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Let's Play Sailor Moon: Another Story! Chapter 7

Posted September 4th, 2018 at 10:16 PM by Rainbow Chara X
Updated September 8th, 2018 at 8:26 PM by Rainbow Chara X
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"Let's take these let's plays out of retirement" he says as he enters college. Effin' hell.

This might also be the second time my computer's broken in the three years I've been doing let's plays, so there's that too.

Doesn't help that I have plans for a vanilla playthrough of Pokemon Emerald after this or even during this... oops, was that too much? Oh well. I have no consistent plans for let's playing anymore, I just do what interests me the most and see what sticks.

In all seriousness though, this should be about it for the Senshi subchapters. The chapters after this should get the plot moving for real.

Chapter #7 - Light of Love and Justice


Last time on Sailor Moon Another Story, Jupiter saved Canada from the clutches of evil tree monsters and now we're... wait, huh? We're just instantly playing as Venus without a cutscene or anything? Odd.

Oh well, at least this lets me get the stats out of the way.

(Sailor Venus) -
* HP: ***** (Average)
* Attack: ******** (Excellent)
* Defense: ** (Awful)
* Speed: ***** (Average)
* Evade: ******** (Excellent)
* Moveset:
- Crescent Beam (2 MP - weak attack that hits one enemy)
- Crescent Beam Shower (4 MP - medium attack that hits all enemies)
- Venus Love-Me Chain (3 MP - medium attack that one enemy)
- Venus Wink Sword (6 MP - strong attack that hits one enemy)
* Preferred Gemstone/Equipment: Topaz

Venus is interesting in that she has hella attack and evade but mediocre everything else. It's pretty curious how Usagi is always the one to kill the monsters yet her friends are even more powerful than her... but oh well, them's the breaks of being a supporting character.

If we got the other senshi to fight and win against multiple monsters in the actual show then that'd have some wacky effects on the show's dynamics.

More specifically, the villains might have to actually work together and not just send one or two monsters of the day for a change.

The Luna-P ball is already here even though nothing has happened yet. Help.

The bath medicine is pretty useless but the Cologne is a free full party MP heal.

: "We did it, Venus! Now that we've got this finished, let's go back to Japan."

Wow we got it already? Damn, that was easy.

I think I like Venus's chapter the most, guys. *snrk*

[Screen shakes violently]

: "Hey, Venus! I'm getting a bad feeling about this."

: "It's alright. Really Artemis, you worry way too much, so..."

I mean, not to discredit Artemis, if the cave shook like that then maybe a little bit more caution is needed. But hey, that's just my two cents.

Sariel Flowers are Turkey's version of the area-specific MP-healing items. I think it's neat how they programmed items for every area we visit, but it also makes the inventory super cluttered.

Like keep in mind that none of the Senshi have individual inventories, so Venus is walking around with all of the items that the other girls got in Nepal, Switzerland, etc. This also applies to Sailor Moon's stuff from the beginning of the game.

I bet you Venus is super confused as to why she has the Holy Grail/Mooncup and all this other muk she didn't remember getting.

: "... Why do I have Usagi's Mooncup?"

[She puts on a mischievous grin]

: "Hey Artemis, do you think if I use it, it'll turn me into Super Sailor Venus?" [snicker]

: "Mina, no. I'd rather not have a headache thinking about what could happen."

Holy christ that's a lot of attack for a level six character. Keep in mind, Mercury has only a few more points than this and she's level 16 with both of her Sapphire equipment.

The growths really matter in this game, god damn.

[As Venus and Artemis walk out, the screen shakes and a hole opens up beneath them]

Well muk.


: "So we fall down a hole..."

It's almost as if he expected it or something.

[Current OST: Turkey]

Nearly got me, game. I'll give you that one.

I'm not as fond of Turkey's theme as I am of Nepal or even Switzerland in hindsight, but I prefer it over Canada's theme.

: "We fell down a hole with a village underneath...?"

[The screen brightens up, revealing a village. A local man comes by to see what happened.]

[A heart balloon pops over his head]

[Current OST: File Select]

: "Huh? What is it?"

Man: "What a beautiful girl. You're surely the incarnation of beauty. Be my companion, please!"

Oh hell no, here we go.

And then a bunch of different guys start swarming all over her, like jeez, look at this:

Not only do they hand stuff to her, but then they start arguing over who gets to take Venus to their house like... wow, back off you massive creeps! Don't make me zap you with Crescent Beam!

