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Let's Play Pokemon Dark Rising 2! Chapter 14 (Finale)

Posted August 26th, 2017 at 9:48 AM by Rainbow Chara X
Updated August 21st, 2019 at 10:16 PM by Rainbow Chara X
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It's time to make a comeback.

Chapter #14 - Fallen Brothers (Finale)


Last time on Dark Rising 2, we got obliterated by the Demon King. Let's see what happens, shall we?

[Current OST: Battle Against The Masked Man]

[Monica's Pokemon lie defeated at Darugis's feet]

: ("Ahahaha! Even you couldn't be enough to get rid of me. I actually feel kind of sad for what I'm going to do to you and your friends.")

: "N... no... it can't end like this. I've fought so hard just to get here..."

: ("Monica... No matter what...")

[Sigurd struggles to stands up and manifests a dim-glowing aura saber. His body is covered in gashes]

: ("If I'm going down... I'll die fighting for you.")

[Signe gets up and manifests a red aura saber]

: ("You're the one that made a difference...")

: "Guys..."

: ("Oh, how touching. You really think this little emotional display is going to make a difference? Though I do commend you for standing up even after taking the brunt of my attacks. That makes this more interesting, I suppose.")

: ("Alberich, there may have been a time where we loved you... but this is the end.")

: ("He's right... Millennia of strife and anguish will come to an end tonight, even if it means killing ourselves in the process.")

: ("... You're always there to bother me, Selene. Maybe I should have ripped out your tongue just so I wouldn't have to hear your voice. You, our family and the rest of these garbage beings have been a thorn in my side for as long as I can remember, but now? It's finally time to say goodbye.")

[Darugis surges with black lightning - Monica's Pokemon close around her and brace for impact]

[A light pierces through the void]

: "Wh... whoa!"

[The light emanates from both the Jewel of Life and the Link Gem - Recover The Light]

(For those of you that forgot, the Link Gem is a fusing gemstone based off of the technology of the DNA Splitters...)

: ("The gems... But how?!")

[The visage of Mani briefly appears]

: ("Could it be... ?")

: "Miss Mani?!"

: ("Use the Link Gem, Monica! It is the key to your survival...")

: ("Oh I see... ")

: ("That's our only choice, it seems. Monica, are you ready?")

: "... Yeah. It's worth a shot! Let's do it!"

[The Lucario siblings, Siegfried and Monica all put their hands on the Link Gem. An overwhelming light washes over the room]


: "Darugis... no, Alberich. We weren't able to stop you individually, but combined..."

[They summon a red and blue Aura Saber in each hand]

: "Not even you can survive this."

: ("... Haha! Excellent! I was wondering if you had any more tricks up your sleeve. Now... what do you even call yourselves?")

: "Paragon."

: ("Interesting. Well... since we're not pulling our punches anymore, I suppose you've earned the right to see my real face.")

[Dark energy flows around Darugis and explodes in a pillar of purple flame. It clears to reveal a white-haired man]


: "Let's dance."

Alright, let me just break down these... beasts for you. The Evil Sigurd may have appeared in Bonus Chapter #4 for Snakewood (aka. Chapter 31), but this is where it makes its first real appearance.

It is / type with Intimidate and has the following stats:

110 / 160 / 100 /150 / 100 / 120 (740 Total)

It is basically the ultimate Darkmon due to having (almost) the same stats as the real Sigurd and comes with Aura Saber to boot.

Not only that, I think it looks bad-ass. Forgive me for copy-pasting, but: the sprite was not actually made by The Composer but instead another one of our friends, Zangbite. It's an old sprite from 2007 or so but it fit so much that I just had to use it.


Meanwhile, on the player side of things, we have Paragon. Good god. You thought Sigurd was overpowered? Feast your eyes on what is easily one of the most overpowered assets I'll ever have in a Pokemon game, hacked or not.

(Also, I'll never thank The Composer enough for the sprites.)

Due to being a quad fusion between Sigurd, his sister, Siegfried and Monica, they have the following stats:

200 / 200 / 200 /200 / 200 / 200 (1200 Total)

Oh, but that's not all. They are / and have access to 2X Saber (a 225 power move), Triple Soul (a 200+ power move), Psychic and Void Bomb.

Time to shred the game into space dust.

Despite Evil Sigurd being one of the most powerful Darkmons I've put into the game, it gets dusted immediately. Paragon is in an entirely different league, my friends.

