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Let's Play Trickster Online! Chapter 3

Posted January 19th, 2019 at 10:39 AM by Rainbow Chara X
Updated February 7th, 2019 at 10:06 PM by Rainbow Chara X
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Let's finish off the rest of the Desert Beach quests and make some headway, yeah?

Chapter #3 - Going to the Big City


[My choice for this OST: Hail from the Past]

Last time on Trickster Online, we finished most of the quests in Paradise and now we're going spelunking in the local Pyramid for a Glyph Tablet. Something about needing it for food, I think.

Type: Power
Level: 30
HP: 1,360
AP: 160
MA: 0
DP: 90
MD: 104
Aggressive?: No
Skills: None
Element: None
Weakness: Magic
Resistance: Physical, Gun
Official Art: Here
Worthwhile Drops:
* Oran G Card (Very Rare / Mastery Card)
* Stat/Element Stones LV. 35 (Very Rare / Crafting)
Gear Entry: "A large orange scarab that lives inside of the pyramid. Is sought after by certain Tricksters for its potent abilities."

The Oran G Card is useful for Fox and Lion characters due to it boosting the Mastery of Shuriken Master, a throwing weapon-type ability. I should also note that if you're the other characters, normal AP is not calculated when it comes to dealing damag.e

For example, Shuriken Master has a formula like this: [(DA + Throw AP ÷ 10) × Mag.Ratio] - 1

Likewise, the Cat uses HV (aka. avoid rate) and HP to deal damage. It's pretty wild, so be sure to study your character before you choose them.

: ("O-ooh... Now he's my type...")

Love Hunter Robin is one of the various monster guild members and one of the cooler ones if you ask me: Look at how much style he has!

He wants us to hunt twenty Oran Gs and I'm like... why not, right? I don't really plan on staying here, so I might as well do this one quest and leave after we get the Glyph Tablet.

Type: Sense
Level: 32
HP: 1,290
AP: 155
MA: 0
DP: 97
MD: 113
Aggressive?: Yes
Skills: None
Element: None
Weakness: Air, Earth
Resistance: Physical
Official Art: Here
Worthwhile Drops:
* Oran G Card (Very Rare / Card)
* Stat/Element Stones LV. 35 (Very Rare / Crafting)
Gear Entry: "A territorial bronze-colored cousin of the orange scarab. Deters outsiders from entering the pyramid."

Oh hey, it's one of the first aggressive normal enemies in the game! (I don't count the Punisher enemies because they're weird like that.)

That said, why are they called G? Is there a reference I'm missing here?

It always brings a smile on my face to get MD Stones because they help patch up Star Heart's crippling magic weakness. Granted we'd have to get three or so to properly Mature Compound them, but there's actually ways to get Stat Stones beyond monster slaughtering.

When you complete a monster quest, the creators of the game were kind enough to give you a little "teleport back to questgiver" icon. It's little details like this that make this game so much fun to play.

It disappears in 30 seconds, but unless you have other stuff to do then that shouldn't be a problem.

: "Th-thank you, mister Robin! "

The "gift" is just a bunch of TM experience and not much else, hence why I'm not too keen on staying here.

It took quite a bit to actually get one Glyph Tablet (as evidenced by the mess of items I've left around), but all we have to do is hand this back to the Sandman and we're done with the Key Quest!

: "Alright, time to get out of here before I get cursed or something." [Shivers]

(Wow, way to be mean, Star Heart. You can be an outright dick in this game if you really wanted to, and sometimes you get alternate responses to boot.)

So it turns out Pharaoh Boy was bullied for his name and he used to get so mad he would get into fights. Honestly I cannot blame him because that is truly an unfortunate name.

He has accepted it as time went on and wants us to get a Uraeus Statue, Nekhbet Statue and a Round Bone Seal for him... so he can prove his legacy or something. I’m almost tempted to do his request, but we have more pressing matters at the moment to deal with.

The Sandman goes on to say that even the Pyramid’s giant stone blocks were created using the sand tar his species makes.

: "I’m sure by now you are wondering how this sand tar is made, right? I’ll specially tell just you. Oh hohohoho… Ooh huhuhuhu…"

: "What’s with that laugh?"

: "After digesting large quantities of the legendary recipe that you brought me, it mixes deep within us and from our bodies it is created! Sand tar is what we leave behind after the digestion is complete! Arrrg~"

: "Ehhhh!! Then this city is…"

After that disgusting reveal, he adds all the desert stickers to our adventure book and tells us to go to Megalopolis, the heart of Caballa Island.

