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My thoughts on Sun and Moon pokemon

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My thoughts on Sun and Moon pokemon

Posted October 16th, 2016 at 4:57 PM by MUDKIP!!!

Woo my first blog! I hear it's super easy to make blogs now. Anyways on to the opinions. I will be judgeing using 2 criteria: Appearence, and Movesets/Stats. I think I'll start with the starters.

Rowlet: Overall a very cute pokemon! It's signature move leahage looks good, although it is pretty weak, and unless it has some great secondary effect, I won't be using it for long. It's talons are pretty hard to see, and I sometimes forget what they look like. My main problem with rowlet is it's beak. White on white is akward, and I would prefer even a super light tint of orange.

Dartrix: I think I like Rowlet better then Dartrix, although it certainly doesn't determent from Rowlet at all. It's beak is a lot more three-dimensional, which I like, and even it's description "Blade Quill Pokemon" sounds cool :) Overall, we don't know much about it's moveset. We know a lot more about the movesets of Torracat and Brionne. It kinda has a cool leaf cape too :D

Litten: I'll be honest, cats are one of my favorite animals, yet Litten is the least cutest of the three (Although that changes with the second evos). That doesn't mean I don't like Litten, I like all 3 starters this time around. I just don't like Litten for it's cuteness. You know, I think it's the concept art. I actually think Litten is super cute in the fan art, but in the concept art, it's at a weird angle, and avoids eye contact. Now, onto moveset. I think it's moveset, while not super strong, is very appropriate for it, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Torracat: This one moves up on the cuteness scale to number 2! I find it cuter then Dartrix, with it's fire bell and fangs :3 I don't like it's tail as much as Litten, but I have a soft spot for bell collars :D Now, onto moveset. It can learn all the moves that Litten learns, plus Flamethrower, so I do like it's moveset. Flamethrower is a pretty good move for a second stage.

Popplio: If this thing doesn't evolve into a fairy type I swear th- Oh right where was I? Most people hate on it's clown-like appearance, they call it "unnatural" But really, when has pokemon ever been realistic? I find it's "unusual" appearance appealing, because normal is boring isn't it? In terms of moveset... Not bad. Very weak moves, but a decent spread, and of course it will learn more viable moves eventually.

Brionne: This very well could be the second cutest pokemon in Sun and Moon (Cutiefly wins #1 in that area). In terms of appearance, the only thing I might remove is those bubbles on his/her ear. Some people think Brionne is too feminine. Don't be sexist. Now, onto moveset: Not much better then Popplio's, but we've only seen it use a move once.

Rockruff: Yet another cute pokemon, S/M is doing great in that area. At first I wasn't too fond of it, and didn't really see how it was a rock type, but it's definitely grown on me. I like it's rock collar and long tail. We know almost nothing about it's moveset, so I really don't know if it will be viable in competitive, although it certainly doesn't look bad.

Lycanroc Day: I like it's appearence, and it definitely seems to be more popular, although I feel like it's incomplete. I feel like maybe it could evolve again? I don't really know :/. In terms of moveset, we really don't know if Day and Night form will have the same movesets yet, and we don't have any confirmed moves that they both learn, save for bite (Which Rockruff learns, so that doesn't really count.) I'm pretty sure Accelerock is a new move, and it looks pretty cool :)

Lycanroc Night: My favorite of the two. I don't really see this evolving again, and it looks really cool :) In terms of moveset, It seems to have a few more dark type moves, a shame, considering it isn't a dark type and won't get STAB.

Komala: Honestly not a pokemon I would extensively use. We hardly know anything about it's ability or moveset, it has rather bad stats, and it's not very cute IMO.

To be continued in tomorrow's entry.
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