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G/S/C: Which version to get?

Posted December 17th, 2016 at 10:29 PM by Desert Stream~

Crystal faces off against gold in Part 2!

Story differences: In Crystal, there are a few story differences. Suicune plays a major role, and both legendaries from G/S get involved. I think this is a great way to tie all three games together, and makes it more interesting.

Gold-0, Crystal:1

In crystal, the legendaries have their own battle themes, a feature not present in the past few games.

Gold-0, Crystal:2

The legendary beasts got updated overworld sprites, and it is easier to tell them apart now.

Gold-0, Crystal:3

In Crystal, many swarm pokemon are now found elsewhere, and there are only 3 swarm pokemon. This makes it less annoying to get all the swarm pokemon.

Gold-0, Crystal:4

Crystal also has the Extremespeed Dratini, which is a really nice pokemon.

Gold-0, Crystal:5

Game corner:
I feel like the game corner was better in G/S then it was in Crystal. Many of the game corner pokemon in crystal could be found elsewhere, and weren't worth hours of gaming.

In-Game trades:
Crystal offers a lot more ingame trades, which can give you a much needed type advantage in a gym battle.

Crystal also introduced an egg that hatched a pokemon with Dizzy Punch, an otherwise unobtainable, or very rare move. They also have a high shiny chance.

Gold-1, Crystal: 7

Crystal reused sprites from G/S (Usually the better ones IMO), as well as adding some new sprites. It also was the first game to have animated sprites.

Gold-1, Crystal: 8

You could finally chose your gender in pokemon Crystal version!

Gold-1, Crystal: 9

Crystal changed some maps to make them look better, noticeably burned tower is now actually burnt.

Gold-1, Crystal: 10

Crystal also introduced location headers that appeared whenever you entered a new location. This feature is still used, and makes finding certain pokemon/places much easier.

Gold-1, Crystal: 11

Crystal introduced a lot of features to NPCs. Some NPCs don't approach you, and you need to speak to them to battle, and some trainers now battle at certain times of day.

Gold-1, Crystal: 12

Bugfixes were added to Pokemon Crystal to fix bugs from G/S.

Gold-1, Crystal: 13

Pokemon Crystal introduced the Battle Tower on route 40. It isn't a very popular feature now, but it's better then nothing.

Gold-1, Crystal: 14

Pokemon Crystal introduced move tutors that taught rare and powerful moves.

Gold-1, Crystal: 15

In Cianwood city,there is an NPC that can tell you where a pokemon was caught, and at what level, data that wasn't present in the summary screen at the time.

Gold-1, Crystal: 16

The ruins of Alph were greatly expanded, and now hold useful items and more rooms.

Gold-1, Crystal: 17

Changes were made to the pokegear, and trainers now say different phrases, give out items, and tell you about swarms.

Gold-1, Crystal: 18

A new radio show, Buena's password was added, which gives out certain items.
The department store sometimes holds sales.
You can give Kurt more then one Apricorn of a color at a time.

Gold-1, Crystal: 21

So yeah, crystal is way better.
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