Even she's like "get off my back, ya weirdos".

: "Just run!"

They chase us around the city for an extended amount of time. I guess this scene is supposed to be funny because of the file select music being so bouncy, but this must be super scary from Venus's point of view.

"Let's hide in this house!"

Yeah, let's hide in some random house. They'll never find us here!

... I'm curious as to how she came to that conclusion, but given how those guys practically swarmed her then I guess I see where she's coming from?

: "Shh! Someone's coming!"

[They hide under the bed sheets]

Seriously though, I know Venus isn't that bright but did they really not think it'd be a bad idea to not only hide in someone's house, but also under a bed like nobody would notice them?

This exchange cracks me up because imagine talking like this in real life. At best you could pass it off practicing (badly) for some drama play.

It might be a Japanese thing because this isn't the only place where I've seen this kind of introduction style before, but still.

: "It looks like we've been discovered."

Don't give yourself that much credit, my guy. It's not like the blanket made you invisible. You still have mass.

Darcy (good name, by the way) sees Venus's shape in the bed, proving my point. Since there's no way we can get out of this, we just decide to show ourselves.

: "Um... I'm sorry. All of a sudden, these guys just started chasing us. I'm called Venus."

Logically. Every place the Sailor Senshi go to have some weird gimmick for the male characters, have you noticed?

[A heart balloon pops over Darcy's head]

"What a beautiful person. I've fallen completely in love! You look like the Goddess, Venus... What a beautiful name. It fits you perfectly."

Holy muk dude, calm down.

: "Um... I'm happy you find me so beautiful, but..."

Discrepancy Detected

Christ. I get she's cute and all, but you should probably back off compadre. I get the girls have developed bodies and are mature beyond their years, but they're still in middle/high school for the most part.

Darcy: "Ah... ahh... excuse me. We have forgotten about beauty so lovely as yours."

Venus might be on track with that "only dudes" thing, because...

Darcy: "This is the village of Rias. A village of only men."

... He straight up says it himself. Oh, but that's not all folks - just wait until you read what comes later on in the chapter.

Darcy: "Uh, um... may I call you Venus?"

: "Yes, I'm not concerned with that, but... is this in a cave somewhere?"

Darcy: "... Of course. Maybe I did get something from these people. You visited our village... Moreover, you're such a beautiful person."

[Venus blushes]

: "You think I'm beautiful?"

She's been called that like six different times in the span of less than 10 screenshots, yet him saying it this one time is enough to make her blush? Wow, she really is an airhead.

That said, if we keep saying beautiful from now on, I'm tempted to make a drinking game out of it along with Destiny.

: "What, Artemis? What did you say about me!?"

: "N... nothing. I was talking about something else."

I... don't understand where this came from? I assume Artemis is talking under his breath and Venus misinterprets it, but whatever. Lost in translation, perhaps?

"You should come to the town square. It won't be long."

Awww yeah, I'm down to party. The mission can wait a little bit... especially since we have the stone already. No harm done, right?

"I'll give it to you after the party."

I originally thought Venus would be a little more worried after literally being chased into someone's house, but the natives have chilled out a bit. I do like presents, though.

... Ahem.


What the hell guys, come on. This is starting to get silly now.

The idea is that you have to talk to every NPC in town to progress. They had to prepare the party room or something, I dunno.

I do like the detail that every place we go to has different clothing styles for the NPCs, though. It's a nice touch.

If you tried to go in before, they would have kicked you out because it wasn't time yet.

[The men on the altar spin around]

[Current OST: File Select]

"Why don't we get back to Japan as soon as possible?"

Sailor Teleport doesn't work when it's only one person, right? (Wait, then how did the other Senshi get back to Japan so quickly without it, then? )

: "It's okay. It'd be difficult right now, so if we wait a bit longer maybe we can slip away."

Artemis is un-amused, but he's just being a stuffy kitty.

... Isn't that the whole point of your village is that it's a sausage festival, my guy? Like that's asking for rain in the desert.

The guys don't really talk about much other than how fun the party is, but you know what I also find fun?

Plot progression! Hell yeah, sign me up.

[Current OST: Apsu]

: "The person with Kunzite's stone is somewhere in this village. Everyone! Look for the stolen stone! I don't care about anyone else, just kill whoever gets in your way. Ishtar-sama shall get the stone and get it to Apsu-sama. "

Have we shown off Ishtar before? Because it's pretty obvious who she's a foil to.

