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Let's Play Pokemon Emerald! Chapter 2

Posted December 1st, 2018 at 12:35 AM by Rainbow Chara X
Updated December 1st, 2018 at 3:12 AM by Rainbow Chara X
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Man, Sailor Moon: Another Story got way more of a head-start compared to Pokemon Emerald... but that series is also ending soon.

There's gonna be a lot of Pokemon Emerald planned for 2019, just saying.

Chapter #2 - First Campaign


[Current OST: Route 101]

Last time on Pokemon Emerald, we obtained our first two Pokemon and embarked on an adventure through the Hoenn region. Let's see how that goes, shall we?

: "Me too! Although I can't imagine the stress that goes into taking care of so many living creatures..."

This guy cracks me up because... well, essentially what Aurora said. Imagine what the consequences a full Dex run would be like in-universe, even if you don't keep every Pokemon or get legendaries.

One trainer can only do so much, you know.

[Current OST: Encounter! Youngster]

"You can't say no to my challenge!"

: "W-wah! I see! Let's battle then."

I'm pretty sure I've addressed this before, but trainer encounters in Pokemon are always so silly to me. You could be talking about plucking flowers and suddenly it turns into a cold-blooded brawl with Hyper Beams flying everywhere.

[Current OST: Trainer Battle]

Damn, I love the soundtrack in this game. The normal trainer battle theme is just made to get you pumped. (You can take shots for every time I compliment the music. Just don't blame me if your liver starts to give.)

But oh muk, our first trainer battle. I wonder what he has?

... Seems about right. I mean, the playable character always seems to have some ridiculously rare and powerful starter while the common NPCs just grab whatever's nearby.

Though something tells me that even if we didn't have a starter, we'd win handily.

Howl is a move that raises Attack, but is utterly useless no matter the situation. For example: Alexander tackles into them because they wasted a turn howling.

: "But you didn't even give me a chance to speak back? If this is how being a trainer is like, then it's kinda weird..."

I love how he gets salty after we win despite him being the one who challenged us. Pretty sure the same thing happened in real life during one of PIMPNITE's sweep videos.

#270 - 272: Ludicolo Family
Type: /
Ability: Rain Dish (Heals HP in rain) or Swift Swim (Doubles speed in rain)
Appearances:Stats of final evolution: 480 (80, 70, 70, 90, 100, 70)
Additional forms?: N/A

Lotad and its family has always been amusing to me, mostly because it's (still) the only Water/Grass type in the entire series... oh and it evolves into a kappa dressed up as a mariachi dancer. That big dumb duck beak is what kills me, alright?

Sad to say we don't quite grab one of our own because... you know, Alexander. (Plus, even if you evolve them into Lombre, they don't gain any water type moves barring Hydro Pump... at level 49. No, seriously.)

"The grass goes up my nose and... fwafwafwafwafwa... fwatchoo!"

: "Oh! Bless you, little guy. Do you need a tissue or something?"

: "Oh really? Then let's uh... have a battle then?"

Aurora and the youngster are beginners. I am not. Instead, I am the trans-dimensional disembodied voice that they can hear sometimes!

... Man, let's playing sure gets wacky after a while.

Alexander beats up another Zigzagoon and grows to level 8!

: ("If we keep going like this, I'll be able to evolve in no time.")

#276 - 277: Swellow Family
Type: /
Ability: Guts (Increases Attack if affected by a status. Negates the halved damage from burns.)
Appearances:Stats of final evolution: 430 (60, 85, 60, 50, 50, 125)
Additional forms?: N/A

Swellow is one of the coolest bird Pokemon in terms of looks alone, and they're still ridiculously fast even tod--

: ("Are you trying to get me killed?! Pull me out, IMMEDIATELY!")

: ("Nearly gave me a heart attack... if it was on purpose, I'll try you for treason!")

Feh, you're no fun. Besides, it's not like I was gonna keep Empusa in to fight the Taillow... even in the best of times that'd be a dumb idea.

