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Let's Play Pokemon Snakewood! Chapter ??

Posted December 14th, 2018 at 3:51 PM by Rainbow Chara X
Updated December 14th, 2018 at 3:52 PM by Rainbow Chara X
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I guess the next time Halloween rolls around this non-canon bonus chapter will be relevant again, but whatever.

(Happy belated Halloween 2018 even though this was originally made for 2016)

Chapter ?? - Season of the Jack

... Yes, I'd like to order some pizza.

Oh wait, this isn't a pizza line.

"I haven't heard from you in ages! Oh! You're tying the knot? Congratulations, man!"

Apparently we were just called by our best buddy and he's getting married. Cool, cool.

[Definitely not Professor Oak sends out a Nidoran for some reason]

"I'll tell my brother. We're coming for sure. No, don't worry about that, we've got that covered... We'll leave first thing in the morning."

We're going to go see our friend off? Sure, why not. I get dibs on the first slice of the cake!

Decision time? Decision time.

I like the sprite, even if it's a bit silly looking.

And yes, the name is based off of another wolfman from a game I like.

Now we just need some Super Bone Brothers and the experience would be complete.


... You don't have to yell, jeez. I'm going already.

[Current audio in-game: Bloody Tears]

The song is a bit loud in the game, but I like it because it's Bloody Tears. Anyway, this is our new house? Pretty nice, all things considered.

I'm a wolf-man because it's Halloween, I suppose.

... Although my transformation is not exactly complete.

Now I can't help but imagine a cheesy/adorable Halloween-themed special involving a Pikachu. I don't know why.

: "Hey, thanks for coming. I sent your brother to go get me a drink, but he hasn't come back yet. I'm feeling quite thirsty, could you please run to the store for me in his place?"

: "Sure. -- I wonder what happened to Renji? --"

The game will refer you as Oz regardless of what you put in, so let's just call him Fenrich instead.

[Dirk disappears]

[Current audio in-game: ???]

I swear I remember this song from somewhere, but for now I don't know where it's from. With that said, we've moved into a rural little town by the name of Batmen. Where it rains all of the time.

Sadly, there is no Batman unless you count Dirk as a bat-man.

"Ew... Why do you run around as a wolfman? Don't you have, like, a human form?"

Isn't the point of Halloween that I'm wearing a costume? Silly girl.

"Hey... do you want a Blood Beer? I found one under this bush."

: "Ew... No. What are you doing crawling around like that, anyway?"

Guy & Fenrich: "....."

Guy: "Do you want a Blood Beer? They're awesome, man."

: "... Later."

Blood Beer sounds pretty nasty, honestly. Stick to the local brew.

This rock does not do anything, unfortunately. Then again, what was I expecting? It's a rock.

We promised Dirk we'd get a drink, so let's go into the bar.

[Current audio in-game: ???]


The song in here is really loud even at 50% volume! I'm sorry but you could have toned the volume down a bit on this one, jeez!

Also, oh no there are dead old men.

Let's ignore the corpses and get ourselves a drink.

: "... Uh, thank you?"

Alright, cool. Now that we have the Blood Beer(™), let's go back outside.

"You need to go away. Seriously, don't go in there, son. My god, I don't even understand why the hell there's a graveyard around here. Aren't you guys, like, all immortal? Who is buried here!?"

The guard asks all of the right questions.

... Admittedly, Oz/Fenrich is right. Graveyards are giant spooky tourist attractions, especially around Halloween.

Guard: "Yeah, probably. Anyway, I'm going to go now. Y'all be a good little wolf and don't go in there, promise? Toodles!"

: "--My god...--"

Well, he turned into a giant fruitcake midsentence. Despite this, he doesn't move.

Surely, there's something cool in here?

[Current audio in-game: ???]

This song isn't as loud and I like it the most out of all of the custom songs here, even if I still don't know what it is. There's another dead old man and a fellow who looks like he jumped out of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. Let's talk to him.

"Hello there! Something bothering you, son? A guy that looks like you who's taller than you and more muscular? Yeah, a guy like that was just here. He left and headed in the direction of the forest. Probably went to go chase some squirrels."

Thank you kindly, random NPC.

But first, let's go up here to see... Dirk? What's he doing up here?

... Oh? But I didn't even know we had a Pokemon? Thanks anyway.

[Current audio in-game: River City Ransom - A Tough Fight]

... Interesting choice of music. I like the song in here too, but I wish the volume wasn't so high on it.

I'll spoil you - there doesn't seem to be anything in the forest here, but I can show off wild encounters.

Killerjack appeared!

You can't have a good Halloween special without evil pumpkins.

... We sent ourselves out. And we have a LOL for a back sprite. What a silly-ass game.