He tells us to meet up with this lady for our next mission, as well as directions on how to get there. We also have the option of talking to Pachi (the red teleporter sister) in case we’re too lazy to walk.

The Level 20 Gift Box is not what I thought it was, and is instead just a larger pouch item. I distinctly remembered one of these level gift boxes holding a mobility enhancer item, so it might be later on.

… Oh yes, Trickster has mobility booster items. Believe it or not, you are not locked to the same running speed all game. The terrible thing is that most of the booster items are timed, so you can’t keep them on forever – thus propagating the need to do MyShop purchases.

However, there’s one item in the game that throws that out the window in a good way: the Kitty Earring. It is a permanent speed boosting item that’s not sold in any store, real world cash or otherwise. It’s absolutely fantastic, but it’s a percentage based drop from Mileage Bags, things you can only get from points anyway.

This adorable lass is Mint and she's in every town you visit as the rewards manager - you come to her to trade in the tickets and collectibles the townspeople give you.

Since Paradise works a little bit differently from the other towns, she only gives us generic but strong equipment here. The Edge Stone Sword will finally give us something more powerful than the stupid duck stick, so there's that at least.

I held off on using the Star Card pack last time because I was a bit worried on what we'd get, but I'm more confident now.

... Holy muk that's actually super good. This increases the rate monsters drop items, so if I ever lose my patience I can just break this out.

Or I could sell it off for a ton of cash. If you want a demonstration of how treasured these cards are, just wait until we get to Megalopolis.

Awww, we had a little bunny pet this whole time!? Too bad unequipping Peng gets rid of some pretty nice stats otherwise I would have swapped right away.

This sick looking fella is Alan, and his service is... well, unpredictable to say the least.

Tempering is different from the other equipment improvement services in that it randomizes the minimum and maximum range of stats. To use it you need a Gold Tempering Gem and something else I'll show off later.

I... do not recommend it because sometimes you can actually wind up with lower stats than you originally had, so that's a huge risk.

Shara is like a combination of Alan's shop and Mature Compounding... but for pets instead. Hardants are basically Pet Stat Stones, but there is no way to obtain them without paying cash for MyShop points.

Pet Training is the Tempering part of the equation, only it takes Vitamins and Lock Candy (assures that you will keep a stat the same) instead.

Not too terribly useful considering Pets tend to be less permanent until you're really high level, but she's there in case you need her.

Arlene here is your woman in case you want to customize the appearance of your equipment, but it will take Artisans' Flames to do so. (And they're usually MyShop exclusive)

The Recycle Bot is where you can throw away MyShop equipment you don't need anymore and exchange them for stuff like stat boosting scrolls, Trickster's version of the Escape Rope and other fun things.

The scrolls it gives you are surprisingly effective in case you want to buff yourself up for a tough boss, so I'll probably come back here in the future.

Holy crap that's a lot of bonus points I haven't used yet. I tend to forget they're even here from how occupied I get doing all these quests. (Side note: A nice detail I keep forgetting to mention is that you fully recover every time you level up, which can be really handy if you’re in a tough spot.)

Four points is one whole level, so pouring all of those into attack nets us with...

What a perfect number to land on.

I haven't listed these on any bestiary entries but Pointy Objects are synthesis items - they can be compounded into throwing weapons for Foxes and Lions... making them utterly useless to Star Heart because she's a Bunny. Oh well.

Keeper Julio here wants to fill up his storage with 100 of these crystals for no other reason but because he wants to. The only reward we get out of this is TM experience too, so this is like the epitome of “not worth it”. At least he has a unique look to him.

Let’s head back to the Dark Cave in Coral Beach while we’re here though – there’s something we can do now that we’re super buff.

"Kee kee~ My sworn enemy, [Master Mong], who killed my father, is back! I came all the way here to defeat him, but I’m so scared that I can’t do it.

: "You’re that scared?"

: "Kee kee~ With his fists he can destroy Caballa Island with one punch, is built like granite and hast the most vicious temperaemtn. His face… his face is scary too! Kee kee~ Could you please avenge my father in my place? Kee kee~ You’ll help me right?"

: "Okay! I’ll help you!"

: ("I don't really have a choice in this, do I?")

He wants us to bring him back Master Mong’s fur as proof, but… I dunno man, this smells like a trap. He’s real suspicious.

To get into Master Mong’s lair, we have to give him three pairs of Addax horns, so… excuse me for a bit.


... Not that I'm complaining, mind.

While we're grinding I should explain some of these items: the Wing Port is a teleporting item that takes you directly to a town, and later ones are level locked to prevent you from going to future towns too easily.