Nah, I'm spreading the experience out cause this is just what you did before Gen 6's Experience Share.

Anyway, Swellow is one of those cool birds that unfortunately doesn't have much in attack power. That, and I've already used one before in a previous LP.

I have different plans for Emerald, you see.

[Current OST: Victory! Trainer]

: "Wh... well, alright. Better luck next time, then... you rude little guy."

Yeah, this route is just full of brash young tweens ready to duke it out for some reason. Such is life.

: "Oooh, berries! I remember dad saying that these are good to use on my Pokemon... I kinda want to eat into one myself."

: ("They do look rather tasty...")

: [Stomach growls] ("G-guh. You better save at least one of those for me, v-vermin!")

Berries are a fun remix of a mechanic from Gen 2. This was the first gen where you could plant berries and water them to make them grow faster if I remember correctly.

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire let you keep track of which berries you planted, which was nice, but even then it wasn't that useful.

: "... Did I just kill the tree by plucking the berries? Nature's weird."

: "... Oh well! Might as well take these ones too." [Hums happily as she plucks more berries]

: "Bug Pokemon? Oh that's funny, I have one too! Let's compare."

Bug Catchers are one of the weirdest trainer classes to me, if only for one reason... they use actual bug-catching nets and Pokeballs. How does that work?

Either way, Alexander gets gooed on by another Wurmple... only to knock them unconscious with a tackle covered in string.

: ("Finally, an opponent my own size... En garde, you cur!")

[Aurora does the bait and switch again, leaving Alexander to tackle down the enemy Wurmple]

: ("Oh come on! I finally get to fight a member of my species and you deny me of it!")

: ("Well, pardon me, miss Empusa but-")

: ("That's lady Empusa to you, Mudkip!")

: ("Alright, fine! Lady Empusa, you're not in good shape. That's why Aurora put me in - she doesn't want you to get hurt!")

: ("Besides, you still get a cut just for entering and leaving! So don't complain.")

: ("Tsch! I suppose you're right. If that's how it is, then I'll hold my tongue... for now.")

: "Behave, you two. Come on, you just met each other - don't act like this."

: ("Sorry, master Aurora.")

Easy trainers aside, we got roughed up quite a bit so I'm going back to Oldale.

"But it turns out they were only my own footprints..."


Whatta dummy. I love how he had to block you for this too, to make it extra silly.

I catch a Zigzagoon for the inevitable HM slog, so have fun.

: ("Welcome to the team, new friend!")

: ("... Hmph!") [Turns away from the Zigzagoon]

: ("What's wrong with her?")

: ("I'm not quite sure, but don't ask.")

: "Alright, everyone's healed up. I should be able to get to dad's gym before lunch rolls aro--"

[A faint shout can be heard in the distance]

???: ("Where'd you go!? Brother!?")

: "What the heck...?"

#280 - 282: Gardevoir Family
Ability: Trace (copies the ability of the opponent) or Synchronize (if hit with status, apply same status on opponent)
Appearances:Stats of final evolution: 518 (60, 65, 65, 125, 115, 80)
Additional forms?: N/A

[Not Pokemon Emerald music: Felis]

: "Whoa! What kind of Pokemon is this?"

: ("A-aah! A human! Now I know I've strayed too far from home!")

: ("The last thing I need is some thug and their trainer. Get away from me!") [The wild Ralts growls at Alexander and Aurora with a high-pitched voice]

: ("Not the worst I've heard, but... Miss, I think you need to calm down and just tell us what's wrong.")

: ("What, I'm just supposed to confide in a stranger?!")

: ("Oh jeez. Aurora, how about you handle this?")

: "I... um, heard you screaming for your brother. Are you two lost?"

: ("... Crap, I shouted too loud. Yes, I lost my brother. But... no offense, but I'm not going to go with a human to find him. I can do this on my own!")

: "... Why?"

: ("... Because how am I supposed to know you won't just whisk me even further from him? This isn't the first time this has happened, you know.")

