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S/M opinions 3

Posted October 27th, 2016 at 8:25 PM by Desert Stream~

Just for reference, I'm just going down this list:
Today I'm doing Salandit to Wimpod.

Previous opinions: Part 1 Part 2

Salandit: Great ability, but the fact is has bad stats is uh... RIP.
At least it evolves!
I don't really find it that cute, but it's kinda cute.

Stufful: An extremely cute pokemon! It has little dots on the bottom of it's paws, and it has this tag! Amazing if you ask me, but some people don't like the tag :/ It's chin looks like a mouth kinda, and I get confused :p And that headband? :3 I doubt it'll be great in LC, but you never know!

Bewear: What do you get when you combine a pink cat with a bear that hugs people to death? This thing! I would probably own one, but I'd stay away :p I could definitely see this being a strong pokemon, with a great moveset too.

Mimikyu: If only it's name weren't so hard to spell :/ Mimikyu is my favorite pokemon when it comes to backstory. It's kinda sad really, but mimikyu doesn't seem sad about it. I don't really like it's appearence, and I wouldn't use it in competitive unfortunately :(

Wimpod: Wimpod will be an interesting pokemon to use in competitive. I could think of a few strategies with it, but honestly I'm not sure it's worth it. It looks promising if it evolves. It's kinda derpy :D
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