When you die you have the choice of using a revival scroll or teleporting back to town at the cost of some experience. The latter option can be intensely painful due to how levels in Trickster are built, so be sure to get as many of these as you can. You can also use them on other dead players in case you want to be a nice person.

Here's a sprite of what the revival goddesses look like and hot damn the middle one is smokin'. I'm not sure they even have names or appear anywhere else in the game, so I want to know what's up with them.


This is totally a trap, isn't it? Look at his dumb face: that's the same kind of face that condemned a bunch of magical girls into becoming witches.

[My choice for this OST: Great Wild]

: "Oh boy, here we go... I just hope I can deal with this."

Type: Magic
Level: 25
HP: 1,815 x 4 (7,260 total)
AP: 120
MA: 62
DP: 234
MD: 230
Aggressive?: Yes
* Mana Arrow (Basic magic attack)
* Mana Shield (Buffs magic defense)
* Mana Ring (Shoots three magic rings at enemy)
* Mana Storm (Damages multiple enemies)
* Cure (Restores some HP)
* Rust (Lowers enemy AP)
* Summons level 13 Thiefmon if health gets critical
Element: Light
Weakness: ???
Resistance: ???
Official Art: Here
Worthwhile Drops:
* Master Mong Card (Very Rare / Card)
* Master Mong's Fur (Rare / Quest item)
* Master Sword + Ult. Equipment (Common / Equipment)
Gear Entry: "A Thiefmon mafia capo who has big plans for both Coral and Desert Beach. Has a very short temper."

Hoo boy, where do we start with this one. Master Mong is the boss of Coral Beach and the strongest Magic monster in the game so far, with the HP and skills to boot.

If we tried to take him on when we got to the Dark Cave the first time, Star Heart would be toast.

Thankfully he's no harder to dispatch than a Punisher Cannonshell, so Rust only slowed down his inevitable demise. Only problem?

... There's somehow multiples of him.

The funny thing is that in earlier versions of Trickster, Master Mong was higher leveled and was even considered a proper boss of Coral Beach: complete with his own boss seal and everything.

I guess since he's the boss of the first area of the game, having him be super high level wouldn't make sense so the new devs nerfed him a bit.

One of the various things Master Mong can drop are Ultimate versions of common weapons and the Master Sword. Unfortunately this one isn't as badass as the real sword of evil's bane and requires being level 50 to even use, making it extremely unattractive.

Good in-game vendor trash though.

Two or three more Master Mongs later, I finally get the fur to complete Monkey T's quest.

: "What the! I was tricked!"

Of course that's the direction they would go in. Since this is a Coral Beach quest the experience was gonna be pretty bad, but I still had to show him off anyway.

The "neo" versions of the drills simply have more health than normal, so there's absolutely no reason to grab the lesser versions.

I also haven't noticed a penalty for digging on the "wrong" kind of terrain, so as far as I'm concerned these are multipurpose.

A really nice thing you can do is that you can sell multiple items at once, although they stop you from selling over 50 things if my memory's correct.

They also have the foresight to warn you in case you try to sell a MyShop item, which I can appreciate if you're not keeping track of what you're selling off.

Forgive me audience, but I have sinned. I have... spent money on this game.

But do you want to know the funny thing is? The Trickster people take Subway cards (of all things) as legitimate forms of payment.

Yes, the restaurant.

Yes, I am being 100% serious and this is how I've been able to pay for MyShop items without having access to a credit card or Paypal. This video is a perfect summary of my thoughts on Subway.

"My name is Aikyumelanbrenaigh du Amoreliebden III, the Couples Manager. Huh? What’s with that look on your face?"

: "Can you say that once more?"

Helluva name you got there, pal. Even just writing it down was a hassle.

: "Haaa? What kind of person doesn’t even listen when someone’s talking? Forget it, no matter how many times I tell you, you probably won’t listen anyways. Just call me Kyu."

: "Uh… wait, are you a guy?"

: "What is that look on your face? Of course I am a guy! I mean look at me! What part of me looks like a girl?"

I mean to his credit he had me completely fooled before I learned this. He makes a really cute guy.

: "... Well..."

Kyu’s purpose in this game is that he handles weddings. If you have two players of opposite genders, you can match yourselves up. It sounds simple until you realize you have to create a realistic virtual wedding, even to the point of handing out reservations and even buying your own rings and wedding clothes.

It's pretty nuts how much detail goes into it, but I guess they have to go the extra mile to make it actually mean something.

