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Seeking selfless people

Posted September 3rd, 2016 at 5:29 AM by Pebbles


[I]Call me negative all you want, call me depressing, seriously do it.... i do not care.
I am just sick and tired of living a life where i have to search for selfless people with a candle on a stick, basically.[/I]
[s]somebody grab the violin[/s]
[I]thank you willard[/I][/spoiler][/CENTER]

[B]Why is it so freaking hard for people[/B], all ages, to be a little more selfless and think of others instead of their own damn needs all the god damn time. Don't get me wrong, it is good to also think of yourself and your own needs, you shouldn't be a slave and do all the work for somebody else but seriously.... I have met so many people in the past 23 years that find it sooooooooo hard to think about somebody else for a change instead of their own, [B]it makes me truly sad[/B].
I'm the kind of person that enjoys helping others[/I], i do not mind to do a small thing for you if you ask me nicely. I often offer my help to people, photoshop wise but also in real life, i tell people all the time, if you need anything, ask me.
I know that a lot are like me but then later down the line get taken advantage of and they hate that. You need to set boundaries and dare to say no sometimes, that's all there is to it really.
If you get taken advantage of that easily you also probably trust people just too quickly, which in this life is probably not the best way of living your life, in my opinion.

[u]Some might say doing a lot for others makes you the submissive type.[/u]
Yes, if you do literally everything and anything for somebody 24/7, even the most simplest things they can easily do themselves, i guess you are being silly and quite submissive, not wanting/daring to say no, go do it yourself - also a way of life i do not recommend.
When it comes to me, i am not that type at all though. Surely, i do things all the time for the people i care about but there is a difference between being a slave for them and helping out a little.
You make a mess of things? Go clean it up yourself. You want a snack? Go make/get it yourself.

Frustrated it's hard to find people who are more selfless than selfish like me, [B]why is it hard to answer someones desires every now and then without thinking of yourself first[/B]?
Little things, why can't they happen right away? Why does one have to wait god knows how long for the simplest of things? Sure we can wait for a little while but would you like it if you had to wait months for something little you asked your parent/partner/friend to do for you or with you? Wouldn't you get frustrated eventually when you have to wait a long time for somebody to clean what they made dirty or to help you with something that is important to you.

[B]Selfishness makes people annoying, ugly and worthless sometimes.[/B] Like, do you not care? You that self-centred? You find yourself and nothing else in the world important?
Your own stuff can hang on, just make the other person happy for a change, instead of yourself all the time and give them that little something that they desire and make them smile.

We are all selfish at times, i am not denying i cannot be selfish at times myself, but there is a difference between sometimes/little bit..... and all the freaking time and find it a major struggle to do something nice for somebody else and make them happy.
[I]The worst of it all is[/I], such people do expect from others to do things for them all the time but yet the other way around, they can be selfish so damn easy. Muk isn't it?
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    That last sentence can be so true. You should try and avoid / cut out people in your life that are consistently causing negativity within you, because you shouldn't have to deal with it. Unless it's your family, that would probably be the only exception in my book, but then if it is, have a discussion about it. I guess talk about it with whoever is making you feel this way but seriously, I've found that sometimes it's just not worth the effort and I'd rather just ditch the toxic people than try to reason / reconcile with them.

    At any rate, balance is key between maintaining your own level of well being and catering for others, but you have already inclined towards this in your post anyway.
    Posted September 3rd, 2016 at 2:43 PM by Overlord Drakow Overlord Drakow is offline
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    Pebbles's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Overlord Drakow;bt105546]sometimes it's just not worth the effort and I'd rather just ditch the toxic people than try to reason / reconcile with them. [/QUOTE]
    indeed. my thoughts exactly.
    Posted September 6th, 2016 at 4:17 PM by Pebbles Pebbles is offline