up and be yourself, despite what others think, without judgement. We knew it would be hard."

Max's mom sounded really cool. I will also take every opportunity I have to compliment the backgrounds.

Oh god the rain isn't helping. It's sad enough already.

"The statue is my homage to her and for all she did for us. All the grace, hope and sweetness she shared with us every day. When we finally realized how much her Florges and all of the flowers meant to her, her presence and solitude came back to life!"

[Leanan tries to conceal her tears]

Hearing the dad speak about his dead wife so passionately makes me wonder how they were like when they were a couple. I sort of want to see how that was like.

Well, my heart is in a million pieces now. Are you proud of yourself, Life Version?

"I know that, somewhere, she is proud of the person you became."

I'm still amazed - typos aside, this is such an emotional opening that all I can do is applaud. I'm a sucker for this kind of thing.

"I think we still have a little bit of time... how about we go to the top? Come on, for old time's sake."

Aw. He wants to spend some time with us before we leave.

: "You're on, dad."

[Papa Blaine walks on ahead]

That scene was great and all, but we have some stuff to do... like fight some old ladies!

[One beatdown later]

Yes, but don't say stuff like "respect your elders" when you have a Pokemon whose level is below the double digits.

Gogoat riding?! Oh please god, let this actually be a thing.

... Is that Rood from Team Plasma?

"Soy un gran vendedor de excelentes productos exclusivos para..."

And he speaks Spanish? What the muk?

(Here's the translated version in case you couldn't get that: "Hello my dear, I am a great seller of excellent exclusive products for... ")

: "... Uh... You do know this is the Nendios Region, right?"

"I thought these were the Orange Islands! Oh, so this is why no one is buying anything. What a loss of money..."

Way to go, Not-Rood.

"Always at your disposal."

Ghavi, huh?

Oh, he's a traveling salesman. Kick-ass. I'd splurge my money on everything he has, but I only have like 2000 Pokedollars... so you got me.

Remember how they said only some crystals would heal you? Yeah, this is what they meant. There's wild Pokemon and trainers here, so having to go back to the one next to our house to heal up would get annoying after a while.

Granted, your objective in this farm is to talk to your dad... who is standing away from both of those things I just mentioned. Oh well.

She's not kidding - you can get Skiddos and Burmies from the mud. It even has its own unique grass tile animation - small touches like that go a long way.

Scientists in this game are weird. Ralts there is a non-issue - they chose to growl at me more than actually attack, which is futile seeing as Cerveau doesn't let up on his tackles.

They also give a crazy amount of experience - this little Ralts gave 253 Experience alone, which is absolutely bananas for this early in the game.

Oh, and we go and pick up a Combee because I like Vespiquen. Vespiquen is a cool Pokemon to me and I hope they get a Mega Evolution in the future.

By the way, I didn't name her that because it was August when I caught her... see, August stands for "distinguished" or "venerable", which is appropriate considering that Vespiquen is the queen of the hive.

We bushwhack some idiot who claims the grass of Mother Earth as her own...

There's a Cut tree here. For now, it's completely unassailable and that item will remain a mystery to me for days to come.

Says the preschooler. The funny thing is that the brother is like "oh my sister gets angry when we lose" - guess what she blames it on.

: "Ah yes, they said there was going to be a forecast... of salt."

: ("Wow, Max, that was... not your best.")

: ("What are you talking about, August? I liked it.")

: "It's hard for me to come up with this stuff on the fly, okay?"

I really went crazy catching Pokemon around here, didn't I?

: ("Hey, what's the big deal? I was about to terrorize some little kids!")

God, no wonder why this hack won "best graphics" awards. It's definitely deserved them.

Why yes, I do consider the FireRed soundtrack to have some pretty good tunes. Viridian City's probably my favorite out of the entire thing.

"They export medicinal flowers and condiments!"

Huh. Neat. So does our stuff get used in Antidotes and stuff like that?

Crucio is goddamn amazing for this early in the game. Poison Sting is pretty bad, but that doesn't matter when he has Rollout as a starting move. If he hits enough times, he can wipe the floor with anything he comes in contact with.

He's a good fighter and he's not even a Scolipede yet.

Also, that lady is talking about the Litleo she just got. Just wait until they evolve into Pyroar, babe.

He was guarding an Antidote, which is good because the Budew and Venipedes around this place are pretty lethal without some kind of item to cure poison. You can also find Wingulls in case you want a cheap Water type already.

(By the way, Budew was another rare Pokemon in the first route... but that's sort of made moot given their more prominent appearance in the barn. So I effectively ran around the same spot multiple times when I could have just gone ahead. Playing brand new games without a guide is hard for me, so stuff it.)

"I always get distracted by these ponds. Shall we go now? I'll be waiting for you!"

