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My thoughts on Sun and Moon pokemon: Part 2

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My thoughts on Sun and Moon pokemon: Part 2

Posted October 17th, 2016 at 6:59 PM by MUDKIP!!!

Doing another batch today! Today it's the E3 and June 30th reveals.

Pikipek: Super excited about this one! It's so colorful and vibrant! Quite cute in my opinion. Three evos is good, but we don't know much about it's competitive aspects.

Yungoos and Gumshoos: People say they look like donald trump, so they are instantly the worst of this gen.

Grubbin: Very cute in my opinion, for a bug. It's moveset isn't great, and right now AFAIK, it learns only string shot.

Charjabug: A battery pokemon. That's also a bug. I can't say I've been hoping for this, but I like it. Also cubes are great :3 Electric/Bug is a pretty neat typing, and while it's stats and movesets don't look too good, it has some potential.

Vikavolt: It looks amazing, I can imagine it tasering it's foes. It's wingshape is cool too, as well as the light-up thorax. It looks like it'll be pretty good in competitive too.

Drampa: Normal/Dragon is a pretty good typing. I'm predicting it'll be about the same strength as Druddigon. Drampa is actually huge compared to other pokemon, 4 feet taller then Charizard! It looks pretty funny too with it's hair and eyes and stuff ^_^

Bruxish: Bruxish looks kinda creepy, but it's grown on me a bit. It's ability is pretty good, and I think it will be pretty good in competitive if it doesn't switch too much.

Cutiefly: The best pokemon IMO, ofc you can tell by my username. It just has a very simple, yet great appearance. The wings, the eyes, the beak, even the legs are cute. In terms of competitive viability, that's where it's lacking. It's abilities aren't bad, but stats and moveset don't look too good.

Ribombee: Imagine Cutiefly, but with a scarf. Honestly I'm torn as to which is better. It's more detailed then cutiefly, which is nice, but cutiefly has a nice simplicity. It definitely looks like it will be better in competitive.

Togedemaru: Cute, but falls short compared to the other pokemon. I like it better then Pikachu though, so as a pikaclone, it's not half bad. I doubt it will be used in competitive much though :/
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