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Shine Diamond episode 32--The Afterpost

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Shine Diamond episode 32--The Afterpost

Posted June 30th, 2018 at 10:52 AM by EmeraldSky

This week, when a rare artifact is stolen from the Eterna Museum, the gang undertakes their own detective mission to discover the real thieves.

This episode was very easy to switch over to full Team Galactic (although Team Rocket is acknowledged at the end), since this is the point where you would first find Galactic in the games. In the remix, the teams mainly have their own separate agendas. It is very rare for an evil team to join forces with another team.

I decided to include a little worldbuilding at the start by including the Name Rater and the bike shop (as well as Ash's bike incident with Tintri, which took place before he left for Houen offscreen, as a sort of noodle incident.

The justice system in this Pokeworld is much nicer than in the real show--Nando is treated with respect, and is presumed innocent even while the group seeks out the truth.

Since there were two Jennys in this episode, I decided to call them "Earth Jenny" and "Forest Jenny" (after the Badges in Viridian and Eterna City) to make them easier to tell apart. Kage does keep Brock from singing to them, though.

Dawn's codename (and online screenname) is revealed, as are names for some of the Pokemon. Dawn's screename is a synonym for "dawn", and the jewel of her manga counterpart. Tintri's is ShockingYellow64 (a reference to Pokemon Yellow) Diddy's is Li'l Kong (a reference to his namesake) and Tails is Sonic Twintail (a reference to his namesake) Kori's codename, Rainguin, comes from my own early prediction to what Piplup's English name would be before Diamond and Pearl came out in the USA.

Next time, Ash faces off against Gardenia for his second Badge!
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