You do get some neat benefits out of it, like these cute skills that activate heart-shaped emoticons over the targeted character's head and the ability to instantly warp to your spouse without needing a portable port or Friend Finder.

... You can also divorce your characters, funnily enough. If that happens you're forbidden from getting into another relationship for a week.

Ah yes, the monster guild. Every town has this, and they work in a certain order.

You start off with Yuri and deal with some easy monsters. Completing her quest the first time is good enough to move onto the second stage, but you can keep doing it over and over.

Then you move onto this lad, the assistant hunter, and do some of his quests for a bit.

When you're done with the other two, you get to the Hunter Master and damn. Damn. If there's anything I remember from the first time I played Trickster, it was that the Hunter Master is a babe.

(As well as wondering what her backstory was with how her dress is shaped)

I swear I'm not normally like this but the NPCs in this game are that intoxicating to me. She hands out the toughest monsters for you to hunt down, and completing her request nets you some neat equipment.

So to cut a very long story short, Driller Marky goes on about Driller King Marcourt. Marcourt was a legendary driller who doubled as an inventor, with his teachings inspiring many adventurers about drilling. He states that evil forces might have caused his disappearance, however, and that the Megalo Company is looking into it.

That’s interesting and all, but Marky’s true purpose here is to hand out the Crazy Drilling skill to anybody that can pass his challenge. To complete it, we have to get the Earth Charm and the Drilling Certification from Indiana John (… yes, really) and Explorer Reina.

He’s... literally Indiana Jones. I’d argue to the point of the copyright event horizon, but this game does so many good things that I don’t really care.

We want the charm he has, but he refuses to give it up because it’s a special treasure Marcourt gave to him. He and Marcourt were trying to discover the secrets of the Alteo Empire, but that kinda grinded to halt when Marcourt disappeared.

The civilization in the legends still exists, surprisingly enough, but getting there is the hard part. To fulfill John’s mission, we have to grab three broken artifacts from three monsters.

Likewise, Reina notes Marcourt as her primary source of inspiration. Man, for a guy we never see, he sure influenced how Trickster’s world works.

We have to get the Driller King Ring, Driller King Necklace and a backpack to complete her quest. Thank god the game handed two of the items to me (the ring and necklace) before they were important. It sure spares me an hour or two of digging in vain.

The rest of the important items are in Desert Beach 4, an area that’s actually optional if you’re not doing the key quest. Let’s see what’s there, shall we?

Type: Magic
Level: 26
HP: 975
AP: 104
MA: 0
DP: 66
MD: 76
Aggressive?: No
Skills: None
Element: None
Weakness: None
Resistance: None
Official Art: Here
Worthwhile Drops:
* Fan Lizard Card (Very Rare / Card)
* Broken Artifact 2 (Uncommon / Quest item)
* Stat/Element Stones Lv. 35 (Very Rare / Crafting)
Gear Entry: "A frilled lizard that walks around the beach without a care."

Wow the Fan Lizard's official artwork is not flattering. I think the sprite is much better looking.

Type: Charm
Level: 33
HP: 1,465
AP: 170
MA: 0
DP: 116
MD: 113
Aggressive?: No
Skills: None
Element: None
Weakness: Gun
Resistance: Water, Light
Official Art: Here
Worthwhile Drops:
* Cannon Shell Card (Very Rare / Card)
* Broken Artifact 3 (Uncommon / Quest item)
* Stat/Element Stones Lv. 35 (Very Rare / Crafting)
Gear Entry: "A large crustacean creature with a hard shell that can propel marbles out of its body like bullets. While docile, antagonizing it is a bad idea."

Also, here's the normal Cannon Shell monster. They may look all big and scary, but they're not actually all that mean.

I just had to take a gif of the Fan Lizard strutting along. It looks so happy, damn it.

... Also thank you for the card.

There's the second Broken Artifact! Good thing we only have to get these once unlike other quest items, otherwise this'd be silly.

: "Huh? What's this?"

[After reading the letter]

: [Sniff] "That was... so sad..."

Yeah, there's just... a bunch of letters buried beneath the sand for some reason. How'd they get there? I dunno, but they ought to have some interesting backstories.

[Star Heart reads through it]

: "Awww, this one's sweet!~"

These aren't things you can actually read, mind you - they're quest items. Shame too, because I would have loved to see what actually went in them.

Hey wait, that's not a letter!

Fiesta Tickets are super rare drill drops that can appear in any area of the game. You might have noticed a message saying "the fiesta is over!" from time to time - this is what that's for.

