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Posted November 13th, 2016 at 11:40 AM by Sektor

Okay, so many of you may know or have seen that my Signature is sorely lacking and it's pretty piss poor, so to speak. I am willing to take suggestions on how to better work with it and finally knuckle down and get to work setting up some coding for the signature regarding CSS. I'm more than willing to listen to advice and tips on dos and don'ts.

I am really out of practice and haven't done anything with CSS coding for about 2 whole years so I'm more than a bit rusty. I can hardly remember how my blender works, so forgive me for not remembering how specific codes and paths funnel to their respective tunnels and ports, so to speak. My avatar requires some work as well, and I feel like I'm going to fix that sooner rather than later, but what I'm currently looking for are verified tools or instructional sites and videos that you have found helpful or useful in creating your own signatures!

As time goes on and I become more prominent in the community I feel that having a decent signature and not just the bare bones hyper links as I do now is needed to set some 'authority' or an 'invested' appearance.

Also, you guys keep on changing your signatures and avatars! I cannot keep track of you all ohohoho! Don't forget to stop on by and say hello! Regardless of our real views, we all still have common interests and I don't hold grudges very well as I forget easily, so come on down and hit me up if you're feeling chatty!

Oh, and if you're not my friend yet, you need to be my friend. Like, really. Send me a request if you're feeling left out or if I missed you and didn't send you one ohohoho! Looking forward to it.
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    If you have a signature laid out and want some help with CSS, or feedback, check out the CSS Help & Resources thread! :)

    Posted November 13th, 2016 at 6:00 PM by Tsutarja Tsutarja is offline