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Pokemon Adventure! Pt3

Posted December 26th, 2018 at 3:29 AM by Veil Loreraven

Usalia here!

I had like a totally crazy week. I spent most of my time battling like, other trainers and junk around melemele island. Most of them were like complete chumps, but me and my Sandshrew totally wrecked them all. I am starting to think that this Island challenge thing is not so tough after all. The Marsala that annoying kid Hau keeps crying about was pretty ok I guess. He's an alright kid, but now he just like, keeps running into me. I think he's like, a stalker or something, I mean like, I think he secretly likes me so something, Gag me with a spoon right?!, Not even gonna happen boy. Anyway, so like, later on I actually got to fight the Kahuna guy after I passed The Trial for this island. The Trial captain was like, a total chump, PSYCH, they were both pretty hard, but the pokemon I ordered from Pokazon.com were like, totally the best everrrrr so after we spent a lot of time together I could like totally feel like me and my pokemon were like in total sync with the universe and junk so we like, couldn't possibly lose.

It was just our good karma we had going that like, made us super unbeatable! I think I am gonna check a few places out, but then I got to motor to the the next island and totally whoop those. Oh, yeah, I like totally forgot to tell you, I got this handy pager thing now, so like, I can now like, call a Taurus to me like it's some kinda magic! He's totally strong and can smash through like, any rock or boulder so I can get to places that like, would otherwise be out of my reach. SO TOTALLY WICKED AND RAD RIGHT?! Anyway, toodles! Next stop, Akala Island, I think.
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