The Fiesta is a special event that opens up every two hours and is essentially "beat up as many monsters as you can in 15 minutes", with the goal to get Fiesta Marbles from said monsters. You have boosted experience when you enter (for what good that entails) and the Fiesta Marbles are used to get unique equipment.

It's also the place where you can find unique monsters that I think are dummied out monsters from an older version of Trickster. They are, in order from left to right:

Cucool, Raver Skeleton, Persona, Snow Lady, Moa Stone and O'Crown. Persona and Snow Lady are notable because their cards are still in the game, but they go unused because their Fiesta counterpart doesn't drop them. Fascinating...

: "Oh heck no! I'm not touching that one!"

Oh hey, that's one quest done! Now how about the -

That was pretty fast too... also, I love how the Cannon Shell actually waves a white flag when you defeat it.

: "Aww, it was nothing!"

It really wasn’t thanks to the bountiful amounts of Let’s Player’s Blessing backing me up.

Reina is equally thankful, but she muses that it’d be great if Marcourt came back. Yeah, sorry but I kinda doubt it.

"Have a safe trip~ One of these days you’ll have to come see me again."

: "Why?"

: "Haha~ No, it’s nothing. It’s just soon there will be a situation that will flip [Caballa Island] upside down. Just keep that in mind. Okay then, bye~"

: "What the... ?"

Strangely ominous message there.

But hey, at least we get a lot of cool things from him! The Detection Scrolls will allow us to see where items are buried before digging them up, with the Super version being way more useful due to it lasting longer than a second.

Let's bring out the Crazy Drilling Card and oh my god look at that card art. It's absolutely hysterical.

I'll show off what it does in a bit, but how about we finally go to Megalopolis now that we're done here?

: "Oh boy... this is the big city, isn't it? Well, I'm ready!"

- intermission to take a break or something because wow the chapter's huge: it helps me concentrate anyway -

[Actual Game OST: Megalopolis]


[My choice for Megalopolis OST: Sabat]

: "Whoa...! So this is is..."

Say hello to Megalopolis, friends - the hub of Trickster in more ways than one. This is supposedly the center of Caballa Island and is where all the players converge for different reasons (shopping, guild stuff, relaxing, etc.)

Let's check out the first store we see, huh?

God damn. The player made shops tend to get really intense, but this one's alright. The Book Bag is a WT-increasing mature compound item while the Light Attribute Stone isn't level locked like the element boosting stones dropped by enemies.

Really, the only ripoff in this store is the Mighty Turkey VR going for a million and a half despite how terrible that Pet is.

The Chaos Feather is the other ingredient of Alan's Shop and is likely why there's random effects when we use Tempering.


This isn't even the most expensive shop in the area, because people will try to peddle off Wing Items (aka. a fashion accessory that actually boosts your stats and decreases the weight of your inventory) for over 150 million galders a piece. To let you know how insane that is, the most I've ever gotten was 50 million.

But for now let's focus on one certain item in that list:

While a bit more higher leveled than what we have, you can still sell off the Star Card we got for quite a bit. To actually make your own inventory you just have to right click on your character and wait.

... The unfortunate truth is that if you do set up shop, you're going to have to wait a long time and hope someone comes along. The only exception I know is if you're selling Mastery Cards or [information expunged], but that's the kind of thing that'll keep you busy for a while.

Here's the Megalopolis Bank - this is another good place to set up shop and is my personal choice if I ever decide to do that.

In the center of Megalopolis lies the Guild Center, where this lovely lady waits for us.

: "Have you looked around [Megalopolis] yet? As the major travel hub of [Caballa Island], you’ll bump into many adventurers. Also, you can apply to a guild here. It’s a group of Trickster adventurers that support each other. You can check out the [guilds] in Trickster through me, and you can apply to the one you like."

: "Oooh, guilds?"

She goes on to talk about our next major mission: a “Poppuri” (see above: these big cute dog-men) needs our help in Southeast Forest. I’ll be sure to deal with that when I’m done here.

Aight, so - Andrew's job aside from banking is that he's in charge of managing the guilds. Guilds in Trickster are simply groups of people who have allied themselves for one reason or another; there's no actual stat bonus or anything like that, it's just a way to keep track of people without actually adding them as contacts.

The main benefits of being part of a guild is that you can participate in GvG battles (mass multiplayer fights, located over at the Coliseum) and just... having people to help you while you hunt for monster/drill drops.

Joining one is easy-peasy as long as the guild leaders are willing, but to actually make a guild you'd have to shell out 2 million galder. I would make my own, but... something tells me that'll be a bit complicated.

