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Let's Play Final Fantasy Tactics Advance! Chapter 7-10 (B)

Posted May 31st, 2017 at 5:37 PM by Rainbow Chara X
Updated June 7th, 2017 at 10:03 PM by Rainbow Chara X

Whoa... It's been so long that I've actually forgotten what happens in this let's play. Speeding through all of May with eight(!!) chapters of Dark Rising 2 can do that to a man.

It doesn't help that I haven't actually played ahead due to all of the focus being on the other one... but that's soon going to change considering the workload we have for DR2 Chapter 14. Yeah, don't expect that one to come out soon.

... Instead, have a lot of FFTA.

Chapter #7-10 (Super Optimized) - Fast Forward


I'm not even going to pretend I remember what we're doing here, but have the Kirin summon. Kirin is based off of a mythical creature in Chinese mythology called the qilin, a hooved creature that's supposed to be cloaked in fire. Seeing it is said to be a good omen... hence why it heals us in a radius.

(Ooops this is actually the Unicorn summon. It really has been that long...)

Oh, and we're snatching monsters and taking their souls. There's going to be a lot of stealing today, to be honest...

We also steal a bomb because why not?

This time Marche will try to steal a Lamia without getting hit with a yellow card.

... And succeeds. This will never stop being creepy to me because I'm pretty sure Lamias are sentient creatures.

We scan through the Hero Gaol to activate the quest. Maybe we should have brought it along on missions to recruit Lini or something.

Ezel, you smug donkey man, be glad we're helping you free of charge.

I just had to go through to see if anybody had any valuables in this mission and...

This guy definitely counts. You're mine, son.

The combo should be doing a bit more than that, but it still knocked him out so fine.

Time to loot.

We also picked his brain for Aim: Vitals because surprise, Marche is a Hunter now. I figured I should experiment a bit.

Of course Ezel's fine, but we sure ruined those guys's lives. All that hard behind the scenes work to get high-end equipment only for some punk with a cowlick to snap it out of your hands. Truly a crying blow.

Here's Aisenfield, although I can't remember if this is following that map set-up I put up earlier.

Chad gets some dice that are always fixed to land a certain way and a holy staff. Okay, I'm not even going to question that.

But no, seriously, please. Even if it is in character for Mewt to be that petty.

Gotta get charm for the Ultima Crystals because seriously, Logos can go bite it.

Goodbye Parish, you did one good job and not much else.

The Hunt Bow teaches Aim: Wallet to Snipers. It's a very useless ability that only serves to slightly inconvenience the player, so you got me.

Meanwhile, Hunting is a very weak attack that's far more interesting in that gives you an instant 10 JP if you land the kill with it. I just have to remind everyone that the Totema summons are available if you get 10 JP and they're screen nukes...

Yeah, that's pretty disgusting.

Mighty Guard in action - not sure if I caught this dragon in particular, but I'm positive we wrecked this entire crew up.

We place a volcano upstream from a river. That... that makes sense.

Turner is great for getting us the Black Thread.

Meanwhile, Leonard gets some musk and a katana for participating in the Caravan. If only Bangaa could wield katanas - that'd be pretty insane.

Strikeback is a reaction ability much like Counter and Bonecrusher in that it deflects normal attacks, but you take zero damage in the process. Doesn't work against A-Action abilities, but if it did then it'd be the most unbalanced ability in the game.

Make way boys, we're going to take that sword.

Can you really call it his grave if he's running around somewhere? Then again, we don't know if he's just an impostor or the real deal back as a revenant.

Last Breath is overpowered as always.

Oooh snap, I actually managed to get Hunting to work. That's a free 10 JP. It is really not hard to pull this off if you have good units.

If you can call barging through a grave and looting it being chosen, then yes.

: "Look at what I won, kupo!"

Turner and Sonia return with a decent load, but...

Leonard got the Black Thread and the ever-lovely Thief Armlets. Not only do they give us a small boost in attack, they also give Marche a better chance to steal...

It's like the game is letting it happen at this point.

Had to put Turner in mage clothes so she could get her MP count up for the inevitable time where she'll learn Ultima Charge.

We also have the soul of a Dragon now. There's a reference I could make here, but I'll just leave it at "yeaaaa boi!".

We go knock some Borzoi heads together so they don't ruin Ivalice. That's sort of our job.

