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Exams finished!

Posted June 29th, 2017 at 3:18 PM by Raffy98
Updated June 30th, 2017 at 1:17 AM by Raffy98

Woah, first blog entry! I don't know if I'll keep this updated, maybe I'll write when I have spare moments and something going on in my mind that I want to share.

Anyways yes, today... it's over, I pretty much can say I graduated after 5 long years of Accounting & IT high school.
The last 3 years have been really tough for me since we started getting ourselves prepared for this event and also because of life in general.
In these 3 years you also start to determine your final score in your exams because depending on the average of your marks, you'll get some points which will be added to the final score of your exams.
The maximum amount of bonus points you can have is 25, at the end of the three years I got a grand total of 21 which is pretty good.

The exam was divided into four tests, 3 written tests and one oral test: the written tests are evaluated on a score that goes from 0 to 15, and the oral test goes from 0 to 30. (although it's basically impossible to get a 0 on these tests )

The first oral test is the same across the entire country, it contains a list of various topics.
You have to choose one and write a mini-essay in which you express your opinion and thoughts on this topic, it's important to have valid points and no flaws in what you're trying to sustain, it basically evaluates your ability to compose a written text and ability to express yourself.
It went well, I got 13/15.

The second test depends on what kind of school you chose, since I was in accounting the test was about economy.
It basically consisted in redacting the financial statements of a company, some data was missing and the candidate had to choose and invent them wisely without messing up everything.
Then there was a second part in which you could choose 2 out of 4 exercises to do.
This one went fantastic, I got 14/15, almost perfect.

The third test was the one I hated the most since in my opinion it is mostly based out of luck:
you have to reply to 12 different question, 3 for each subject which in my case were IT, English, Maths and Law. You could study everything you did in the school year and you still had a chance of not replying to something maybe because you didn't fully understand it, something which is totally comprehensible since we're humans and we can err.
Luckily, it went well. I struggled a bit with Maths since I don't really like it but in the end I got a final score of 13/15.

So at the end of the written tests I already had 40/45 points + 21 bonus points = 61: this meant that I could even skip the oral test and still get my diploma, but of course I'm not stupid and I did it anyways. :D

I did it today, I was really anxious before I started, but once I got in I started to gain some self confidence and replied to most of the questions; when I got out of there I was happy AF.

Results will be out on the 7th of July, I at least got 80% that's for sure, but there's little hope for 90% too.
Either way it's been a very intense month and I'm very happy it came to and end.
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