"That place is beautiful, do you want to join? If you want to go you have to pay me 1000 Galder. Are you sure? "

Cherry Blossom Garden...? Alright. I'm up for it.

So beautiful. I am moved beyond words.

(In all seriousness, what the hell. Sometimes the grammar is just fine and then... stuff like this starts happening. It's really off-putting.)

It really is pretty looking but there's nothing actually here. I'm sure it'll make a great backdrop in the future, though. (Assuming it's still gonna be around)

… Remind me to get this for later because the player who runs this shop is selling it for nearly 3 million galder. Why is it so expensive? Trust me, it's really hard to get.

They were selling some Portable Ports for exactly 2,222 Galders though, so why not? (These are more limited than the MyShop ones because they can only take you to certain places.)


I really adore how this game can tell a story with animations alone, like they didn't have to do this at all. Yet... they did anyway. That's how you know it's done out of love.

Here's the Megalopolis Shop and whoa I didn't notice that face in the ground until now. Flip the screen and you'll see what I mean.

This place is pretty high class - while the equipment here is about the same level as when you first arrive to Megalopolis (aka. level 20-30 range), this is the only place in the game I can think of that actually sells revival scrolls.

While Leonardo himself is one sharply dressed lad, his shop isn't all that great. It only takes Bonus Eggs, special eggs that you can only get after buying items on MyShop or recycling items through the recycle-bot.

It also sells stat-boosting scrolls, as well as some novelty equipment that isn't all that great stat-wise.

Holy crap the fashion sense of the people on this island is on point (for the most part).

This lass with the fancy nails is Compounder Nadia, and her purpose is that she can make throwing weapons and Element Resistance stones for you as long as you bring her some 500 Galder coupons.

The Resistance stones are very nice, but the throwing weapons are only useful to Fox and Lion characters unfortunately.

Erin here is effectively the Arlene of Pets in that she can swap out the appearance of one pet for another (via fusing). She's also really cute, just saying.

... Wait a sec, did she just throw an emoticon at me in the actual dialogue? This game sometimes, man.

There was this guy shooting hearts at my character for some reason. Like yeah it was cute but it kinda came out of nowhere.

Here's what a mileage bag looks like. Let's just hope what it has some stuff actually useful stuff inside!

... Ah. Nate's Bottle is an item that lets you delete a Mature Compound item from one of your equipment slots - like let's say you put in MA stones while you're a Power type.

If I remember correctly, the Craftman's Anvils are the worst of the Refine-boosting items. Meanwhile, the Black/Green Elixir is part of a series of items that help improve the stats you gain from a mature compounded item.

There's some that boost the minimum amount of points while others boost the maximum - either way, having them would be helpful.

I went and bought a Christmas Move Key from the Card Girl because... why not, right? It's a teleporting item that takes you to a special room that I want to show off.

Hhhhuh? That's weird, there's absolutely nothing here. Looks pretty fantastic, though.

: "I wonder where Mister Nebulos wants me to meet him, because there's nobody here."

[She pulls out the Contact Gear and rings his number. An automated message comes out the other end]

: "... Hmm. Might as well wait for him to call back, I guess."

[Star Heart sits in front of the large Christmas tree]

: "This tree... it reminds me of the time me and sis went to get presents for mom..."

[Star Heart starts to think about the past...]


[Current OST: At the Bottom of the Night]

[A tall young woman with blue hair wearing black clothes smashes her fists against the face of a hooded robber, knocking him to the ground. She snatches a pair of bags out of his hands and kicks him while he's down.]

: "Steal from us again and I'll make you regret it."

[Rachel runs in from behind]

: "Sis?! Are you alright?!"

: "Oh! Rachel."

: "I'm just fine. Can't say the same for this guy, though. Here, you take the presents."

[The woman hands the bags over to Rachel while the robber shakily gets to his knees]

: "What are you waiting for? Get out of here!"

[The robber yelps in fear and runs off into a distant alleyway]

: "Sheesh, what a scumbag. Like I was gonna let all that money I earned on Caballa Island go to waste..."

: "Wow! You're such a cool big sister, Veil!"

: "But don't scare me like that! You gave me a heart attack when you just ran off like that! Who knows what I'd have to tell mom if you got hurt?!"

: "Ah! Sorry about that. You're right."

: "Sheesh... I wish I could fight just so you didn't have to endanger yourself so often! But... but I can't stand to hurt anybody..."

[Veil lets out a sigh]

: "Rachel, you've got a big heart. That's more than I can ask for from most people. Just because you can't fight doesn't mean you're not valuable. Heck, I'd be terrified if you tried to do what I normally do."