: "That is a valid thing to be afraid about, but... I promise to help find him for you."

: ("You... promise? But... we don't even know each other.")

: "What would I gain from lying? I just started my adventure to be a... whatever it is Pokemon trainers achieve to do."

: ("Hmmm... alright. B-but if you break your promise, I'll... I'll bite your face off!") [She growls again]

: ("... Interesting threat, although I doubt she'll actually do it.")

: ("M-my name is Junelle. I would say nice to meet you, but I need more time to think this over.")

: ("Welcome aboard, miss Junelle. You can trust master Aurora - she's a woman of her word.")

... A lot of fanfare for one little Ralts, huh? I mean, I spent a lot of time even looking for one, so why not right?

Something tells me she's going to be a great addition to the team... once she learns more moves than just Growl.

[Current OST: Encounter! Lass]

"Help me further my career!"

Not if I have anything to say about it, lass.

... By the way, this is arguably my favorite encounter theme in the entire series - it just sounds so sweet and happy that it gives me a severe case of 【feelings】.

She's cute, I'll give her that... but we're even cuter.

#285 - 286: Breloom Family
Ability: Effect Spore (10% chance of applying either poison, sleep or paralysis upon contact)
Appearances:Stats of final evolution: 460 (60, 130, 80, 60, 60, 70)
Additional forms?: N/A

I've recently learned Breloom is actually a really good Pokemon competitive-wise, so my love of its unique mushroom reptilian design is even more justified.

... Also, they have Stretch Armstrong arms apparently. That will never stop being amusing to me.

Unfortunately, the first Shroomish we ever encounter is one that belongs to a trainer. Shame they had to go out like this.

: "I am sorry, but... if I'm gonna be serious about this, then I'm not gonna hold back. Maybe we can rematch sometime?"

Spoiler-y note: we will never rematch the trainers around the region because I hate getting bothered on the Pokenav. (Out of everything that got an upgrade in ORAS, the Pokenav was the bomb. Too bad they didn't keep the Dexnav for Gen 7.)

We save ourselves some money for a potion.

[Current OST: Petalburg City]

This one is catchy but not my favorite. Still really good though.

: "This is the town where dad keeps his gym... I should probably ask around before I go meet him."

"... Depending on the types of Pokemon, a battle could be easy or hard. For example, your Mudkip is a Water type. It's strong against the Fire type but it's weak against Grass or Electric type Pokemon."

: "Wow! Thanks for the advice, miss. I'll be sure to keep that in mind for later."

Man, it's gonna be... great if Aurora ever encounters something weird like Dark/Ghost. You know, the one type that had no weakness before Gen 6.

"Whoever made it must be some kind of scientific wizard!"

You're telling me... apparently it gets so advanced in modern games that you can just bring Pokemon with you via a portable PC in your bag.

Technology both terrifies and amuses me - it's like magic, alright?

"It's a shining grin full of hope... Or it could be a look of somber silence struggling with fear... What do you see reflected in your face?"

Holy muk this got deep really fast. At least let me face the first gym leader before you drop these philosophical things on me, game!

"How would I put it? I just got the feeling that he lives for Pokemon."

: "Sounds about right... And I have to fight him eventually. Oh boy..."

"It is automatically sent to a Storage Box over a PC connection."

: "Whoa... so I never really have to carry more than six at a time! That and the PC thing is a load off my mind."

: "Oooh, an extra ball! It even looks cool, too."

Premier Balls are just for bragging rights, correct? They don't really have an added effect, they just look nice compared to the standard ball.

Either way, now I'm prepared if the dreaded Shiny Pokemon ever pops up.

"So it's useful if you're in a hurry."

I wish more games with random battles had Repel functionalities in them, because nothing ruins my mood more than the game interrupting me mid-walk with some common trash mob I have no trouble dealing with for the millionth time.

... It's even worse if you put sidequests where you have to backtrack through said areas, so there's that too.

This guy directs us to the Gym and prevents us from passing, so that's expected.