[He walks off]

I'm curious as to what he was thinking about that distracted him. Probably Max's mom again. That'd be sad.

* Cracks knuckles *

Let's do this.

Awwwww muk.

"Use this technique to climb the mountain."

Huh. Let's see how this works.

I'm going to enjoy this.

You can get these from lying around. If you go back in the farm and hop an otherwise inaccessible fence, you can get a Great Ball. That's nice, even if my brain seems to have the misconception that Great Balls aren't... even that great.

Along the way, we get a proper Save crystal that can heal you. It is necessary for all of the fighting that we're going to do here.


(Fun fact: If you stand around long enough next to it without picking it up, it actually will move around. Nice touch.)

Oh, please. Foongus and Amoonguss are literally the only Pokemon out of 700+ that I don't like, so please don't get in the way.

: "Those sound like fighting words, miss."

Okay, this was great foresight on my part - she put Baroque to sleep. Before this, I bought some Awakenings without even realizing that they would be particularly useful. Fancy that.

Apparently she was trying to help prepare us for the fights ahead? Cool, but I think we can handle ourselves?

Uppity Prick, my worst nemesis!

: ("Please. You aren't even worthy of standing in my presence.")

Beating him up nets you the Item Finder. If you want to use it, go ahead - I usually just tumble across hidden items anyway.

Oh, and to complete our team, we have a Ralts of our own too! That's it. It's not even three chapters in and I've already filled out every spot. Damn.

Rubus here is based on a genus of flowering plants in the rose family... I went with it because of the horn growing out of his head.

We get another Repel and a Revive! At least I don't have to rely on the crystal to bring back a fainted mon, I guess.

Leanan is strutting her stuff... and this is only her as a Flabebe. Imagine her and Rubus fully evolved.

There were a bunch of other trainers here, like a Black Belt and so on. Any experience is good experience at this point.

Oh hey, we reached the end of the mountain. Too bad we have to say bye to our awesome Gogoat partner.

To be fair, going down would be easy. Going back up would be the hard part.

"Max, I know you are older now, but the rules are still the same: No one allowed! Wait here until I come back."

[Papa Blaine enters the house]

No one allowed, huh?

Oh hey, a new member of the "Too-Cool-To-Use" Club! Glad to have you aboard.

"It's possible to see some old furniture and some old blocks of stone."

... Oh? What is this supposed to entail? I'm intrigued.

Oh thanks. I... Wait, why did he just give us a rusty old key?

Papa Blaine: "This key will not open many doors, but it opens the ones that are important!"

: "... What does that even--"

Papa Blaine: "Do not even ask me what that means, your mom used to say that. This key was important to her. So I think you should carry it, alright?"

: "Well of course."

Ooooh. A key that belonged to Max's mom... I wonder what we'll even do with it.

"But you do not need to show it to everyone, right? Let's go! Only one more part, my favorite part!"

[Max shivers]

: "Oh lord, not this part..."

I assure you that Max's reaction to this is simply:

Aw gee, what are we doing?

Oh hey, we're riding a Mantine... with Papa Blaine standing on top of it complete with his cane. Man, you crazy.

"This is the last time we are doing it. Are you okay with that?"

You can answer yes or no to this, which I find hilarious. His answer will be the same regardless, so have this instead:

: "Dad, you son of a..." [Gets drowned out by the roaring water]

Everything regarding this kid and their family has been either adorable or heart-wrenching. Or both...

I'm gonna miss Papa Blaine when we're gone.

"Haha, some things never change."

: "See you later, Dad... I promise I'll be back soon to visit."

(The musical NPCs are animated, by the way - I would make a gif of them, but it's not as interesting as the PMD Sunflora dancing one.)

Oh hey, Lola's here. Let's get a move on!

[Heavy heartbeats]: "Oh man, this is going to be some heavy stuff. Are we ready for this?"

: ("Don't worry, Max. We're right behind you.")

And with that, that is all I have for this chapter. Next time on Pokemon Life Version, we get teased with some neat concepts and stumble about a high class boat like an idiot.

See you then.

Team setup:

(Leanan, level 12, , ) - "So how are all of you? My name is Leanan."
(Rubus, level 11, , /) - "I... uh... Hi." [He blushes]
(Cerveau, level 10, , /) - "Cerveau is what they call me. I was waiting for some excitement to come my way, so it's a good thing I bumped into your trainer there."
(Baroque, level 7, , /) - "Haha, you are as radiant as the sun, miss Leanan. I'm glad to be in your presence, milady."
(August, level 9, , /) - "Charmed, I'm sure. Oh, Baroque... your brash attempts of trying to win over women never cease to amuse me."
(Crucio, level 10, , /) - "So I'm part of this trainer rap all of a sudden? Figures. Just don't get in my way and we'll be friends."
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