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Let's Play Pokemon Dark Rising 2! Chapter 14-2 (Bad Ending)

Posted August 26th, 2017 at 12:02 PM by Rainbow Chara X
Updated November 9th, 2017 at 2:59 PM by Rainbow Chara X
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Oh boy, here we go.

Chapter #14-2 - Crumbling Hope (Bad Ending)


Alright, the good ending was fine and I'll never give it up, but how about we take a look at the actual ending of Dark Rising 2?

I just hope you guys are ready, because... there's a reason why I made my own.

A clarification before we get into anything: This is the alternate timeline where we killed Sigurd back in Chapter 2.5 of Dark Rising 1.

Yes, Monica somehow managed to power through all of the first game and most of the second without him... if that doesn't say anything about her character, then jesus christ.

She still managed to recruit Signe thanks to Siegfried, the adorable little bum.

This is one thing that I'm kind of glad Dark Rising Girl put in - Arceus is obscene. Not only does he have 150 in every stat, Judgement is arguably even more broken than any of the custom moves I've put into the game myself.

I'll show you how in just a bit.

I will also take the liberty of transcribing this dialogue because you need to see this.

"At last... You are all here to witness the end of the human race and every Pokemon on this planet."

: "No, Darugis. I'm here... with my friends... As long as they support me, I have the power to do anything! I Am No Longer Afraid!"

[Sydney smiles]

Oh boy, we're gonna use ~the power of friendship~ to stop the demon king.

[Florina smiles]

Nah. Nah mate, I'm still confused.

: "I No Longer Doubt Myself!"

[Dray smiles]

: ("Okay, we get it. Spare me the theatrics.")

Anyway... do I even give the actual battle a proper song?

Uh... how about this? (Yes, good.)

Darugis's team is made up of the aces of the other Elite Four members and... himself? It's explained away as him creating a Pokemon shaped like himself... or something. (???)

Even with Arceus on my side, this is still the dumbest thing ever... but at least I won't get to suffer for it.

Anyway... Judgement, right? Feast your eyes on this carnage.

Mewtwo Y goes first thanks to their ridiculous speed stat and we get to demonstrate that Arceus has Color Change. I like that they at least try to emulate how Arceus controls, but it'd also be better to use a better base.

Anyway, the best part about Judgement and why it's arguably even more overpowered than the likes of 2X Saber, Triple Soul or Void Bomb...

It's a guaranteed Ancient Power boost every time.

By that I mean it increases every stat by one stage. Given how you'll be spamming it until Darugis's team is space dust, Arceus can easily become one of the most disgusting creatures on the planet.

DRG, I'm glad you decided to put in a super-mon after the hell that was the first game, but... this still isn't how you do game balance.

The other dorks get swept away by Literally God and build up his strength even further.

Darugis tries to keep up, but...

Damn. I gotta admit, that's arguably the most satisfying thing that doesn't come from my own efforts.

Good muk.


Literally everyone in the room: "GOODBYE, DARUGIS!"

They yelled so hard it broke my computer.

("Just don't let my friends experience this...")



("I will stop time for all of your friends.")

Who do you think you are? Dialga Brando?

: ("Thank you... I'm ready now.")

[Arceus begins to absorb the positive energy from Monica]

At this point all of Monica's friends (and Benga) freak out and want to help, but I'm sorry friendos. You can't stop the wheels of Dookey Destiny.

That'd be a nice thought, huh?


All caps Darugis makes me think of Skeletor. NYAAAH HE-MAN.

"Inside Pandora's Box."

: ("Monica, come.")

[Arceus slides into the next room without even changing his direction]

(It is as janky as it sounds.)


: "I'm proud of the fate I've chosen."

Don't be.

: ("Yes, Monica. Be proud.")

[Monica's life force begins to rapidly drain away - her Pokemon are immobilized by the miasma]

: ("Arceus? I was never Arceus. Because...")

[Monica faded away]

: ("You were never chosen by Arceus. I was talking to you the whole time.")

This is the dumbest, most Shyamalan plot twist I've ever seen in anything. Holy muk.

: ("... Hahahaha! Good job, Loki. I don't even need to be around anymore... you'll do my job just fine.")

oH that is a good sprite

Sorta looks like Hoopa is trying a Big Boss cosplay but it came out... wrong.

Where do I even begin with what just happened.

So... we seal away Darugis only for some fartknuckle Hoopa to show up right the psyduck out of nowhere to kill Monica and basically steal Darugis's spot as the big bad villain.

Why? Because it's a shocking twist, don't you know. Let's ignore that it makes no sense in any way (especially the "turning into Arceus" garbage) and the fact it extends the series for longer than it honestly deserved.

Really, the series should have ended when we got rid of Darugis.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take out the trash.

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