: "Ah! Who are you!?"

: "I am the Sailor Suited Soldier of Love and Justice, Sailor Venus, calling on you now!"

[Current OST: Let's Go]

: "Understand this! Sailor Venus shall always be around to stop evil people from doing as they please."

: "What! You!! This person imposing on me is annoying! Everyone! Do it pleeeeaase!"

Nah fam, do you really think this is enough to get rid of me?

Name: Henchman 1
HP: 25
Attack: 37
Defense: 22
Speed: 29
EXP: 6
Yen: 5
Item Drop: Alarm Clock (Cures sleep)
Monster Type: Droid?
Based off of: Nothing in particular
* If applicable, what was their debut in the show/manga: N/A


Name: Henchman 2
HP: 20
Attack: 31
Defense: 17
Speed: 24
EXP: 7
Yen: 300
Item Drop: Nothng
Monster Type: Droid
Based off of: Furaiki
* If applicable, what was their debut in the show/manga: Sailor Moon R (Season 2, episode 18)

Has Henchman 1 actually appeared in the show in an episode I don't remember? That said, I have seen them in the Sailor Moon beat-em-up games as regular mooks.

They're not too terribly difficult, at the very least.

Venus is a beast. Look at that damage!

Man, I can't wait to get a full party again because we wreck house even as individual units.

[Current OST: Heartful Kings]

: "How? It looks like you're still here! The stone may have been stolen, but the day isn't over yet. Oooh, IDIOT!"

Did you just baka me, motherpsyducker.

[Ishtar throws a jumping fit that knocks the statue of Kunzite back]

Oh god she released the apocalypse!

[The screen darkens, with Venus turning gray]

: "Fuu, that was dangerous. I have a barrier around me so that I won't turn to stone."

But... how does she know that's what it does? The way dialogue is presented in this translation has a lot to be desired sometimes, I swear.

[The screen turns back to normal]

"Oh well, it's okay. That annoying girl has turned to stone too. It's weird, you know you get what you deserve. But I'm worried... If we don't find the person who has Kunzite's stone, the King will get well again. I came to find it, but I'm no good at looking for what I'm looking for."

She's quite the chatterbox for an evil minion. I kind of hate those guys the most, considering that's more text I have to transcribe.

Either way, oh christ we've been petrified! How will we save the world now?

I don't know who's saying this. It might be Ishtar again, but after the last few sentences I don't know.

[Venus turns back to normal... somehow?]

No real fanfare, she just gets un-stoned.

... Hey, listen, I'll take it. Better than a game over by a long shot..

Ishtar's mistake may have done a lot more than we realized, because...

... She turned the entire damn village into statues! I know Minako is pretty destructive with her accidents, but her evil counterpart is somehow even worse.

: "Artemis, what'll we do?"

Get into a fight, obviously! Violence solves all problems. (Advice does not apply to most things, use with caution.)

Name: Akmudah
HP: 40
Attack: 36
Defense: 20
Speed: 10
EXP: 9
Yen: 32
Item Drop: Nigiri Set (Cures 200 HP)
Monster Type: Droid
Based off of: Akumuda
* If applicable, what was their debut in the show/manga: Sailor Moon R (Season 2, episode 22)

Akumuda looks like she's wearing nothing but a leotard in her game sprite, what the hell.

Her name is also a pun for nightmare, so there's that dream stuff again.

Venus Love Me Chain is not normally an attack move, funnily enough. She actually likes to use Crescent Beam more and keeps Love Me Chain as a way to get out of danger.

I wish the others had this kind of utility to their powers instead of just getting stronger versions of older abilities.

Pew pew.

Name: Giwork
HP: 48
Attack: 35
Defense: 20
Speed: 17
EXP: 11
Yen: 30
Item Drop: App. Medicine (Cures enchantment, aka. charm)
Monster Type: Droid
Based off of: Giwaku
* If applicable, what was their debut in the show/manga: Sailor Moon R (Season 2, episode 34)

Giwork means doubt or suspicion in Japanese, so I guess there's that. She kind of looks like an idiot, though - eeh, I'm not a fan of her design.

Also, yes, Venus does in fact have this super badass laser fire sword. Sailor Moon has frilly pink girly items and attacks with hearts and rainbows, but Venus will straight up shank you to death with a beam sword.

