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Shine Diamond episode 38--The Afterpost

Posted July 25th, 2018 at 4:57 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, Ash and the gang cross paths with J again, but Ash teams up with Gary to stop her!

This was a fun episode to write. I subtly expanded on what Gary has been up to since Johto by naming his Pokemon. Ash inspired him to name his Pokemon when he became a researcher, so this is why his Pokemon now have names when I didn't name his Blastoise in Johto (he names his Pokemon after scientific implements, famous scientists, and names and terms across all branches of math and science).

Since Chronicles is not part of the remix canon, I decided to leave what Gary's been doing since Johto up to the reader's imagination. I did drop a few hints about the ending of Sapphire Sky, however. Some callbacks to Moonlight Silver were also in order.

I wanted to have the episode focus on the heroes, so this is why we don't really see what J sees that often. This made the basic story flow better, at least to me.

Ash also makes good on his "rainbow Thunderbolts" from earlier in the story, showing Gary he can use the Swanna Song, and inspiring his next research project.

Next time, Dawn and Brock kick off their competition in Hearthome City!
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