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Why Furret is my favourite Pokémon (and in what ways GO has surpassed the main series)

Posted May 5th, 2018 at 9:03 PM by BirdstarCat13
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I've never owned (or had the funds to purchase) an actual main series Pokémon game or a device to play it on (like a GameBoy or a DS, for example.) so when Pokémon GO released in 2016 with the promise of "catching Pokémon in the real world", I was like "finally, a Pokémon game that's not horrendously overpriced and actually worth MORE than its cost! :D" (I'm sorry but not even USUM is worth $40. No Pokémon game is worth $40. A 3DS isn't worth even one-third of its retail price.) Despite being a rural player and not having a serviced phone (no data or anything, not even a number) I absolutely love the game, and its shortcomings are fixable, and not even that bad to begin with by comparison to other games, even within the franchise.

In February 2017, Niantic flipped the server-side switch to release Gen 2. Within an hour people were posting new evolutions on Facebook, and that's when I learned about the Sentret line. I knew what Sentret and Furret were and that they were related, but I didn't know which was the evolution, how many were in the line, or what. I saw a screenshot of a 600 CP Furret with "Sentret Candies" (and no Evolve button) and that answered all questions pretty quickly lol.

It only took about a month to gather the 25 candies for the evolution and I made my first evolution as soon as I could. I ended up with a 916 CP Furret with Quick Attack and Hyper Beam (The strongest Normal-type moveset in the game, which the furnoodle gets STAB from) and I still have it (I keep the first I get of every species). A few months later I was trying to time a screenshot to get his ambient animation when he looks directly at the player and got it in only 5 or 6 tries.

I really liked how it looked (It's so cute! :3 ) so I set it as my profile photo on Google+ (Which I used at the time). After a few months, in August that year, I was doing some Photoshop work on the image, adding a YouTube icon to it (so I could update the image for YouTube) and made it a little more personalized by making the eyes red (my favourite colour). I had never found any other Pokémon to be as cute as Furret is in GO and for a while it was almost like a meme to me, because I was constantly going after Sentret, that little weakling squirrel, just in the hopes I'd find one over 300 CP with decent enough IVs to get a cute furnoodle with more desirable stats lol.

Eventually I started playing Gen 2 and 3 via emulators on my phone and playing with Furret in the main series solidified it as my favourite and made it my mascot on YouTube. There arevery few others I have such a close liking of, and the ones that do are mostly just because they're based on cats lol

Other various versions of the image:
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