The Inner Senshi don't mess around.

Of course the lovebirds would be stoned in the area I need to go through.

... I also cannot say that with a straight face, god damn it.

The puzzle's coming along great, at least!

What is this witchcraft that lets them know who I really am without speaking? I just got to this only-lady village right now.

oh, apparently she's the witch we need to burn

I mean - wow, that's crazy.

: "How do you know about me? I only just arrived in this village..."

Woman: "I am called Verna."

She doesn't say much beyond this, she just escorts us straight to the temple.

Not even an explanation of her amazing prophetic powers? You're really holding out on me, game.

Verna: "Yes, this is a statue of yourself."

: "But I hardly know about this village!"

... You're kidding. Also, hey, she had a sword then too. I gotta admit, the sprite of the statue is pretty neat with how... golden it looks.

Verna: "Sailor Venus, you visited this village in a previous incarnation."

: "Me? Previous incarnation?"

Verna: "The Moon Kingdom had fallen, and so had this village. And when the holy light of the moon fell on this place... You had confidence. You and Serenity have now been reincarnated."

Wow, they actually put world building in the SNES RPG of all things. That said, I'm curious as to how this reincarnation works, given how the original Venus and Minako are almost the same. (Visually anyway. We don't know much about the original Senshis' personalities before Queen Beryl killed them.)

: "Is that so..."

"Everyone in Rias Village has turned to stone!"

Verna: "It must have been that black light. However, I don't know of a way to restore the people. But, there is a person called Radina..."

: "So, where is this Radina person then?"

Verna: "If you advance northwards, you shall find an ancient castle called Zagsen. Radina will certainly be there..."

: "Thank you, Verna-san. I will restore the village of Rias."

Verna: "Please take care, the area outside of the village is filled with monsters."

* cut to venus hoarding a bunch of muk due to the monsters she's already killed *

This throne room has no real significance but I just had to show it off anyway because it looks hella cool.

You can't sequence break this part because Venus and Artemis would back off due to "evil presence" shenanigans, so oh well.

Name: Docber
HP: 87
Attack: 43
Defense: 25
Speed: 34
EXP: 22
Yen: 480
Item Drop: Orange Juice (Cures 10 HP)
Monster Type: Droid
Based off of: Dogba
* If applicable, what was their debut in the show/manga: Sailor Moon R (Season 2, episode 16)

Holy hell these droids hit hard. The regular enemies seem to gradually escalate in power regardless of the Senshi you control, because that's only a few points less than of the Opposito bosses we faced in the previous chapters.

Dogba is named after, well... dogs and appears to be a priest that controls animals. I like it, even if she's not one of my favorite Droid designs.

While we're at it, the monsters of the day that we keep fighting have a unique thing about them - they're referred to as zako, or "small fry". It makes perfect sense to have them casually defeated by Sailor Moon and pals... but then it turns into a real shock when they become a real threat, like with Mikuji (the evil tree Daimon from Jupiter's chapter) in the first episode of Super/Season 3.

Like let's be real, Mikuji was the coolest Daimon (or hell, one of the coolest monsters in the show period) for how effortlessly she trounces every single member of the Inner Senshi without even blinking.

: "I can feel something really evil..."

???: "... Who's there? You have disturbed our sleep... And you must pay the price. DIE!!"

I get capital punishment just because she woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Give me a break man.

"Oh no! What'll we do, Artemis?"

: "Calm down, you can take care of it!"

oh no venus ruh oh

In all seriousness, this might be a problem.

[Current OST: Boss]

Name: Radina
HP: 400
Attack: 47
Defense: 30
Speed: 34
EXP: 100
Yen: 300
Item Drop: Rias Topaz (Cures 120 HP)
Monster Type: Youma?
Based off of: Original concept
* If applicable, what was their debut in the show/manga: N/A

I'm pretty sure Radina isn't really based off of a monster from the show, given how she doesn't seem to match any Youma, Droid or Daimon... but she does remind me of a snake Lemures (GaraGara Musume) that appears way later on in Super S/Season 4.

Love Me Chain putting in some work! It's not the most powerful spell, yes, but you do only have a max of 12 MP to use per fight.

She decides to be an idiot and attack with toxic mist even though that won't work on me, buddy

In fact, any time someone pulls out the toxic mist it should be a sigh of relief, because you really don't want to take a hit from a strong enemy while you're in the front rows. Trust me.