: "I guess you have a point... but it's still frustrating."

[The girls walk into a park, with Rachel holding on to Veil's arm. She looks over to a tree decorated with lights in the center of the park.]

: "I'm glad to be here with you, sis."

: "Me too. I do miss you and mom when I'm off being a Trickster, so don't forget that I'm always thinking of you when I'm not around."

: "That's good..."

[She holds on tight to her sister's arm, only to gaze up at the star-illuminated sky]

: "...!"


: "I miss you so much, sis...! I just hope I can find you..."

[The Contact Gear in her pocket starts ringing]

: "Oh!"

[She wipes her tears away and grabs the Gear out of her pocket]

: "Hello? Rachel? I'm at Megalopolis. Did you finish up the requests of the people in Paradise?"

: "Yes, I did! Hang on, I'll be right there!"

: "He sure is taking a while to get here... At this point I'm just hoping this wasn't some elaborate prank."

[Current OST: Feeling of Love]

: "Hey! Is that you, mister Nebu--"

[She stops midsentence as her heart skips a beat]

: "(Oh daaaaaaang! He's... a lot cuter than I imagined... ")

: "Sorry to make you wait so long. I had my hands tied with something else."

: "... What the heck are you wearing...?"

: "I... uh... don't judge me. I don't like the duck equipment but it was actually really helpful!"

: "Aha, gotcha. I didn't wear that junk when I first came here, so I just threw it away."

: "So about my sister... Do you know what happened to her? Aren't you one of her closest friends?"

: "Yes, but... I'm sorry, but I don't know much. One day she just... vanished, and nobody's been able to find her since."

: "You're kidding... Just when I thought I'd gotten a good lead..."

: "... Don't worry though, I'm sure we'll find her eventually."

: "Are you sure?"

: "Yeah! If you cleared Paradise this quickly, then it shouldn't take you long to get through the other locations."

[The both of them walk down the stairs]

: "Well... thank you, mister Nebulos! That's nice to hear."

: "So how come you can't go after Veil yourself? You look really st -"

(There's what the kitty earring looks like, by the way. Anybody that has this is one lucky son of a rattata.)

: "Scratch that, very strong! Jeez, with stats like these, why do you even need me to help?"

: "Yeah I know I'm high-leveled, but... I hate fighting, honestly. Too much work. I'd much rather spend my time gathering quest supplies in Megalopolis. That and study the different parts of Caballa Island."

: "Oooh, that's cool too."

(By the way, this is what happens when you right click a pet that isn't yours. She even dances too!)

: "I can make you a member of our guild, the Remedies, in case you need some help. Feel free to contact us. Just... don't be surprised when you see there's not many people."

: "Uhm... alright! I dunno what that means but thanks!"

: "I have some junk I need to sell off, so I'll be seeing you!"

[As he walks off, he lets out a long sigh]

: ("At least I've managed to get one of us calm about this...")

So... yeah, that just happened! I figured bringing in some of my friends would add some spice to the let's play, and they're going to be helping me with plot and stuff like that. I mean, it's an MMO - it'd be a waste of the genre if I didn't take advantage of the multiplayer aspect.

[Current OST: Secret of Mana Overworld]

With all that hefty LP Plot out of the way, let's make our way over to where we actually need to go.

... See when I said we'd be meeting the yellow slime fella in the login screen, I didn't think we were going to meet him right away. Granted, this is a weird special version that I don't think even has enough info for a bestiary entry, so I can safely ignore that.

What I can show off though is that they like licking people to death. Gross.

Type: Sense
Level: 39
HP: 1,500
AP: 175
MA: 0
DP: 120
MD: 140
Aggressive?: No
Skills: None
Element: None
Weakness: Physical
Resistance: Magic
Official Art: Here
Worthwhile Drops:
* Queen Yamu Card (Very Rare / Card)
* Green Lace (Uncommon / Quest Item)
* Stat/Element Stones LV. 50 (Very Rare / Crafting)
Gear Entry: "A small green chipmunk known as Queen Yamu to the creatures of the forest. Known for hoarding green lace."

It's called Green Chipmunk yet its card name is Queen Yamu? What the heck is the connection here?

Other than that, they're notable for being important for a late-game quest despite being encountered this early. If that isn't an omen for the quests later on then I don't know what is...

Type: Power
Level: 35
HP: 1,360
AP: 180
MA: 0
DP: 105
MD: 122
Aggressive?: No
Skills: None
Element: None
Weakness: Magic
Resistance: Gun
Official Art: Here
Worthwhile Drops:
* Popo Card (Very Rare / Card)
* Multi-Vitamin (Common / Quest Item)
* Stat/Element Stones LV. 50 (Very Rare / Crafting)
Gear Entry: "A tiny earth spirit full of nutritious vitamins. They are often synthesized to create medicine."

