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Shine Diamond episode 19: The Afterpost

Posted May 9th, 2018 at 4:19 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, when Ash and the gang encounter a notorious Pokemon hunter. Ash teams up with the admins to rescue Tintri and Mars' Purugly Leona!

This was another episode that worked very well when transferred over to a different evil team. All I really had to do was delete Meowth's storyline and replace him with Mars' Purugly. While Team Rocket wants to join forces with J, the admins want to use J's services to further Galactic's goal of a new world. But as they find out very quickly, J answers to no government or group.

I did foreshadow movie 11 when Brock tells everyone the legend of Floaroma Town, even though the movies are not technically part of the remix's canon.

I also gave Melodi's Pokemon names, after French musical terms. Her Gardevoir also foreshadows that Dawn will eventually get a Gardevoir of her own (and be able to Mega Evolve it) For the curious, the Gardevoir's name is pronounced "Ah-neem", not "Ah-nee-meh".

J's Pokemon also got names--her Drapion is named after a character in the movie "The Scorpion King", her Ariados is named after a spider in the anime "Spider Riders", and her Salamence is named after Metroid's famous dragon-boss

Instead of Anime just warping the group to safety, I had Ash do the same thing by using his Swanna Song, allowing Dawn to see that the power is very real, and not just a last ditch spell in movies, TV, and games. He also sings it to alert the others where he is when J captures him.

Ash does make a callback to the final battle with the Rockets in Moonlight Silver when he mentions the "rainbow Thunderbolts." at the end.

Next time, Mars attempts to borrow one of Jupiter's Pokemon for an unofficial Contest and Fantasy Stage, with disastrous results!
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