If Love-Me-Chain did over 300 damage, then of course Wink Sword is going to kick her muk in.

"Excuse me, but what is your name?"

: "I'm the Sailor-suited Soldier of Love and Justice, Sailor Venus!"

Radina: "Of course... I am called Radina, Sailor Venus-sama. Once, I worked on your planet. And once again, you're here. It's like a dream..."

Her overworld sprite kind of resembles Hotaru but in a white dress or is that just me?

: "There's something I have to tell you. Something awful happened in that area which was protected. The people of Rias Village have all turned to stone. What should we do?"

Long story short, Kunzite protected the village and helped preserve it with the help of Endymion, the prince of the Earth. The only reason Venus isn't affected by the petrifying curse that Ishtar accidentally summoned was, well... Radina says it best:

Radina: "Kunzite removed the protection from everyone but you it seems. In your past life, Kunzite was in love with you in this village, the legend says."

(If being turned to stone is the protection, then I shudder to think what an attack mechanism would be like. )

: "Fuuu... But the village... how do we make the village whole again?"

Radina says that Venus needs to use her holy light to restore the village back to normal. Now, what have we been using this entire time to wipe out hordes of enemies?

Artemis is unamused at how much of a ditz she is for not realizing Crescent Beam is a holy light that literally destroys evil.

In actuality, he's just realizing it himself and he tells us that Sailor Venus was effectively the medic of the inner Senshi.

In his own words: "The powers you possess as a Sailor Senshi weren't originally meant for destruction."

This holds true for gameplay too considering her greatest utility comes in the form of a Link Attack, but we can't show it off for now, alas.

Radina disappears because she's a spirit and hopes we can free the village, so that's cool.

"It seems people like you want to destroy the statue."

Wait, huh? That sounds more like something Venus would say, yet it has Ishtar's portrait. I know this is the case too because she cowers behind it and chucks the freaking thing at us.

: "I won't allow this! Listen up!"

If dodging a blatantly telegraphed statue is cunning, then I don't know what to say... you airhead.

: "Well, now I'm angry! Hey you, do something to this girl!"

[She summons a monster and teleports away]

Give the likes of Nabu and Nergal some credit, they at least tried to fight us in honorable one-on-one combat. Ishtar's just a baby.

Name: Henchman 2(?)
HP: 167
Attack: 50
Defense: 23
Speed: 24
EXP: 120
Yen: 300
Item Drop: Nothing
Monster Type: Daimon
Based off of: Germatoid's clone bodies
* If applicable, what was their debut in the show/manga: Sailor Moon S (Season 3, episode 34)

Wowza that's a lot of EXP for an easy fight. This lanky fella is actually a real monster from the show, although not in the traditional sense. It's one of the dummy bodies that belongs to a main villain from the Death Busters arc, and it only took Uranus and Neptune using their Tailsman weapons to defeat the real one.

Thanks to Venus having a sword, he dies the same way as his real counterpart in the show - getting stabbed in the friggin' eye. Yikes.

Easy money.

No kidding.

: "Okay, now to return the statue to normal!"

[She pushes the statue back into place and zaps it with a Crescent Beam]

Oh, the stone's melting off of them?

"I did it! I can move my body!"

you could even say he moves his body freely

Man 2: "I wonder who in the world managed to get us back to normal?"

Man 3: "It was Venus-sama!"

Oh no, here we go again.

You'd think they start ogling her again, but nah they just hand us gifts this time!

Lipstick heals 3 EP for some reason. It must be laced with tiny magic crystals.

Manicures boost attack. Somehow. Maybe the confidence that comes from wearing it is what gives the girls strength? I dunno, man.

Using cosmetics as power-ups is pretty strange, but it works in this context.

Thank you for the cologne, though.

"No wait, this is way too much!"

I dunno dude, free muk is always good in my book.

That said, they predictably chase Venus around the village again because they're that grateful.

Darcy: "Huh? Venus! Thank you, Venus, for believing in and helping us. Please take this from me. This is the best thing which suits your beauty."

Despite what it seems, the Rias Topaz is not an equippable item... nah, it restores HP. Like ???? does she eat it?

: "Thank you, Darcy. You've been so nice to me."

They stare at each other for a bit until Artemis pipes up and says we should go back to Japan.

