&Your effort was valueless, sorry, princess~.
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Nonchalantly, he whispered: "You hold a piece of my soul now, Princess~". (I just wanted a creative title.)

Posted April 2nd, 2017 at 11:14 PM by Palamon

& No, I don't hold a piece of your soul. A bit of... an update, I suppose? As I've pretty much mostly disappeared from forum existence (again). I've basically, what you'd call--hibernating, so to speak, and mostly on social media, I guess. My forum energy has been very low as of recent. So, I've mostly been lurking and not really posting.

Still playing a million Japanese idol/band/actor games. Since last time I was here I added Bang Dream! Band Girls Party, a3, YumeIro Cast, Ensemble Girls (a rare exception that this one isn't music related at all), and Taiwanese Ensemble Stars! My total mobile game crisis has gone from one to ten since December 2015. I have succumb to mobage hell...so to speak?

Yes, I'm still very into Pokemon, before you ask.

As for anime, mostly into stuff nobody's ever heard of like Classicaloid (which ended recently), and was really digging Gabriel Dropout the entire time it was around, and of course Marginal#4 which was... a given. But yes, nothing anyone here has ever heard of, probably.

Life? Same old bs, nothing worth talking about.

Maybe I'll /attempt/ to be around? Who knows. We'll see, I guess. Bye.
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