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Let's Play Dark Rising: Order Destroyed! Chapter 5

Posted September 27th, 2017 at 8:58 PM by Rainbow Chara X
Updated September 27th, 2017 at 9:58 PM by Rainbow Chara X
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The beginning of the end.

Chapter #5 - Breaking The Rules


[White Forest]

I absolutely love this song and I feel it's appropriate for what we're about to face.

So last time on Order Destroyed, Hoopa showed up and talked smack to us multiple times about how everything we're doing is wrong and that we're ultimately a dupe for his plans.

Yeah, how about no?

We grab another Ether and... some other item I don't remember.

I am consistently surprised at how silly looking a lot of the sprites are. They're more like giant smurfs than zombies if I have to be honest.

Ragnarok is amazing. I'm so glad I hacked him and Signe in to the game for one final laugh.

There were Sawsbuck here and I do like how they're in their Winter coat for this area... but the more impressive thing is that due to the shenanigans I did last chapter, I'm fully capable of catching Pokemon again.

Can someone please explain to me the giant coding incompetence DRG and her crew did that made the Pokedex not work?

... Why is there a blonde-haired Frontier Brain Tucker here?

Huh. That's all he says and he just... disappears.

Now would you believe me that this is another brand new villain under Hoopa's contract? (Yes, because the guy named Aizen wasn't enough.)

I don't get it. Why does Hoopa keep leaving these around if he explained that they're just to give you a false sense of security?

He already popped up over four times just to taunt us in the last chapter, so...

God damn it Velma, how did you get into Dark Rising?

Don't tell me the Mystery Inc. crew is somewhere around here to reveal that Hoopa was really an old guy in a costume.

"I feel a very strong radiance coming from you. You will be the one I help before I die."

: "Huh?"

The best reaction I could hope for, to be honest.

Long story short, this lady's name is Theresa and she has holy powers to counteract Hoopa's. All this means is that when her and Noah fight, she won't die.

It won't last long, so she encourages Noah to fight with all he's got. Honestly, if Hoopa was really the super god he thinks he is, then a teeny barrier like this shouldn't even slow him down.

Hence why I think this entire plot is stupid.

Grumpig might have been a problem if we didn't have a death god bird on our side... but to be fair, Ignell's pretty damn close.

Alright, Karate Grandma. I wonder what she's going to tell us that we don't already know.

: "... I guess."

Not much she really can do to help us other than to get Velma out the way, so hit me.

Joel's going to die. Nice knowing you, kid.

Meanwhile, Theresa can't read the Zygarde twins' futures for some reason... something about how their aura is too hard to read.

Then she gets to Noah and says that his future's bleak if he doesn't come to terms with himself... which I guess is why the Shadow exists. You know what we're gonna do.

He doesn't believe it and he takes Joel out of the house. Truthfully, with how Hoopa's been like so far, I don't think the predictions will mean that much.

But hey, have a tiling error and Velma again.

She actually does have her glasses on, so that's cute at least.

Oh hey, it's a Carbink. What's happening, little guy?

: ("Stop looking at me!")

: "What?! It spoke?!"

Just like how your Pokemon can talk to you, idiot?

: ("This human can hear my thoughts?! Oh, my! I FOUND HIM!")

Noah has an emo moment about how much destruction he's caused, but honestly he's done more help than harm so far.

"The Princess has been waiting for you!"

Keep in mind, I didn't play this far when I included Sapphire... so I guess me and DRG both watched the Diancie movie. (Son of a rattata, I just realized we have Yveltal here too.)

The Princess has been looking for a pure-hearted trainer to help fight against Hoopa, but... ugh. In another game I would be down to getting Diancie on our team, but this is Dark Rising - you know how this is going to end.

Welp, there's the princess. That overworld is actually pretty decent, not gonna lie.

The Carbink next to her just say that they've been waiting for the chosen one and Noah's it. I thought we got rid of the "chosen one" stuff a while ago, but alright I guess.

Now, here's the interesting thing - you can show her the Carbink you got from the dying lady back in Chapter 1 and Diancie will be so moved that she will join your team.

Only problem, though?

It's a trade. I like Sapphire - why do we have to give her away?

... Also, Diantha? I didn't know the Kalos Champion was here.

She's still on the overworld, but hey... we have a Diancie now!

However, I'm still not satisfied.

[Shieldner Sheldon Stage]

Of course I'm going to go catch her and nickname her for real. I'm a freak for that, you know?

: ("Princess! Oh thank goodness, you're safe!")

: ("Oh! You brought Sapphire back to me! Thank you!")

: "Glad I could help, miss... uh..."

: ("Call me Princess Carmille. You're Noah, yes? Miss Mani informed me that you're an up-and-coming hero... I was expecting someone a bit taller, but I can tell you're a strong-willed young man. Especially if you get sir Ragnarok to follow your orders!")

: "Oh come on, don't make me blush."

: ("I can see us getting along just fine. Now come on - let's stop that tyrant Hoopa!")

Gotta admit, the sprite for Diancie in this isn't half bad.