He tells Aurora that the first thing to do in every town with a gym is to go straight to the gym, and it's like... I dunno, let me do what I want? What if I don't want to fight right away, pal?

[Current OST: Gym]

(Great song, even if I'm not all that fond of the gym theme or its various remixes throughout the series)

Norman: "Well, if it isn't Aurora! So you're all finished moving in? I'm surprised you managed to get here by yourself."

: "Thanks dad, but I didn't do it by myself. I finally caught my first four Pokemon... with Professor Birch's help, of course."

Norman: "Oh, I see. You're with your Pokemon. Hm... then I guess you're going to become a trainer like me, Aurora. That's great news! I'll be looking forward to it!"

I love how you not only have a mother and a father in Emerald, but he's also a gym leader. That's a nice subversion of the Disappeared Dad trope.

[A meek boy comes in and walks up to Norman]

Norman: "Hm? You're... Uh... Oh right. You're Wally, right?"

Wally: "I'm going to go stay with my relatives in Verdanturf Town. I thought I would be lonely by myself, so I wanted to take a Pokemon along. But I've never caught a Pokemon before... I don't know how."

Enter the precious muffin that can do no wrong Wally, your sort-of rival! He's a frail, sickly boy and his relatives are even looking for him outside of the gym.

"Aurora, you heard that, right? Go with Wally and make sure he safely catches a Pokemon."

: "Wait, why me? I just started too, dad!"

You did catch like three on your own, so...

Norman: "Wally, here, I'll loan you my Pokemon."

Wally: "Oh wow, a Pokemon!"

Norman: "Hm. I'll give you a Poke Ball too. Go for it!"

: ("... Was it really that easy this entire time? Why does dad help a stranger's kid before his own daughter, though?")

Yeah, that is kind of odd. Aurora didn't even want to become a trainer specifically, yet dad figured "nah, she doesn't really need a Pokemon to be alright'... in this world where you cannot even leave town if you don't have a 'Mon of your own.

[Current OST: Come Along]

Anyway, let's help Wally catch his first Pokemon. It can't be that hard, right? We were able to do it under pressure.

"Don't they? Please watch me and see if I can't catch one properly... Whoa!"

We've got a live one here, folks! Let's see what it is and see if Wally doesn't need our -


The first Pokemon this Sour Apple Boy encounters on his journey and it's a friggin' Ralts of all things? The rarest Pokemon on this route that took me a half hour of grass sifting to even find?!

... Give me some of that luck, Wally, you clearly don't need it.

(Junelle): "Hey wait... that's my brother! Oh my goodness, he's actually going to get caught by a trainer!!"

: "What?! Hey, Wally, maybe you should -"

Side note, I don't think it's possible for Wally to wind up killing the Ralts - this entire scene is scripted. Though I am curious as to what happens if he was forced to land a critical...

Wally: "You... you throw a ball now, right? I'll... I'll do my best!"

I'm pretty sure the actual purpose of this scene is to demonstrate that Ralts even exist on this route, because a first-time player isn't going to run into them by accident due to their low encounter rate.

Sure, they start off weak, but then they evolve into a fantastic Pokemon. (Whose design the internet uh... really liked.)

[Wally throws the Pokeball at the Ralts and...]

: "Wow! Good job, W... oh wait, that's a bad thing."

(Junelle): ("I... ugh. At least I know where he is now. We can trust Wally too, right?")

: "He doesn't look like a bad kid, so I assume so. If my dad gave him a chance then I should too."

(Junelle): ("Aww... you're so sweet. Maybe I won't regret this after all.")

: ("What an... odd way for this to turn out. I'm amused.")

"Aurora, thank you! Let's go back to the gym!"

: "No problem, Wally."

Wally: "Thank you, yes it did. Here's your Pokemon back. Aurora, thank you for coming with me. You two are why I was able to catch my Pokemon. I promise I'll take really good care of it. Oh! My mom's waiting for me, so I have to go. Bye, Aurora!"