We also get Evil Siegfried back for what he did to The Best Mom (Bellamine).

: "They were diversions at best. Now I'm the only one left."

There he is.

The Composer also made his human form sprite... because out of everything I could have thought for the final battle, fighting Alberich as a man and not as a monster made the most sense to me.

(Plus it's way better looking than the monstrosity of a sprite his other form had.)

But trust me when I say he's still stupid overpowered even with Paragon on our side.

235 / 235 / 235 /235 / 235 / 235 (1410 Total)

He gained 30 points from his other form and it's like... why did I do this? I just made it harder for me, especially considering we don't have a quad resistance against Dark Chaos anymore...

I guess I really am a masochist after all.

Yeah, Triple Soul barely did anything to him but christ if this isn't cool.

Jeez. The two of them clashing is enough to destroy the planet by itself.

I removed the Ghost typing from Darugis-Alberich, but... 2X Saber still only cuts out half of his health. Keep in mind, that is a 225 super effective move boosted by STAB that also burns 100% of the time.

I understand that Arceus is meant to be used here due to Judgement also being broken, but WOW. Again, this isn't Dragon Ball Z where you can get away with ridiculous power levels.

This is just bad game design due to the game cheating against the player - I would never even make Sigurd or Paragon in the first place if things were just balanced! Christ.

I nearly lost even with the overpowered fusion-mon I put in, by the way. Then there's the times I had to retry because Dark Chaos kicked my ass. That's... unforgivably disgusting.

: "Goodbye, Alberich."

[Paragon used 2X Saber]

: "In... incredible..."

[Alberich falls to the ground with a pool of black blood surrounding him]

[Paragon unfuses into their components]

: "Hot damn... I think we did it."

: ("But... but what if he tries to regenerate again?")

: ("... Something tells me that won't be an issue anymore.")

[Sigurd points towards the large gaping wound on Alberich's body. It widens into smaller cracks]

[Monster of God]

: "So... this is it. You finally got me, Sigurd. Centuries of struggle... and you and your friends come out as the victors."

: ("I just have to ask: Why? Why did you put us in so much pain? What was the point of this?")

: "... I guess you could say this is my punishment. What better way to end someone like me than this? Going out in a blaze of glory by the hands of the people you loved."

: ("So that's what this was about...")

: "... Oh, Selene. I wish things didn't have to be like this, but..."

[Darugis raises an arm and summons a Darkmon in the shape of Sigurd]

: "He's still strong enough to fight?!"

: ("No...")

[The fake Sigurd cradles Alberich's body]

: "Monica. You put up a hell of a fight. I'm glad we were able to meet at least. Can't imagine what I would have done to the world if you didn't get in the way..."

: "... I see. Good riddance."

: ("... Alberich. I just want to say I'm sorry for the incident that caused all of this.")

: "Ha... what have you got to apologize about? If anything..."

[The cracks spread across his entire body - the fake Sigurd holds him close]

: "I'm the one that's not good enough for you."

[He and the fake Sigurd fade into black dust and blow away in the wind.]

: ("S-So... that's it.")

: "... Damn. He actually seemed to be a decent guy underneath all the Demon King stuff... even if that doesn't excuse the centuries of torture he's inflicted on other people."

: ("I'll always remember him not as Darugis, but instead for the man he used to be... Truthfully, he deserved far worse, but I'm just happy this is finally over.")

: ("Exactly.")

: ("You two are way more forgiving than I could ever be... But that just leaves the question of what to do now that Darugis is gone.")

[Arceus steps into the room]

: ("Impressive work, young one. You went above and beyond our original plan.")

: "Arceus? Well... thanks, I guess. Honestly, I just want to go home and sleep after this."

: ("Ah, yes. You deserve a good rest after all you've endured... but first, we have to record your legacy in the Hall of Fame as the person who defeated Darugis. Do you mind coming with me?")

: "... Huh. We did just kill the legendary demon king and stopped a centuries-old reign of terror, so... hell yeah, sign me on."

: ("Excellent.")

[Monica follows Arceus into the next room]

: "... The hell? It's pitch black. I can't see anything."

: ("Oh... don't worry about that. You won't need your eyes for much longer anyway.")

[Arceus lets out a mocking laugh]

: "What?"

: "Wh... what's wrong with me? I can't even stand..."

[The Fallen Child]

: ("I've finally got you where I want you.")

: "You're... you were never Arceus after all, were you?"