How in the world did Delphine get knocked out? Oh whatever, we managed to steal the Angel Ring anyway.

There was this lame-o that tried to join after we've long closed our doors. Sorry friend, but no cigar.

We fight Gukko again and -

It ends about as well as you'd expect.

Marche, dude? Real talk, your super optimized counterpart has stolen so many things by now that I'm surprised you're not wanted.

Not only that, your canon plot is you forcing all of your friends to leave the fantasy world because you want to be the "no fun" guy... I really don't understand you sometimes.

Raol turned into a sage, but I'm more intrigued by the typo: "whorl".

Meanwhile, Leonard turned into the beefiest Bishop ever. Not sure if this has been done before but screw it, we're doing it.

Sonia manages to make the mistake of escorting Gukko to the Redwings even in another timeline. That's... special.

Leonard, please. You could punch out fires with your bare fists if you really wanted to.

God, for being a massive wall of beef, he's also a dork.

This is one of the few times where I would ever find the law system beneficial.

Of course it's gone - you shattered eight of her hearts with twice the strength required, you power-hungry maniac.

The Rubber Suit is a female-only piece of equipment that resists electricity because you know, rubber. Given how it's shaped, I can't imagine anybody really paying attention to the fight due to how silly it is.

Any time to find Materite is a good time. Also, this proves the map I'm following isn't completely messed up.

... How did Ritz wind up with only Shara in a forest surrounded by zombies and fairies? What the hell were they doing?

Kirin is a wonderful spell that also damages the undead because of the whole "cure kills zombie" mechanic.

Marche went ham on this fairy, jesus christ. Sidewinder is nothing to laugh at.

Can you really say it was close once we came along? We're kind of the most powerful clan in the entire region and we're not even done with polishing out our team.

At one point we got another Hades Bow. That's nice if we ever want to teach Death Sickle to a Sniper.

"It's ours, so shove off."

[cue rattata-slapping]

How though - why are we even fighting here? Just to drive some monsters out of the forest?

Sonia, you and your sister Delphine are literally criminals on the run and you joining Clan Crimson is only going to exacerbate that.

Seriously, are we just intruding in another clan's territory or what?

Then again, given how she's phrasing this, is this just a place where people come to fight for no reason? That... well, given how the clan wars are a thing now, that actually makes perfect sense.

Oh well, at least Marilith gets to suffer a less agonizing death now that we don't have Ultima Charge.

I still can't get over how the Materia Blade appeared in the casual playthrough over the super optimized one.

She succed sucked and died, the end.

Yes, of course... as a name to add to the hitlist.

This is what happens when Aim: Vitals manages to hit: a cheesy "sweet spot" animation pops up and it inflicts a random status ailment.

This Moogle is now among the ranks of the comatose. I dunno if he'll ever get out of it.

We make off with our prize.

Why is stealing things so good? How is it legal to steal stuff and still be recognized as heroes? Oh well, I guess there's some "legalized stealing in battle" thing... which is a horrible idea when you think about it.

There goes Salika...

Oh, and we get a White Thread too! Good muk.

Good god, imagine Raol with Turbo MP and this monstrosity.

Literally nothing would survive.

And wouldn't you know, the Fey Bow is what teaches Aim: Vitals and Aim: Armor.

Aim: Armor is one of the more dangerous support abilities in the game in that it actually breaks armor if it hits - if you have a one of a kind armor that can't be bought in stores and can't be found again, it doesn't care.

If it hits, it's gone for good motherpsyducker.

We went on a monster hunting spree so we could do this mission again.

It only makes sense.

ugh why did we have to see this again

Good going, you boy scout.

If I'm not mistaken this is Carbuncle - they cast reflect on everything in range and they're kinda adorable in my opinion.

Carbuncle is a mythical creature that was said to be seen by Spanish conquistadors way back when, so you know that's reliable. All joking aside, the Carbuncle is a small animal with a red jewel on its forehead...

In other Final Fantasies, it's also colored green. Now, if you'll pardon me for a second:

(Carbuncle from FF8 which came out Feburary 11th, 1999)


(Shiny Espeon from Gold/Silver which came out November 21st, 1999)

... It all makes sense.

No wonder Shiny Espeon is green and has Magic Bounce as a hidden ability.

No kidding. Have you seen what he's been doing lately?

In fact...

We also steal this for the hell of it.

What guard?