: [Blushes] "Awww, shucks... bye, Wally!"

[He leaves the gym]

"Aurora, if you want to become a strong Trainer, here's my advice. Head for Rustboro City past this town. There, you should challenge the Gym Leader, Roxanne. After her, go on to other Pokemon Gyms and defeat their Leaders. Collect badges from them, understood?"

: "Y-yes, sir!"

"But that's only after you become stronger."

Very interesting! Norman is the first gym leader we meet, but he's too powerful for us right now. I like how they hype him up in addition to him being a dad that's actually present.

With that said, let's rush over to Rustboro and -

"Let me guess, from the way you're dressed, you're a Pokemon trainer?"

[The strange man turns around and ponders to himself]

Who the heck are you?

???: "Well, maybe not. Your clothes aren't all that dirty. You're either a rookie trainer or maybe you're just an ordinary kid."

: "Well, excuse you then! What's your deal, mister?"

"I'm sorry to have taken your time."

[The strange man walks off screen]

: "Well then. That was awkward. Who was that guy?"

That, my friends, was an Emerald-exclusive character. He's the proprietor of one of the greatest additions in a third version game yet, but I'll have to save it for later.

... Especially since I have a lot of ideas for that part of the game and if I say even one thing, I'll risk spoiling the whole plan.

(Whoops, did I just say that out loud? )

"It will be easier to catch if it's been poisoned, burned or lulled to sleep."

: "Sounds kinda nasty, but I'll keep it mind."

... How do status effects modify the Pokeball catching algorithm? That entire system by itself intrigues me to no end due all the math that goes into it.

Meanwhile, youngster Billy challenges us to see who is the king of the sand.

#273 - 275: Shiftry Family
Ability: Chlorophyll (Doubles speed in strong sun) or Early Bird (Reduces amount of turns spent asleep)
Appearances:Stats of final evolution: 480 (90, 100, 60, 90, 60, 80)
Additional forms?: N/A

Shiftry and its ilk have always been an interesting set of Pokemon to me, mostly due to Shiftry's cool cry and the fact it's an evil kabuki tengu tree with tornado fans.

Like that's pretty rad, let's be real.

... I also find it funny how Nuzlocke was derived from a Nuzleaf being drawn as John Locke from LOST. That... that's pretty wacky, I can see why it caught on.

: [Gasp]

Oh muk, Alexander fainted!? What happened?

: ("I... I smell bread...")

... That's right, this Seedot in particular has Bide. I didn't beat them in time, so Alexander took the brunt of the attack. Whooooooops.

: ("Whoof, I actually saved the day! Go me, huh!")

... We would have been screwed if we didn't have Zigon. That's a bit of a harrowing thought.

: "Oh man, I messed up bad... Alexander, I hope you'll be okay!"

: "A... are you alright, Alexander?"

: ("Don't worry, master Aurora! I've taken harder knocks than that before.")

: "Oh good. I was starting to sweat a little because I've never had a Pokemon faint on me before... I wasn't sure how permanent it would be."

[She squeezes the Mudkip]

... Hmm.

"He was once a mighty sailor who never feared the sea, however stormy."

He sounds cool, but I don't think he's quite as impressive as she makes him out to be.

: "Fated?! What's going on here?"

... Peculiar introduction and pretty sprite aside, Lady Cindy here doesn't do anything interesting.

If I'm not mistaken, all the rich NPCs are carrying Full Restores which is kind of overkill on a level 7 Pokemon, don't you think? I wish I had that kind of money to throw around.

Excellent. Alexander's type match-up game is steadily improving... because we really do need a water type for one of the later gyms down the line.

: "You too, miss. Now uh... excuse me, please."

[Aurora slides away into the forest]

: ("How about we don't, though?")

[Current OST: Petalburg Woods]

A serviceable dungeon song, at the very least. I'm not too crazy about it.

"That's why I always check where I'm walking."

: "Oh snap, really? I wonder... "

: "Neat! Still, this is gonna drive me nuts for a while... Not knowing, that is."

