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The new Deathmatch gamemode SUCKS (rant)

Posted August 30th, 2017 at 11:37 AM by Desert Stream~

I would post this in the overwatch thread but I have tons to say :p

First of all, the toxicity. I have never seen as many **** you's in my entire 200+ hours of overwatch as I have in my few deathmatch games. And tbh I get it. When I lose my first place spot, I just wanna leave the game and find a new one.

The heroes are TOTALLY unbalanced. If you're a support main, I feel for ya. You hardly have a chance. You'll see doomfists, hanzos, and mccrees more then any other hero, because all three of them pretty much have instant kills. I've been playing symmetra because it's the only hero I play consistently that I even have a chance on, and UGH I get killed like, every five seconds. Literally right after I spawn a doomfist punches me a mile into the water :p And mercy, my actual main? Not even a chance.

And the fact that you can't even get assists is possibly the worst part of the gamemode. You don't know how many times I'm so close to killing someone and a widowmaker steals my kill. I'd rather they boost the amount of kills you need to say, 50, but actually give you a point if you did most of the damage.

It's also just really hard to FIND people. Sometimes I'll search for about half a minute and not see anyone. And when I do, it's usually some giant fight where I know I'll die if I attempt to join in...

I give credit where it's due, and I do have to say that Team Deathmatch is much, much better. The variety of maps makes things much more interesting, and you don't have the assist problem because no matter who gets the kill, the entire team gets the point. I also see a lot less toxicity, probably because the above problem is what causes most of it. It can still be hard to find enemies, but it feels like the maps are a lot smaller, and you have a 50/50 chance of winning a large fight as opposed to a 1/8 chance. Overall it's a lot more enjoyable.
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