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October's Curse Quest, Pt. 2

Posted October 18th, 2018 at 1:49 PM by slyfox198
Updated October 25th, 2018 at 1:39 PM by slyfox198

October's Curse Quest
in: Pokemon Blue
challenge: Mansion Extravaganza
Part 2

October, a youngling forced to go out and collect all the gym badges to save himself from a wicked series of curses, is our protagonist. He started off with Spuds, a Bulbasaur, and soon after caught a Nidoran, which he named Poke-Rex. After blazing through the starting forest, and a battle from his snobby rival, Gary, October faces off against Brock and wins in two moves.
Curses: Never-ending nightmare

Upon stepping out of the gym, October heard a little wail coming from one of his pokeballs. October forgot which order he put the pokemon in, so he dreadfully picked up the pokeball that the sounds were coming from without knowing which pokemon it was. Upon releasing the pokeball, the pokemon that came out was none other than his very first one, Spuds. Spuds started choking as he fell over and blood started spatt--oh, wait, this is meant to be for all ages. Scratch that. Spuds, uhh, died a peaceful death, and was totally not wailing and bleeding even after he was put in the box...
Spuds died. The curse struck again.
Hey, at least October's never-ending nightmare curse won't deter him- he ain't sleeping anytime soon.
After that rather unfortunate event, October felt that he was all by himself and Poke-Rex felt annoyed. October decided to go back into the forest to catch a Pikachu, because they were all the rage in those days . After grinding mercilessly with Poke-Rex, October finally found a Pikachu. Startled, October yelled, "P-Pikachu!" and spontaneously sneezed at the same time, therefore making him sound more like "P-PikACHOO!" To commemorate his impressive feat, October then aptly named his new Pikachu "Achoo".

Anxiously getting out of the grass as fast as his non-running-shoed feet could handle, October left a path of charred, motionless and bloo-- whoops. Um, after leaving a path of knocked out Pidgeys and Spearows, by the handiwork of his new Pikachu.

A little while later, Achoo finally came across a Spearow it couldn't kill knock out in one hit, and to commemorate that event October caught the traumatized Spearow, as it had about 4 HP left and was paralyzed. He decided to name it Jacko, after a Jack-o-lantern.

After coming across some seriously strange trainers ridiculing October for not wearing shorts, explaining why shorts are great to wear, and complaining about October poking them when they were clearly the one walking up to him; October finally got to Mt. Moon. Upon Achoo and Jacko getting knocked out inside the cave, October naturally switched to Poke-Rex. When he chucked the pokeball at the ground, however, all that came out was a flopping, embarrassing Nidoran that jerked a bit, then stayed still. October looked at his tablet, and saw that Poke-Rex couldn't use any moves. Then he looked closer, and saw the icon that annoyingly hid the Pokemon's level bar from view.


October never hated those three letters in his life more than he did now. Poor Poke-Rex was caught in a never-ending nightmare, caused by none other than-
The opposing trainer that just watched October send out a flopping, slobbering mess and spontaneously yell "Jigglypuff" inched away slowly. October remembered his fight with one of those cursed lasses earlier, and inwardly screamed at himself for not noticing that Poke-Rex was frickin' asleep when the Lass's Jigglypuff used sing. October almost blacked out, let's say, because if he really blacked out he would be stuck in a never-ending nightmare and the story won't progress anymore
Upon restoring his two pokemon, October got to work finding more pokemon to befriend and eventually part to the afterlife. Back in the cave, October caught a Clefairy and named it Moonshine. Yes, like the alcoholic drink. I don't know where October was in his mind at the moment, but after witnessing two of his partners die it's understandable. Name your pokemon Moonshine. Do what you want. Wait, scratch that...

After defeating a lanky white man with a whip who called himself a gangster, October caught a Paras that he forgot to nickname. Therefore, he caught another Paras only to change one letter in it's name. Welcome to the team, Paris!

Going further into the cave, October soon ran out of potions and only had two pokemon left that were not knocked out. The two were none other than paralyzed and traumatized Moonshine and the rejected Paras. Both were level 10, and I think you know where this is going...

Well, during one of the final fights in that blasted cave, October blacked out ran back to the pokemon center to heal. He was exhausted and felt like sleeping. Frustrated, October took out his tablet only to find out that Gary sent a message meant to degrade him even further. The message read: "There's a guy that can fix people's sleep problems, such as your stupid curse thing, in the next town; and it's HILARIOUS that you can't even make it!! Smell ya later!"

Despite Gary's original intentions, this actually motivated October to jump right back into the cave, even though he had no potions and only enough money to buy...nothing. Oh well. I don't want to see where this one ends...

Current curses: Never-ending nightmare
Current team:
Paris (Paras, Duh)
Achoo (Pikachu)
Moonshine (Clefairy)
Jacko (Spearow)

Edit: Added the part about finding Jacko.
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