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Pokémon Battle Cup Week 1

Posted January 30th, 2018 at 4:33 AM by screen
Updated January 30th, 2018 at 4:34 AM by screen (Grammar Errors)

Dear Readers,

My name is Jeffrey a.k.a. Screen or Jeffvirus and I am your coach of the Elysian Empoleon.

I forgot to post my roster last week in the blog so here it is.[LIST][*]Tapu Koko [*]Kommo-o [*]Tapu Lele [*]Excadrill [*]Tyranitar [*]Volcarona [*]Weavile [*]Araquanid [*]Kartana [*]Mega Gengar [*]Hawlucha [*]Uxie[/LIST]
I did make some changes to the team, before Tapu Lele, I had Mimikyu and before Uxie, I had Celebi.

[B]Prepping for Battle[/B]
So past week we had the first week of the Pokémon Battle Cup. My first opponent was Viperific, Coach of the Amazing Arbok's. I started by looking at his roster of pokémon that he had drafted.[LIST][*]Mega Metagross [*]Marshadow [*]Alakazam [*]Garchomp [*]Venusaur [*]Infernape [*]Gliscor [*]Jolteon [*]Kabutops [*]Drapion [*]Alolan Ninetales [*]Alolan Marowak[/LIST]
His Team does have some power like Mega Metagross and Marshadow, so I was really focused on preparing for those 2.

[B]Gattering the Squad[/B]
So after looking at his team and my team I decided to use the following pokémon on my team.[LIST][*]Weavile[*]Excadrill[*]Kommo-o[*]Tyranitar[*]Araquanid[*]Mega Gengar[/LIST]
For the exact build you can check out the following link: [URL="https://pokepast.es/b832385921dac141"]https://pokepast.es/b832385921dac141[/URL]

So I started breeding and building this team that I build. The special Tyranitar was created to surprise my opponent and it worked out.

[B]Brawl Time[/B]
So very early on a saturday morning I got online for my battle and I won. If you want to watch the battle here is the battle video code for it: J6PG-WWWW-WWWF-3Q3H
I was not a too tough match but I made some missplays like overpredicting the switch from the Marshadow and letting my Mega Gengar found through that. The special Tyranitar really proved his worth by immediatly getting a very important kill in the first turn of the match.

So yeah that was my first week of the PBC I had a nice first victory and secured a top 3 position for myself I could have been ranked number 1 if I hadn't over predicted.

Down below is a link to the spreadsheet in which you can follow the progress of the tournament and if you want to do this upclose please join our discord server.


Discord server Pokémon Victory League: Jeffvirus#1969
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