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Total Party Kill?

Posted November 24th, 2016 at 3:08 AM by Lycanthropy

Yesterday's Dungeons and Dragons session was certainly interesting. After making a deal with a member of a gang of thieves we knocked unconscious earlier while the rest of those cowards ran away, our party finds themselves heading to the home of a supposed bishop who is said to have the key that fits on the box containing the letter we were told to retrieve. We enter the house and we see an eyeless lady with two swords who was like "Oh, you want to go to the bishop? Then you have to get past me first!" Which was also pretty much what she literally said. On the bright side, at least we are certain we are on the right address. But on the other hand, she has also basically killed us.

This definitely wasn't a case of an unfairly strong enemy. No, luck just wasn't with us. In the whole fight so far, I don't think the Dungeon Master has rolled any lower than 16 (with a 20-sided die) while all of us kept missing all our attacks. (And of course this specific enemy can teleport for free when missed by an attack...) Hakta-tha, my thri-kreen1 rogue, was the only present character with a good damage output now the guy playing the barbarian was too lazy to show up. And I missed. Literally. Every. Single. Attack.

Conclusion: at the end of our lunch break2 my rogue lies unconscious, our cleric is out of heals (and also unconscious, the fighter (our meat shield) is close to 0 HP too and the wizard stands within melee range of the crazy lady with just a small chance of getting out there alive. Honestly, in the end we just gave up upon trying to come up with a plan to kill that thing and instead talked about what characters we were going to play next3.
1: This race is basically a human-sized bipedal mantis. Why is this a thing? Better question: why not? Four arms, baby!
2: Yes, you read that correctly. Some people play cards in during their lunch. True geeks play D&D. It actually works surprisingly well.
3: I have six backup characters ready for disasters like this. Always be prepared!
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    This sounds like a beautiful disaster.
    Posted November 28th, 2016 at 4:04 AM by gimmepie gimmepie is offline