["Arceus" transforms into a Hoopa]

(The Hoopa sprite you're seeing was made by Falgaia for the Smogon X/Y Sprite Project. Thanks for letting me use it, dude.)

: ("You're not very bright, are you? I'm glad we could meet - my name is Loki. The other person that gave everything for Sigurd.")

: ("Loki... How did I know you would come back to us like this?")

: ("I wish I could savor this family reunion a bit more, but you did just kill Alberich. Good job, but we still anticipated such a thing would happen. That's why I'm here.")

: ("Ugh... so he still had a back-up plan.")

: "I'm so confused. I thought he was being genuine back there...?"

: ("He was. Master was a bleeding heart even when he was the Demon King. Me, on the other hand...")

: ("I've always been fond of tricks.")

: ("Don't you dare hurt Monica or we'll make you regret it.")

[The other Pokemon back Corin up]

: ("Oh, I'm petrified. Heh. I have a surprise for all of you, too.")

[A wave of miasma flows through the room - Monica's team collapses]

: ("What...? It's poison!")

: ("It's... sapping my strength away... What kind of attack is this?!")

: ("Oh no...")

: "Guys...?"

[Monica's life force rapidly drains out of her body]

: ("We may have lost our leader, but there's still me. I'll continue where he failed... and I'll use your strength to get even farther than he did. Don't you feel proud?")

: "... Nice trick, but you can't hold me down with something like that."

: ("What?! But... but you're just a human! You should be dust!")


[The purple glow of the Link Gem illuminates Monica's face]

: "If I hadn't gone Paragon immediately before this, you might have got me there. Too bad for you, huh?"

: ("N-no! This wasn't supposed to happen!")

: ("... Oh well, I'll just have to get rid of you the normal way.")

: "You don't... get it, do you?"

: ("Oh?")

: "Don't underestimate the bond between a trainer and their Pokemon. Isn't that right, Sigurd?"

: ("Oh please, do you really-")

(Zor, you are The Best for making this animation.)

[Loki is smeared against the ground. He lies in a puddle of his own blood]

[Sharp gasp]: ("Agh... But I thought you were knocked out...")

: ("Not exactly. Your little chemical trap is nothing compared to what I've endured to get here.")

: ("I see... I was hoping it'd be enough to at least slow you down, but...")

: ("Your friends don't seem to be as durable. That stab did hurt, but it'll take far more than that to get rid of me.")

: ("Don't try it, Loki. You've never been a match for me.")

: ("Don't lie. You've always had help... But now I'm afraid you're all alone. Even Monica can't help you against my real strength.")

[Loki's body surges with purplish-red miasma that illuminates the room. He pulses with power as he changes into a giant beast-like form with six arms]

: ("I'll tear all of your limbs off, one by one.")

[Mabinogi Final Boss Theme]

(The Unbound sprite was also made by Falgaia for the Smogon X/Y Sprite Project. Unfortunately since I couldn't really fit it into the game without it looking uh /good/, I had to photoshop it in. Oh well.)

Believe it or not, this is not just something I shoved in.

You actually do encounter a Hoopa that disguises themselves as Arceus for some godforsaken reason, but I at least tried to build it up over the course of Dark Rising 1 and 2 so it wouldn't completely come out of nowhere like in the actual game canon.

Anyway, Loki here is tremendous. He comes with the following stats:

200 / 170 / 145 /170 / 130 / 130 (945 Total)

Like hot damn. It doesn't help that Sigurd's fighting solo against him for this one... If he doesn't make it, the world is kaput, basically.

Not helped by him having Brick Break and Swords Dance. If Sigurd didn't have Intimidate to halve his attack, he would have gotten mutilated by that.

However... even a monster like Loki's Unbound form isn't enough to really slow Sigurd down.

Yes, even with those stupidly high stats, Sigurd still wipes the floor with him. That's pretty terrifying.

[Sigurd used Aura Saber!]

: ("It can't be... even all the power I stole wasn't enough to keep up with you...")

: ("... You've already done enough.")

[Loki turns back into his Confined form and lies against the ground]

: ("... Sigurd?")

: ("What?")

: ("It's over, isn't it?")

: ("... I would hope so.")

[The lights dimly turn back on. Monica and her Pokemon get on their feet]

: "Sigurd! You're alright."

: ("I suppose.")

: ("Wait... before you go, I just want to say something.")

[Love Like You]

: ("... I'm surprised you're still able to talk with these wounds.")