I might as well scour these maps for any hidden items, even if we don't ever get the Itemfinder. (Frankly, the best Itemfinder was in Gen 4 where you could just tap on the screen and not have to wait and guess.)

Mushy friend!

: ("That's right, I helped.")

: ("Um... wow another Pokemon already? Hello, I guess! My name is Junelle. What's your name?")

: ("Just call me Amanita. If you're new too then I guess we'll get along. Say, how fond are you of moss? That stuff is delicious!")

: ("That sounds... great, but no thank you please.")

: ("Pfeh! Disgusting.")

: ("... Wow, rude. Guess I'll just be sticking with you then, Junelle.")

We've built a team of five Pokemon already and it's only chapter 2. I dread to think about the amount of main-stays we'll have in later chapters.

Oh no, he has a team of four Pokemon. This is gonna be a time-waster, isn't it?

(Empusa): ("I might as well slap around these common cretins while I'm willing and able! Stand back, you lot!")

That she does. She gets rid of at least one of them anyway, due to her being... well, not that strong.

Meanwhile, Amanita grows to level 7 and gains a semi-useful ability! It's not exactly the Spore that puts enemies to sleep, but it'll have to do for now.

They put a Paralyze Heal here because they knew you'd probably get hit with it after fighting some of the Shroomish here. Pretty smart warning there, Game Freak.

A small amount of grinding to get Empusa leveled up and...

: ("Alright, moment of truth... which cocoon will I become? Please be Silcoon...")

: ("Come on...")

: ("What?! I'm this ugly thing!? NOOOOOOOOOOO-")

: ("... It's a proper reflection of her heart, at the very least.")

: ("Indeed!")

I knew I made the right choice making her a snooty rich girl-type Pokemon, because if she evolved into Silcoon we would never hear the end of it.

I'm kind of surprised the "personality value" lined up with her actual personality, because whoof.

"Hello, have you seen any Pokemon called Shroomish around here? I really love that Pokemon."

: "I do, funnily enough!"

[Pulls out Amanita and shows her to the man]

: "Shroom?!"

: "Her name is Amanita and she's --"

[A man dressed as a pirate walks in from the top of the screen]

[Current OST: Encounter! Team Aqua]

"You had to dawdle in Petalburg Woods forever, didn't you? I got sick of waiting, so here I am!"

(Aqua has such a badass encounter theme, the bass and piano in this song is sick.)

"Hand over those papers!"

[The researcher ducks behind Aurora]

Researcher: "Aiyeeh! You're a Pokemon Trainer, aren't you? You've got to help me, please!"

: "Excuse me, what!?"

I love how a grown man cowers behind a teenager for help - that's just beautiful.

"No one who crosses Team Aqua gets any mercy, not even a kid! Come on and battle me!"

: "A... alright then! B-bring it on!"

I mean I'd be scared if a random man dressed as a pirate was going to assault me because I got dragged into a situation that wasn't my business to begin with.

[Current OST: Team Aqua/Magma Battle Theme]

The song is disproportionately badass compared to what we'll actually face, which is...

... A level 9 Poochyena. I'd be mildly threatened if Poochyena was mildly intimidating.

: ("You know what, I'll just release my anger on you!! Choke on this poison!")

[Empusa gets put away to prevent her getting hurt again]

: ("AUGH")

Comedy aside, Amanita and Alexander work together to paralyze and wash out this bad boy.

(... I'm gonna start a trend with names that start with A, aren't I? Because I'm not doing it on purpose!)

Good work, fellas.

[Current OST: Victory! Team Aqua and Magma]

I thought the regular trainer victory theme was alright, but this is something else. It's so uplifting that it's in its own league altogether!

"Come on and battle me again! I wish I could say that, but I'm out of Pokemon... And, hey, we of Team Aqua are also after something in Rustboro. I'll let you go today!"

[The Aqua Grunt runs off]

What a dork.

