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What does being stuck in an elevator feel like?

Posted January 28th, 2017 at 1:00 PM by Desert Stream~

I've always wondered what being stuck in an elevator feels like, and well... now I know.

Imagine you are standing at the DMV, and there is a fire drill. The doors are locked, and you cannot escape, yet the alarm continues to go off. Through the door you can hear voices. Then, you feel an earthquake, and the entire DMV begins to shake. One of the workers at the DMV is extremely paranoid, and yells over and over "We are going to die!" Another one of the workers is impatient, and keeps asking when we could leave. Suddenly, two huge chunks of metal come through the door, and land on our side. A voice says to hand the chunks of metal back through the door. I proceed to do so, and the door finally opens. I hadn't seen daylight in almost half an hour.

And yeah, that's my experience being stuck in an elevator. My brother is paranoid, and my mom is impatient, meanwhile, I am the calmest one, just playing my 3ds. Overall, it wasn't as fun as I imagined it.
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