: ("What is it, Loki?")

: ("Me and Alberich... where did it start to go wrong?")

: ("... The moment you couldn't trust your own family with your problems. But that's alright. We'll still miss you.")

[Selene rubs her face against his]

: ("You're too kind, Selene. If things were different, I... I...")

: ("That's enough. You don't need to say anything else. What happened in the past... it doesn't matter now.")

: ("Yeah... I've never been good at giving speeches, so I'll just leave it at 'I'll miss you'.")

: ("To think... all of this happened because I couldn't stop myself from acting like a hero.")

: ("Nah. Don't feel bad about that. What we did was our own fault... and even then, you're braver than we could ever have been... ")

: ("Take care of our family... and Monica too.")

[Loki lies limp in Signe's arms]

: "So that's it, huh?"

: "... Yeah. Now I'm sure. Let's go home."

: "Let me help you there, buddy."

[Monica holds him up by the arm]

Well, that's it, guys. We won.

In the context of the LP-specific ending, this is way less grim... and that's the one we're going with.

Dark Rising 2 was... an experience. Granted, not exactly a good one, but it was still interesting to say the least. It was a huge step-up from Dark Rising 1 in terms of graphics, originality and gameplay.

It was overall less painful, although the final battle was even more bullmuk than the first game's.

To be fair though, there were still some genuinely cool moments... I just wish the rest of the game was more balanced and less grind-heavy.

Not to mention, it would have helped if the plot was better-written - the default ending infuriated me to the point where I had to make one for the LP itself.

(Bad palette Venusaur says hi)

Ultimately, it was a frustrating game and I don't agree with the decisions she made, but in some weird way... I still had fun. Well, I had fun my way.

Anyway, before I get too sappy, all I can really say is...

Thanks for watching.


[Set Love Like You to this timestamp]

: "... Do you think they're finally at peace?"

: ("Yeah. They can't hurt anybody again... and they won't suffer either. Living like that for that long... it seems like a nightmare, doesn't it?")

: "... Hey listen, I'm just happy I was able to be with you."

: ("Me too. But Monica... promise me that you'll let me go once I'm gone.")

: "... Yeah. That's part of growing up, isn't it?"

: ("Let's make it count.")

[A gentle breeze blows past the plains]

Final setup:

(Corin, level 100, , /) - "We made it! Let's celebrate... and for real this time!"
(Sigurd, level 100, , /) - [At the grave-site with Monica]
(Signe, level 100, , /) - [Twirling in joy while holding Siegfried up]
(Siegfried, level 100, , /) - "Isn't it wonderful, sis!?"
(Wave, level 98, , ) - "Gotta admit, I didn't think we'd be able to do it... good thing I was wrong!"
(Candelabra, level 100, , /) - "I'm just happy the world didn't blow up or something."
(Bellamine, level 100, , ) - [Holding Rubus in her arms] "I can finally raise my son in peace... Not to mention, Jack and the others will be overjoyed to know Monica's safe."
(Beatrice, level 99, , /) - "It feels like we woke up from a nightmare. What an ordeal..."
(Arthur, level 96, , /) - "Aye! I've never been so afraid in my life. But I guess that's what we have friends like you for."
(Gale, level 95, , /) - "... You know, despite everything that happened, I can't get mad. I don't know why that is."
(Ambes, level 100, , ) - "I did it, big sis! Shine, Spark... your brother's coming home!"
(Selene, level 95, , ) - "This is what I've been fighting for ever since that day... Alberich, rest in peace."


Back-up Team:

(Quote, level 81, , /) - "Wow! They did it! Jeezzt... this is too much excitement, even for me bzzt."
(Johnny, level 47, , ) - "Let's party!!"
(Shadow, level 60, , /) - "Already ahead of you." [A pile of apple cores is next to him]
(Rubus, level 25, , ) - "I wanna see the look on Jack's face when we come back. He'll flip, mama!"
(Ignell, level 82, , /) - "Ho-ho! Now we can rest easy. "
(Beowulf, level 56, , ) - "Good haul. To the victors go the spoils!~" [Starts eating a bunch of apples]
(Linoura, level 60, , /) - "Beowulf, Shadow, I know we're happy to be alive, but don't start hogging the food!"
(Iris, level 60, , ) - "Everyone's having fun! That's good enough for me."
(Lucera, level 60, , ) - "I'm kind of glad we never got involved with any of the fighting... I prefer my face not being mangled, thank you."
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