: "Oh Artemis, you ruined a perfectly romantic moment! Sorry Darcy. I don't want to go, but... how do I leave this village?"

Romantic, huh?

"If you go north, you'll find something that you used to have... there is an ark owned by Sailor Venus over there. If you use the ark's transporter, you can return to the surface."

: "How did you know I was SAILOR Venus?"

I think the more important question is uHM EXCUSE ME WHAT, WE HAVE OUR OWN FREAKING ARK?

Darcy: "Isn't the stone you have Kunzite's stone? He was our master. It was a symbol of Kunzite-sama. If you take the stone away, the only thing we have left is Sailor Venus. The ark was a vessel used if people wanted to go to the moon - the person who could use the ark was you."

Hhhuh. That's... neat.

: "Is that so... It's my ark... Darcy, thank you for everything.

She's upset that they have to leave and Darcy is just happy to have had the chance to even meet the legendary Venus, goddess of beauty. (I'm still iffy on that, but if I spend time to complain about it, we'll be here all day and I want to keep going so~)

Darcy has to be the weakest out of all the pseudo love-interest characters they have in these mini-chapters, mostly because his interaction with Venus has pretty much just been "oh wow babe you're really hot". Contrast the other sub-chapters where they had at least some actual plot going for them, like Hans and his sick mother.

Mercury's relationship ended coldly while Mars's was genuinely depressing. Jupiter's was funny even if it wound up with her discovering the two star-crossed lovers were cousins.

Here I think Venus's dynamic with Darcy is meant to be a joke because they never actually build on it, yet she acts like they're a pair. Silly Mina.

I don't think it's been addressed yet, but I'm bringing it up right now - Rias and the lady village are forbidden from meeting. This wouldn't be too much of a problem if they weren't divided by gender... and this practice has been going on for generations. Combine this with them living deep inside of a cave system and... well...

How in the world has either village not died out yet? The only explanation I can give is that they have arranged marriages but with how the guys at Rias acted, I severely doubt it.

Why does the teleporter to the Ark look like an alien abduction device?

Oh well. Beam me up, Moony.

So there's just an ancient, super-advanced moon ark sitting around in Turkey of all countries. Sailor Moon's world is weird.

The Red Rose revives with full HP while the Moon Shard cures 120 HP, standard stuff. I do like how they have items themed around Tuxedo Mask, even if he never gets to actually do anything.

Oh hell yeah, that's the last of her equips! We are now pimped out in terms of gear.

Fancy room we got here. I am kind of interested as to why it's not a bit more messy, given how nobody has been able to use it for god knows how long, but that requires extra tiling.

: "What is it?"

: "I feel like I've been here before... But why? This is the first time I've been here."

I would accept this if it wasn't stated multiple times that this is Sailor Venus's Ark and that she was explicitly reincarnated from the original Venus.

Like, come on.

: "This was your room in your previous life."

: "Well then... Radina-san knew that Kunzite and I met each other in Rias... Did I in my former life really used to like Kunzite...?"

: "Well, it could be true. Let's hurry, Venus."

Extremely generous!

Also wow, this is really her room? She gets to sleep in the same room as the engine? Tough luck, buddy.

: "Who are you!?"

[Ishtar flash-steps into the room]

: "Hey, this Venus-sama's place isn't a cave."

: "A cave? Isn't this a cavern?"


I actually don't get this one. Must be a kanji joke that got lost in translation.

: "... Ah, it's the stone! Hey you! You're the person who stole the stone! So you're the person I've been looking for. Gimme back that stone now!"

[Current OST: Opposito Senshi Battle Theme]

Name: Ishtar (1)
HP: 300
Attack: 1
Defense: 25
Speed: 70
EXP: 50
Yen: 700
Item Drop: Nakayoshi (Cures 2 MP)
Allegiance: Opposito Senshi
Official Art: Here.
* If applicable, what was their debut in the show/manga: N/A

Alright, we finally get to fight Ishtar herself and... wait, you're kidding me. Look at that attack!

It's like the complete opposite of Killdozer Venus! No wonder she was throwing mooks at us left and right earlier, she's an utter putz! To top it off, she drops a comic book when she dies... she really is one giant nerd.

Ishtar/Inanna is the Mesopotamian goddess of love, sex, fertility, justice and so on, so it makes perfect sense that she's Venus's Opposito counterpart.

