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Moonlight Silver episode 121--The Afterpost

Posted February 10th, 2018 at 11:24 AM by EmeraldSky

In the grand finale of the Johto remix, even though Ash comes up short against Harrison, he is already making plans for new adventures.

The biggest change I made here (besides taking Team Rocket out and adding in Mega Evolution to the match) was including a cutaway to the Lore Stage. I initially wanted to interweave Brock's tale into the battle, but this proved hard to do--this doesn't mean the idea is off the table, though.

One of Ash's strengths (at least to me) is his ability to bounce back from a loss, so I wanted to display that in a heart to heart with him and Delia, so the audience could see that even though he can get emotional in the heat of the moment, he knows how to dust himself off and try again.

I did remove the scene with the girls and the Misdreavuses because the episode was running long, and it felt out of place (at least to me), so on the cutting floor it went.

Thank you to everyone that read the story, commented on it, nominated it for awards, or even looked at the afterposts--just knowing people were reading gave me the will and strength to see this through to the end.

Next time, we kick off Pokemon Shine Diamond!
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