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{Actual Notes}

Posted February 8th, 2017 at 4:24 AM by Desert Stream~

This isn't about my actual notes themselves, but rather why I label each of my notebooks {Actual Notes};
First of all, I really like curly brackets. I always surround puzzles with curly brackets, because I'm weird.
Second of all, we have the actual actual notes words. Back on my old computer, I started a notepad called "Actual Notes" because I had already used Notes. Actual notes ended up being a bit better, and containing a few secrets. Later on, I transferred everything to a google doc, titled {Actual Notes}, and then I put that name on my notebook too.

Congratulations, now you know the rich history of the title of my notebook that nobody cared about before now.

I also am writing the book backwards, like a manga. I had to tear off the covers and reattach them, but oh well.

What does my notebook actually contain? 3 things mostly.

The first is a guide to the use of acid extracted from potato starch. Just a prototype currently. The second is a list of my favorite symbols. And finally, I sort all my favorite video game characters into lists.
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