However, remember the Mega Stone we got earlier?

... O-oh. That looks... good.

But hey, we still have a Mega Diancie on our side!

: ("This might be a bit unlady-like for me to say, but... it's time to mow those suckers down!")

There's Pyroar's sprite and it's not too bad either... even if they're absolute fodder trash against Ignell.

We also get Shadow Claw! (not that it'll be useful or anything)

The strange thing about Mega Diancie's sprite in this is that it's the same in both the front and the back... so it looks even derpier than it already is.

Also, poor Weavile never catches a break.

There were some fodder items around here to grab, but the thing that catches my attention the most is that Youngster sprite, holy crap.

We also catch a Froslass because you can't just dangle one in front of me and expect me not to grab them.

They were totally not meant to be grabbed due to the Pokedex limitation, but I make my own rules.

: ("... Oh. Hello. I guess I'm traveling with a group now.")

To be honest? He's not wrong. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Focus Bands are utterly useless. They're an item that keeps you alive at 1 HP... but it only activates 10% of the time. That's cute in an online match if you're lucky enough to troll your opponent, but I'd rather not take my chances.

"And I don't feel too good..."

Well, we did all go into a snow-capped mountain without winter clothes, so I guess that's the most realistic thing in this series so far.

Also, hello Sludge.

Sludge says that Hoopa's getting stronger and that he's going to remake the world the way he wants. He also promised Sludge his own kingdom and suddenly I'm getting Wario Land 1 vibes.

Sludge mentions that the music is making Joel feel worse and Noah gets outraged.

: "Don't you have any compassion at all?! What if you had a kid?!"

Sludge: "I had a lil' boy once... Around his age, actually... I did my best for him... I loved him to death... ugh!"

Oh wow, are we finally getting a villain that isn't a flat cardboard stereotype?

Sludge gets over it and fights Noah one last time:

You can already tell how this is going to end for him.

Signe blows up his Toxicroak at least.

Ooooh damn, that's actually a really good sprite.

Normally this would be super harrowing because Mega Gengar is a monster to fight no matter the circumstances, not helped by them being level 41!

However, Signe putzes him out with only one Void Bomb. What a shame.

If you're wondering why she has Oblivion Wing despite that being Yveltal's thing, their inclusion was sort of a rush job for me... so they wound up having more or less the same moveset.

Of course, Ragnarok can't use Aura Saber... but that'd be a hell of a sight.

He established a better team in the time we last met him, but it doesn't really matter against Ignell's flames.

Ivan gets to show off his skills now that he's evolved, and...

It only does that much. I'm actually kind of disappointed, but... this is Tentacruel he's dealing with. Those guys are sponges for magic attacks.

This is what happens when you give a draining move priority - you break the game, plain and simple.

And it glorious.

Too bad for you, friend. I was just starting to like you.

Sludge has the typical villain response of "I'm the king! My humanity held me back" even though we're just plain better.

Hoopa intervenes as a disembodied voice and says that he was watching us all along. He says Sludge isn't fit for the new world because "he can't succumb to his true emotions" or some garbage, and then...

Well, let's just say it's... interesting:

: ("Face it, you're becoming a stone cold killer. Example; Remember in the Pokemon Center HQ, you battled 3 agents. For a brief moment, before the battle began, I turned their faces back to human just to see if you'd hold back or not. You didn't. You defeated them as if they were nothing but zombies in your way!")

Of course, you psyducking idiot. They are zombies, right?

Besides, really? You're going to pull the "you're a ruthless killer" card on me despite everything you did? There's also the fact you're the person that made it like this in the first place. (You are the one who sucks people into black holes.)

Plus, out of every kill you could have held Noah against, you're not going to bring up the actual human girl that is also Joel's sister? If you're going to hit below the belt, at least pick the right spot.

Joel runs off and Sludge dies, I suppose. Oh no, you can already see where this is going.

Smile all you want, you big dummy, Carmille's still going to bury you and your Rufflet.

Damn, she actually put anti sequence breaking features in.

Now this? This is stranger danger, my friends.

That's the gist of this scene, so let's move on.

Zombified kids and a bunch of dead hikers... I swear to god if this cave is what I think it is.

The Macho Brace doubles effort values gained but lowers speed while it's equipped. Truthfully this is pretty useless, especially when you realize the game's almost over.

... Yes, really.

We get another Mega Stone without having to fight anyone, surprisingly.

Why am I saying that even though there's a crowd of zombies ready to rip our face off?

See, Dark Rising Girl either forgot or just plain didn't want to make them attack you. Yeah, the only way they're going to engage you in a battle is if you let them, because their line of sight just plain doesn't work.

The strangest thing about it too is that Noah's acting like they're swarming him when... they're not.

I can't believe baby Joel is dead.

Oh well.

So... the man in yellow is the Pied Piper and he turned Joel into a zombie. However, before they killed him, they told him that Noah murdered Ellie and that he's furious even in death.

In-Game Noah's like "HOW DID YOU DO THIS?!" while LP!Noah saw it coming a mile away.

