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Pokemon Kanlara Adventures Nuzlocke Information Part 2

Posted August 25th, 2018 at 5:05 AM by PageEmperor
Updated August 25th, 2018 at 5:07 AM by PageEmperor

Welp, back at it again, currently grinding for....uh, the 5th badge I think? But a lot of stuff has happened since then so let’s go.

Ms. Scent the Vespiquen
So nothing changed here asides from the fact she learnt tons of useful moves over time, so still hoping she’d make it far.

Hon. Branch the Trevenant
So yep, I was wrong about Trevenant, well kinda, but Will-o-wisp + Leech seed = deadly combination. Good thingyoy can buy berries in this game, otherwise her moveset could be hard to work with. And I really need a Ghost TM.

Mr. Soda the Blastoise
Did I meantion that it’s a really, really good thing there is a Scald TM between the 3rd and 4th gyms? But thanks to that and several other stuff, he’s easily one of my more useful teammates.

Lt. Dig! the Excadrill
The literal highest HP, attack, and now that my speedster is dead, speed on the team. Too bad the defenses aren’t great but thanks to everything else being monstrously strong she’s more than a worthy team member. Now all I need is a better Steel attack....

Ms. Stone the Gigalith
Added on as a quick replacement and she isn’t bad at all. And yes, she has Sand stream in this game. That will soon prove to be a big deal if I keep her alive for long enough. She can’t really do anything to stuff that resist Rock attacks but owns anything else, so yeah.

Dr. Teeth the Granbull
No no, she isn’t a permanent teammate, my Electabuzz died while grinding for the gym, so I decided to take out a random replacement. She’s also the only thing in my entire inventory whom I’m willing to teach Rock smash to. Anyway, good thing I switch ground her to evolve her so now she has Intimidate. But for now she’s more or less the team meatsheild until she dies or I find a decent 6th member.

Until I find a proper 6th member, Mr. Soda is my only male team member ;-;

Dr. Web the Spinarak
Like I said earlier sacrificed to a random Ghost/Drak type whom nobody could handle.

Mr. Screen the Porygon
Anothe sacrifice death that happened during the 1st gym.

Sgt. Lick the Lickitung
I think this was the next death? Anyways she got smashed against a Drilber during grinding. On ome hand it’s not really be a big loss since I’m already using the line in another nuzrun, but then again she could have been a somewhat useful tank to the team.

Sir Vulcan the Magmar
Was my immediate replacement for Sgt. Lick. Was proving to be good until a Bug bite took him down before he could even reach past half a level.

Prof. Kix the Hitmonlee
The only one from my current team when I first posted about this run and now he’s dead. Pitted against a
Bewear thinking everything would be fine but then bam, Flail OHKOs at full health. I mean I saw his death comming even though he was a great teammate...just not like this.

Sgt. Cable the Electabuzz
Here we go! The saddest death of the run. He was actually proving to be a solid teammate on the team and I was just starting to imagine him being one of my only survivors of the run...get critted by a wild Magcargo. Bam, my team speedster is gone. Welp, there goes everthing. At least I have less stuff to grind.

Fun fax: All my deaths aside from the Spinarak are gen1 mons who were single stage mons when they debuted.
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