We beat the Killerjack by biting it, which must have tasted good.

We are also apparently a Dark/Ice Bulbasaur?

Okay, cool, whatever, I'm just rolling with it.

However, now that the guard is out of the way, let's go to the Graveyard. Post haste, I don't want to miss the skeleton dance.

It has the same music as the forest, strangely enough.

And hey, Dirk is here!

"You mind telling me what's going on in this crazy town? Renji just disappeared or something... And seriously, why does all of the grass look the same?!"

: "Calm down... I can explain. I'm not really getting married... I wanted you guys to come here because there have been a crapload of hunters and drug dealers around here lately."

Oz/Fenrich has the perfect reaction to this. But I think what bothers me the most is that there's no cake.

: "Yeah, long story short: the people who keep moving into this town scare the bat crap out of me."

Aaaaand he just disappears. Typical.

Let's go climb over this hedge. (slams down a walk-thru-walls cheat)

... Huh? There's actually an area over here. For what was supposed to be an inaccessible place, it's surprisingly detailed.

Jumping off of these ledges with Walk Through Walls on counts as jumping off of normal ledges. Strange.

Oh look, there's a guy here. He actually says something, too.

: "Huh? I won't eat you."

Strange Boy: "... Don't mess with us..."

: "... You're crazy."

My boy tells it like it is.

Strange Boy: "You are the one ravaged by madness, demon! Your blood I will spill! It will be the delicious marmalade on the victory bread of humans!"

This guy just went full Fawful on us.

: "RAWR!"

[His sprite disappears]

Self-fulfilling prophecies sure are a rattata, aren't they?

Still, we just straight up ate a dude. I don't know how to feel about this?

Back in town, we... find ourselves long with Dirk? I swear there's some surrealist metaphor attached to this.

Anyway, our clone doesn't do anything special. But Dirk will be happy to hand us a Blood Beer, which makes me question why I had to get him one in the first place.

Next place of interest is this lone grave. Doesn't look so special, you might ask? Well, just take a look.

[Falling SFX that is drowned out by the music]


... Oh. We just fell down a grave Zelda-style. I'm surprised this was here, actually.

I mean, it looks the same as any of the other graves and it was in a closed off area, so you got me. This place also shares the Bloody Tears theme, but I feel this theme would be more appropriate.

There's nothing else in this cave, by the way. Just go down the stairs.

[A ghostly voice echoes throughout the cave]

: ("... Wake up... Please wake up...")

: "What in the world was that? ... I need to get out of here."

After two floors, we come to what I assume is the final floor. Now, watch out because there's actually wild encounters down here.

Such as this cute little bat and the honestly kinda freaky looking zombie Rattata thing.

They'll wreck you if you don't properly train up Oz the Pokemon, but they shouldn't be that hard to get rid of.

: "Huh? Who are you? And didn't you know there's an exit?"

: "...."

: "It's okay. Hey, you didn't happent to see a guy that kind of looks kinda like me, did you?"

: "No. Sorry... But I have a feeling you won't find him for a while..."
: "Huh?"

: "It's the end of the Demo!"

What is this "demo" you speak of?

: ("... Jack... Jack...")

: "Huh? What-- WHOA!"

[Wild battle starts]


Wait. That Gardevoir looks very familiar... It can't be!

[Flash of light, followed by a hard thud noise]

: "Ooogh... What happened? Where was I?"

... Great question, Jack.

: ("You passed out, Jack. All of the alcohol you drank combined with the fight against the Horsemen made you go out like a light.")

: "... I fell asleep? Well, that explains everything."

: ("You gave everybody a tremendous scare. Thankfully you're alright, but please be more careful if you decide to drink.")

: "Yeah, sorry about that... I guess it might not be a good thing to note that there were things like Blood Beer in my dream."

: ("What was the dream about, anyway? I came in at about the end.")

: "Well, I was a werewolf called Fenrich. Then there were dead old men... along with Dirk the vampire man. And then some chick at the bottom of a grave told me "the demo is over". That and there were pumpkins called Killerjacks. It was weird."

: ("... Admittedly, it does sound fun.")

: "Yeah, it kind of was."

: "Unfortunately, we're back in reality."

: ("... Yes. Let's go, Jack.")

With that said, that ends off the Halloween episode of Pokemon Snakewood.

I'm not going to throw up the team setup as this was a non-canon episode, but I should credit the people who made the rom hack for today's episode: They go by Neko Jams, and they made this short little Fire Red romhack for Halloween 2013. It has no name, but I figured it would be a fair amount of fun to go through for a "something completely different" joke episode.

That, and you have no idea how confused I was getting the codes for Bellamine to appear in the Halloween rom hack. Like sometimes I got an invalid code and it didn't work? I dunno.
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