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Moonlight Silver episode 100--The Afterpost

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Moonlight Silver episode 100--The Afterpost

Posted October 21st, 2017 at 10:24 AM by EmeraldSky

This week, the story finally reaches its 100th episode!

And it was only fitting that the 100th episode be something plot important--Ash winning his seventh Badge!

The only major change for this episode was cutting Team Rocket out, as per the competition rule for the project (the evil team will not interrupt a Gym battle, Contest, Pokethlon, Lore Stage, or other plot important competition unless the original scene was just too funny to not cut out, or it is important to the plot that the evil team crash everything)

I also modified Ash's strategies a little--since he would likely know better by now that electric attacks won't do a thing against Ground types (which means that later on in the project, his match against Brock in Lightning Yellow will dramatically change), I decided to have him take advantage of what Fighting attacks Pikachu can learn, as well as Disarming Voice (which is a valid move for Pikachu via breeding)

Next time, the gang and fire trainer chase down a Magcargo, and Misty teaches the fire trainer a lesson on the way!
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