If I cared about Joel, this would be kind of heartwrenching, but as it stands...

Let's put him out of his misery.

He's an Ice type specialist! That's neat.

He also has his own Rotom-Frost that... gets smashed by Carmille after she realized there's no Pokepuffs inside.

Hex is a Ghost type move that deals extra damage if the opponent has a status effect, but it's pretty bad to use considering Rotom in the appliances isn't even part Ghost-type anymore.

Oh sweet jesus. Now this, my friends, could be a real nightmare.

Mega Glalie is pretty diesel on its own, but when you give them Moody (an ability that randomly increases or decreases certain stats per turn, including evasion)... hoo boy.

Thankfully Ignell has none of it and burns him out before he can become a real problem.

I'd love to know the original artist who made these Mega sprites because they are nice.

Noah is sorry for killing Joel, but truthfully? He was kinda doomed from the beginning.

Aizen tells Noah to be silent and that he's a fool, although coming from him that's a laugh.

The Zygarde twins finally get pissed enough and call Hoopa out... then this happens.


They managed to "restore order" and revive Joel (somehow) with bullmuk Zygarde magic! Finally, a break from the doom and gloom at least.

Brace yourself for this next one:


Suck it.

Aizen's amazed that Hoopa got angry and honestly, this has to be the most satisfying moment in the series that isn't from my own doing. He finally gets a small piece of the humble pie.

Also, Hoopa mentions that Zygarde has always been there to stop him from having "fun" (with a million quotation marks) and this is where they drop that, yes, Zyro and Zyree really are Zygarde's kids.

You know, I was at least kind of hoping I was wrong and that wasn't that case, but nope - some lady screwed an earth dragon god and had babies with them.

You know, out of everything this story was missing, we totally needed bestiality.

Hoopa finally loses his cool and pledges to kill us all, but I doubt that.

... Wait, hold up. Is that who I think it is?

You're kidding.

Out of everyone you include, you bring in Zinnia? But... but why? What could she possibly do in the storyline at this point?

Welp, we just beat up Aster. Poor little baby didn't deserve it.

Carmille did learn Power Gem though, so it's not all bad.

... Huh. Her Salamence isn't Mega evolved for some reason. Maybe they couldn't fit the sprite in or something.

She ain't afraid of no dragons.

Noah immediately assumes she's working with Hoopa because the fight didn't kill her, but Zinnia tells him that she wants to restore order too and that the Zygarde twins are the key.

I guess that makes sense.

Also: hello, not-Navel Rock. This is what, like the third time we've been here?

They retcon that Zinnia is the guardian of the Omni Megastone and how there was only one Mega stone ever before Darugis shattered it, which you know is wrong if DRG went out of her way to include Zinnia of all people.

Yes, dummy. This is the aftermath of 2's (bad) ending, you know.

Zinnia mentions that Darugis never guessed that Hoopa would be behind it all, but then it gets... weird. Hoopa somehow created a fake Arceus to fool him even though that still makes zero sense and doesn't really stop what happens at the end of 2 from being an insane ass-pull cop out.

Killing both Darugis and Arceus allows Hoopa to control the universe and it's just... my brain hurts because of how nonsensical this all is. It really does seem like a genuine effort was being made but they didn't know what to do with it, so they just kept going.

It kinda drives me insane.

To make things less complicated on myself, LP!Hoopa or Loki as I like to call him, is doing this because he wanted to infiltrate the heroes from the inside. Sure, it involved sealing Darugis/Alberich away, but he's more than happy to continue his reign of terror.

None of this "I am the true god!!" horsedookey - he's doing it out of a twisted sense of affection for his master, because I should mention that both Alberich and Loki used to be nice people before all of this happened.

I feel so bad for Monica and Noah - they're stuck in an awful situation that doesn't seem to ever end... and since I'm controlling them, I get to see it all first-hand.

But hey, at least Aster is here to give us a top up before we do anything crazy.

Every little bit helps.

Oh jeez. Next time on Dark Rising: Order Destroyed, we finally cap off the end of this series! See you then.

Team setup:

A means Mega-evolved.

(Ignell-, level 44, , /) - "We've made it this far, may as well finish it."
(Signe, level 52, , /) - "... I miss Sigurd. All of my family, really..."
(Ragnarok, level 50, , /) - "I can finally put an end to all of this madness with your help, Noah. We just have to be brave."
(Carmille-, level 32, , /) - "I just wish we could have met in happier times... maybe we could have had a costume party."
(Umbra-, level 25, , ) - "That does sound nice, but there's still the matter of living through this..."
(Sapphire, level 24, , /) - "I'll protect you no matter what, Princess!"
(Ivan, level 27, , ) - "Things are getting real serious now - we better step up our game!"
(Rodrigo-, level 29, , /) - "No kidding. Alright, I know this is unrelated, but I used to have a Glaceon friend and Signe reminds me of her a lot..."
(Julian, level 29, , ) - "I just wish I could have done more to help. Everyone else pulled their weight."
(Reika, level 36, , /) - "... What an interesting bunch of people you are."

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