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Oh! I didn't notice you from down here... Hi :)

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Oh! I didn't notice you from down here... Hi :)

Posted September 26th, 2017 at 2:38 PM by Asteria2013

I can't believe fell into this odd pit!! Just a sec, *releases an Alteria and is escorted out of the pit* Thanks muchly, Plumette!

Ah, much better. My name is Asteria, what's yours?

I've never traveled this way before in all my years of traveling as a Pokemon Master!! Can you believe it?!?!? This region is so lovely!!

Which way you heading? AHA ME TOO!! Shall we travel together? Wonderful, quite a splended day isn't it? Other than falling into that pit obviously.

Might as well tell you a bit about myself as a starter. Hmm where to start?
Well just to get this straight off the bat, I've got a wanderlust-less husband back in Johto. No kids, yet anyway. Maybe when I've gotten this travel bug completely out of my system... then again that might never happen. Who knows?

Ah! then I suppose you ought to know this, seeing as we'll be going a bit of a ways to get where we're going. I am a bit odd in the head in my own way, I guess you could say that about pretty much everyone, but they call me "disabled" in the medical world. Hmm... oh a silly fact about me, I like collecting small plushies.

On a more serious note, this staff I'm using is in fact a platinum steel rod merely covered with a synthetic ivory sheet for the look of the thing. In addition, the bow in it's quiver on my back is not just for show, I do know how to use it. It's always good to have a bit of protection on long lonely roads such as these is it not? Hm Hm Hm...

Oh more fun facts about myself: I enjoy a good bit of Theater, and as one might expect I just LOVE raising and training my Pokemon as does my husband though he prefers to do it as a Breeder and he's "baby-sitting" a number of Pokemon at home currently. In addition I Love reading, learning, and playing a variety of sports, not much of an observer of sports beyond a good Archery Tourney if I'm not in it, Baseball, and Football. Yes, I believe that will quite do about myself for now. Any questions for me so far?

How about you? What would you like me to know about yourself as we travel this road together?

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