: "What the heck was that all about...? Anyway, you're safe now, mister."

"Thanks to you, he didn't rob me of these important papers. I know, I'll give you a Great Ball as my thanks!"

Something we can't even buy yet! Nice.

Researcher: "Didn't that Team Aqua thug say they were after something in Rustboro, too? Uh-oh! It's a crisis! I can't be wasting time!"

[The Devon researcher runs off]

: "Um. Alright. That sure was a thing."

We prevented someone from getting robbed! Hooray.

This guy just tells us to stay out of the tall grass if our Pokemon are weak, which is pretty considerate but blatantly obvious.

Thankfully the layout here is well-designed so you don't really have to get in a fight if you just want to leave. I like the tall grass system from the Pokemon games, but caves are just straight up random battles and I don't like them as much.

Welcome to the Too Good to Use Club, how rare are you?

Is that how it works? Because I have to admit, if someone brought a bug that was bigger than a lunchbox I would have to run away screaming no matter how cute it actually is.

#290 - 292: Nincada Family
Type (Nincada): /
Type (Ninjask): /
Type (Shedinja): /
Ability (Nincada): Compound Eyes (Increases accuracy of moves by 1.3x)
Ability (Ninjask): Speed Boost (Boosts speed by one stage per turn)
Ability (Shedinja): Wonder Guard (Pokemon cannot be harmed by attacks that isn't super-effective, weather or statuses notwithstanding)
Appearances:Stats of Ninjask: 456 (80, 70, 70, 90, 100, 70)
Stats of Shedinja: 236 (1, 90, 45, 30, 30, 40)
Additional forms?: N/A

The Nincada line is an extremely fascinating set of bug Pokemon. They're all cicadas based off of ninjas, with Shedinja being a hollow, molted shell that gained its own sentience.

I also love the creativity behind their designs, with Shedinja's ability being especially notable. I love how its health is only one friggin point to prevent it from being broken. (Also, you may not want to stare at the back of a Shedinja for too long or it'll steal your soul. Fun for the kiddies.)

Harden doesn't help much when you have a super-effective Water move. If there's anything interesting I learned recently, it's that Speed Boost originated in Gen 3 and Ninjask was its primary user before the later gens happened.

It's already lightning fast with a base speed stat of 160, which is mind-bending in how fast that must be. Good thing this isn't an active time battle system or Ninjask would be extremely busted regardless of how low its other stats are.

Ooooh, and Junelle even learned a real attack to boot!


Now nothing can stand in my way!

: "Aw come on, don't be like that."

Popularity is overrated, kid. Peace and quiet is where it's at.

: "What the-? Why can't I walk past these trees?"

A reminder to backtrack and a display of the playable character's inability to jump past anything.

Anyway, I feel that's enough for one chapter. Next time on Pokemon Emerald, we're going to tackle the first gym and see if we can't stop those Aqua grunts from doing any more damage.

See you guys then!

Team setup:

Seen - 15 (+10)

Own - 6 (+4)

Badges - 0

(Alexander, level 10, , ) - "I feel we're going to make a great team, the lot of us."

(Empusa, level 7, , ) - "I hate, hate, hate everything about this. Why Cascoon of all things...?" [Sob]

(Zigon, level 4, , ) - "Whoa, relax. It's not that big of a problem, huh? I bet you'll look fine."

(Junelle, level 6, , ) - "... What a drama queen."

(Amanita, level 7, , ) - "You said it, chica. Either way... Hey, Junelle. We're going to be travelling a while, so we might as well chat about stuff we like."

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    So, let's see...

    In terms of how the modifiers work, Sleep and Freeze increase the rate more than the others do. Can't give you the raw numbers off the top of my head, but that I know for sure.

    In terms of personality values, it's basically bytes of data calculated in such a way to give you a certain number. For Wurmple, if the remainder of the final number is less than 5 (0 - 4), you get a Silcoon. If it's greater than or equal to 5 (5 - 9), you get a Cascoon.

    Technology is weird.
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