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Review: Super Mario Maker 3DS

Posted February 28th, 2017 at 4:46 PM by Qibli

Alright let's review the [B]mario maker[/B] for [B]3ds[/B], I played and I may find it slightly different than anyone who ever have it as Wii U.

[COLOR=SandyBrown]Game Play 8.5 / 10
[/COLOR]Super mario maker is about creating your own level, play and share the with the world, however things bit different for the [B]3ds version[/B] as online sharing not possible for this, but still can play created course that been made from Wii U version. In terms of other things, course elements only [I]unlocked[/I] if you finish each world on [I]super mario challenge[/I] on Wiiu it's takes about more than a day to get all tools expect if you fiddling around for 3 -5 minutes you get most stuff, but here it's just tedious to get them as you need complete a [B]world[/B] in order to get all the parts which slightly harder as you progress I'm not fond on getting rewards thru competing a level.

but I enjoy the possibilities like you can put coins on the bullet bill cannon, make enemy or object appearing from pipe, stacking enemies on one-another, make lakito drop enemies (other than spikey) or even power-ups and coins and yet making object by following a line, the creativity feels less due to needing to finish all worlds just to get all you want to make a dream level as possible.

The replay value given you to replay the challenged course, you so can rack those medals that you will do later.

OVERALL: Mario maker is a fun and creative game that make your dream level for mario games possible, but if you don't have time to get all the course on hard challenge level, missing ambioo feature or need to share with the world, this [B]ported [/B]is not for you, Wii U got tons of exciting stuff . So it's a fun and yet knocks your sock off kinda game either you want to troll people who play your course or have amazing idea.
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    Not worth the lack of any Pokemon IPs outside of Smash. I honestly feel the Wii U version is better solely because of its amiibo support, which this lacks for very little reason. XD;;;;;
    Posted March 3rd, 2017 at 2:21 PM by