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Shine Diamond episode 27a--The Afterpost

Posted June 9th, 2018 at 12:09 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, the gang befriends the Eterna City Gym Leader, Gardenia--but they don't know the admins are following them.

I named Cheryl's Mothim Kaikoga because it means 'silkworm' in Japanese, plus it sounded nice.

I chose to make clear that Gardenia is the Gym Leader from the beginning--there really wasn't any need to hide it like the real show does. She still retains her going bonkers over a Grass type of Ash's, but this time she goes gaga for Gaia instead of Turtwig, since Turtwig went to Barry in the starter reshuffle.

This was another example of a Brock moment that was too funny to cut, so I had him sing to Gardenia here.

AirPaks are an expansion of the Go-Goggles from RSE--rather than just eye protection, it is now expanded into a full face respirator device with a backpack-like air reserve. The gang each received one during the Houen remix, but they were not packed for the trip to Shinou.

Next time, Ash and Gardenia have a friendly match as the quest for the Miele Dorato continues...
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