He literally stripped you and your comrades of everything valuable. At that point the fight was already ours.

We drop Nargai here so it can sit and contemplate its placement.

Raol joins the weirdo club...

While Leonard does some money research.

Damn, that's a lotta clans.

Too bad at least one of them is gonna be gone by the time we get there. They're the lucky ones.

The Mirage Vest teaches the ever useful Reflex, an ability that prevents normal attacks from hitting you at all.

This is one of the best reaction abilities for Viera and Sages because it prevents them from getting hit by normal attacks. Doesn't sound like much, but they're more frequent than I would like.

God, that's criminal... and he's only level 12!

The Lotus Mace teaches both variants of Flare to Sages and Alchemists, although I'm not sure why Alchemists get a weaker version of the same tech.

Mandragora teaches Bio, one of the more interesting attack spells in the game in that it poisons and does a fair amount of damage.

God bless Turner's ability to gain bomb shells.

Oh what the hell, we did the mission that gives us the Vermillion because why not?

Kind of hard to do that when everyone knows about Clan Crimson.

Psyduck 'em up, Turner!

Initiating grind sequence B.

Marche, spare me your commentary - just kill her.

Wahay, I actually managed to get Chad to learn Twister!

... Even though he's never going to use it since he's a dispatch donkey.

Damn, I have to admit, the Inverlilith lady nearly murdered us - I had to kill her right here because I would have legitimately lost if I didn't.

Delphine wins us a rusty sword and the lost gun, although I can't be sure of how "lost" it is if there's so many of them.

Holy muk, never underestimate the power of Titanias. That Level?D Holy combined with their magic power makes them legitimately frightening if they get a hit off on you.

Here's the Lamia's Night ability that's just a worse version of Ezel's Azoth ability in that it hits every single person but you.

God damn, we turned those statues to dust. I must have summoned Famfrit or something, because I know for sure that none of our ranged attacks can hit that far.

A door we'll never get to see. What a shame.

Add breaking someone's armor to the list of bad things we've done.

Turner returns with a Justice Badge and a pretty little golden hairpin.

Bio in action and it's all gooey.

Ninja Gear teaches Bonecrusher to Fighters, hilariously enough. Last Haste is pretty useless because you'd need to be at critical HP to activate it...

You'll never need to be at critical HP for anything if you play the game right.

Charm + Distance = broken.

Of course not every enemy can be charmed, but it still breaks the ones that can be.

Chakra is different than other healing abilities in that it uses no magic and also restores your MP too if I'm not mistaken? The explanation is that it comes from your life energy instead of your magic - two entirely different things... so I guess there's that.

Cuisine is a full heal ability among the other silly things the Animist class can do... so hell yeah I'm going to take it.

See how useless this ability i-- wait, did money just spill out of a goddamn turtle?

Here's the Shiva summon. Pretty cool if I can say so my-- *gets pelted by tomatoes*

I was experimenting all around the block with Marche - here's the Fighter's Air Blast which does wind elemental damage. It has a really awkward range despite how cool it looks, though.

*Cracks knuckles*

Time to ruin Adrammelech again.

HA - he got busted by his own judge, the dumb muk.

Yikes. Again, Sidewinder is scary if you're a monster.

My lord, there's nothing of him left!

Not only that, the finishing blow was extra fancy. Good work, team.

Yes. Maybe. I don't know - we still need to see how this plays out.

There's Baguba Port - we'll be going there soon in the other timeline.

The Angel Ring... oh lordy.

Marche is now invincible.

Next time on Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, we ruin this game some more. See you then.

Missions completed: 89 out of 300 (+57)

Freed Areas: 10 (+6)

Team setup:

(Marche, level 17, , ) - "We are scary strong and I like it."

(Montblanc, level 15, , ) - "Y-yeah, kupo... No kidding."
(Delphine, level 14, , ) - "I have a distinct feeling something bad's going to happen soon."
(Leonard, level 19, , ) - "Really? I don't think sssso. We're pretty unstoppable."
(Turner, level 16, , ) - [Shows the Sports Trophy to Montblanc with a smile]
(Raol, level 14, , ) - "I'm curious as to what Redwing I'll use my power on next..."
(Sonia, level 15, , ) - "Oh jeez, I still can't believe I didn't realize that guy was Gukko or whatever his name was."
(Chad, level 11, , ) - "... I'm surprised I'm still here to be honest with you."
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