She's also the least motivated of the Opposito, so if she weren't on a mission to destroy the Sailor Senshi I can imagine her getting along with Venus.

Toxic Mist is just the "hit me, I'm a big dummy" move of this game, huh?

Complete annihilation, not even a chance.

Why couldn't she be the first Opposito boss instead of Anything Goes Nabu?

"How can you be so powerful!? It's not fair!"

: "It is fair! I'm not only stronger than you, I'm also friendlier!"

Venus dropping it like it's hot.

: "Kiiii, I regret this! I'm not a cat you know!"

: "... As they say, 'the weakest dog barks the loudest'."

My boy Artemis drops some extra shade.

... Plus it's technically true because even her minions were stronger than her! What the hell.

: "Fuu, I'll get the most attention from Apsu-sama."

[Pixellated cut to black]

: "What's wrong, Nabu?"

: "Yeah."

: "Yeah? What's with you, Nabu? You look like you're talking with someone, but there's no one there. You're weird."

Oh hey, it's the same cutscene from Mercury's chapter only it's from Ishtar's perspective instead. That's actually kind of neat.

[Screen darkens, followed by Nabu being abducted by Apsu]

: "Nabu, that's not funny! What's going on? She's floating!

Wait, don't tell me.

[Ishtar runs in and gets sucked into the black light]

"Kyaaaaaaaaa! Ishtar's body is floating too! Help meeeeee!"

: "Che... this person... Oh well, she'll do..."

So... Ishtar didn't even join of her own will or was forced to become evil. Apsu accidentally dragged her along and decided "you know what, she'll do".

That's actually hilarious... and kind of sad in hindsight. Sure explains why good ol' Ish went out like a punk.

[Cut back to the Ark]

: "Because I'm the best Senshi of them all!"

: "Oh really?

: "Oh, hear this! The face of Buddha has three more stories!"

This has been a consistently confusing chapter when it comes to proverbs.

[Ishtar disappears]

: "Well, let's go back to Japan quickly. Everyone's waiting."

: "Yeah, particularly Usagi-chan has been probably waiting impatiently for me."

: "Oh, don't be making mistakes."

... Mistakes?

: "Before doing stuff like this... I shouldn't make mistakes. Verna-san, Radina-san, Darcy... I've opened my eyes to my true power. Until the day I move this ark... farewell."

Oh, they're talking about piloting the ark. I mean, she probably doesn't even have her driver's license yet. Going from that to a Final Fantasy-tier moon-space ark would be a hell of a step up.

: "But if Sailor Moon got on this ark, I think she could pilot it pretty easily."

"Even though people have gone out of their way to be sentimental... Well, let's go back to where everyone is."

Hey listen, I like Artemis alright. He likes to throw the shade.

Mission complete, at least!

Though it's a shame we don't get to fly the Ark back home, like...

[Venus crashes into a building in Tokyo with her giant Ark]

: "Hey guys, look what I found!"

/: "WHAT"

: "... Oh dear Cosmos she found the Ark again."

"Would you like to save?"

Hell yeah. That should be it for all the Senshi subchapters!

... Oh boy, this is gonna be fun.

Next time on Sailor Moon Another Story, we return to Tokyo and get into some kiddy shenanigans. See you guys then.

Team Set-Up:

(Sailor Chibi Moon, level 1, , Inner Senshi) - "I have to find the Rose Crystal and save Mamoru! Everyone else might worry, but I have to do my part too."


~Fun Sailor Moon Fact~:

Minako/Venus is pretty packed when it comes to the Inner Senshi. She starred in a manga Ms. Takeuchi made called Codename: Sailor V that served as the predecessor of Sailor Moon as a whole. It involved Minako taking on a "Sailor V" disguise to fight a "Dark Agency" that served as a sub-section of Beryl's Dark Kingdom.

The interesting thing about the Dark Agency is that it operated outside of Japan, so there was in fact bad guy activity outside of where Sailor Moon and pals lived. Granted, that's kind of a moot point in Another Story considering we go globe-hopping, but more of an oddity in the main series.

It made Minako famous in-story as Sailor V, complete with her own merchandise and a movie, but I don't think it ever gets brought up aside from the rare reference.

Minako's full name means. "Beautiful Child of Love" in Japanese, although she's forever cursed to not get a guy that loves her, ironically.

The canonical reason for why she resembles Sailor Moon is because her previous incarnation used to serve as a body double for the Princess, so there's that.

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