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Moonlight Silver episode 89b--The Afterpost

Posted September 6th, 2017 at 2:22 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, Ash gets his wish for an amazing encounter with Asimona and Agrios for his first real dive, only for his next dive to become a rescue mission when Team Rocket captures Agrios!

I did some research into proper diving procedures so the Trio's experience would feel realistic (but if any divers in the audience want to respectfully correct me on something I got wrong, just tell me). I figured Asimona and Agrios would be used to seeing divers, hence why Agrios asks his mother about "fish suits"

Butch and Cassidy do make an appearance here for the sake of the story--it was not an easy decision to leave them in or cut them out considering that I currently do not plan to remix the Orange Islands, but cutting them out would throw off some critical parts of the storyline, and so they were kept in for the sake of the story making sense.

However, if demand is great enough, I may consider remixing the Orange Islands--with the biggest change being "what if Brock had come along to begin with, and therefore Tracey was unneeded?"

For now, the project's canon does not include the Orange Islands, and so Tracey stays in.

Next time, our heroes discover just what Team Rocket plans to do with Asimona and Agrios, and see the real power of the Swanna Song!
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