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Shine Diamond Special part 4--The Afterpost

Posted October 6th, 2018 at 10:18 AM by EmeraldSky

This week, Ash has a scary encounter with the Nightmare Pokemon Darkrai--but is the spirit Pokemon as bad as folktales and popular sentiment suggest?

This part was relatively faithful to the real movie, except for moving Tonio and Alice's backstory into next week's installment to move things along. Since there is backstory about Tonio's family in the next part, I felt the flashback in this part would better fit there.

I also elaborated on why Dialga and Palkia were battling, since I don't think it is ever explained in the real movie. Dialga wanting to destroy the world while Palkia wants to save it helps lend more weight to the disturbances of time and space, and lends more urgency to what the group must do to stop it.

The Spanish lesson was new for the story, and helped flesh out why Alice doesn't like Baron Alberto.

Dawn brings up May and her Gardevoir when the Gallade Lucien appears to foreshadow an arc down the road in the main story.

Next time, the group learns that the key to stopping the disturbances and saving the world may lie in Tonio's and Alice's past...
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