Look at how round this lad is. I would regret trying to hurt him if his name was perfectly capitalized, though.

: "Sooo lonely…"

: "Lonely?"

: "Waaaaa- Oh! It’s you! [Esther] told me about you."

: "Yeah, what is it?"

: "I’m lonely and I’m tired of playing by myself."

So Poppuri’s problem here is that monsters wound up stealing his friend’s toy box and they’ve had a falling out because of that. Since his name is literally “scared” Poppuri, he’s too much of a chicken to go into the dungeon the monsters ran into.

Oh, don't be such a baby. I will keep that name in mind though when I start planning out my monster hit-list.

"What, you don’t believe me? Are you insulting my grandpa? Fine! Sounds like you don’t believe me, so let me fill you in a bit. Actually, did you know [Caballa Island] used to be part of the [Alteo Empire] a long time ago?"

: "Well, duh!"

So sassy.

Star Heart wonders what the connection between the treasure and the island is, only for John to say that he accidentally dropped his grandfather’s research paper in the sea. Maps for Poseidon’s Treasure are scattered across the island: this is what the Worn Beach Map we picked up is for.

: "I could help too!"

... Bindi Code. They’re really taking the piss with this Indiana Jones expy, huh? But he does do a Cool Guy thing for us and lets Reina and Driller King Marky interpret the map pieces we find.

So the big thing with Treasure Maps in this game is that they lead you to special Poseidon's Treasures that contain extremely valuable items such as Black Elixir Fragments (which are the only way to use Elixir qualities without doing MyShop), Nikarium Shards and so on.

Nikarium Shards are especially beloved because if you take five and compound them into a full Nikarium, you can boost the strength of some equipment to the highest tier possible. I don't have the patience for that kind of thing so I'd rather just sell them off to people who do need them.

Oh muk, that's one lucky guy! So Absolute Unique equipment is an extremely rare drop from any monster in the game, like one in a blue moon levels. It is not level locked, meaning even level one characters can equip it, and the stats it gives are absolutely insane (960 attack for just the sword, not counting the boost you get from completing the set)

However, it comes with a few reasonable caveats to prevent it from being uberpowered:

* Once equipped, you can't get rid of it or it'll disappear.
* It has a time limit of seven days, so you can't hold onto it forever. To recharge the timer you have to kill bosses.
* You can't refine it to make it even more powerful
* You can't put it into the bank

It's really good novelty equipment, but other than that it kinda loses its thunder when you go deeper into the game.

Aw snap, I knew I forgot something! This is the Paradise spa house and it can be optional if you do all the quests outside.

Hey wait...

Oh... I hope that other guy saw this because imagine how terrible it'd be if they lost their once in a lifetime drop.

Anyway, the bathhouse’s closed because the water pump isn’t working properly, leaving Al-Hauri here without much options. To help fix his problem, we have to bring him five filled water buckets… which we conveniently already have from helping the Bunny Maid! How about that.

No problem, mate. This is the reason why we came back: the Shell Shield Neo and an extra Desert Sticker. Doing 100% in the areas often results in gaining leftover stickers.

When we do it, it's kinda pointless, but there are nice people that like to sell off the leftover stickers of later areas to people who are having trouble... those guys tend to be my favorite of the player shops.

Eliza Bath (boo) is the owner of the Paradise bath house and she wants...

The letters buried all across Desert Beach 4 for the reasons described above. Reading love letters and confession letters are fine and all, but do you really want to read the cursed ones? That... just seems like a bad idea.

Take a look at the extra number beneath the Trickster mascot face - that is the "stress" you accumulate after every failed drilling attempt.

When it fills up completely, your character goes berserk and you can instantly pull up items from the ground without having to do the mini-game. It's one of the most useful skills in the game, and apparently Sense characters get an even better version called Mega Crazy Drilling. (As well as a skill to boost how many stress points you get per dig.)

… Is this guy supposed to be Marcourt? They never specify. Driller King Marky here is one of the treasure map interpreters, although he deals in weird maps instead.

Weird Maps are different from normal ones in that they don't lead you to treasure, but instead the Black Market. It sounds scary, but it's actually a secret shopping map where you can craft Nikariums and buy some neat stuff you can't get in normal shops.

Driller King Marky’s kinda nuts too because he’s practically fanatical about drilling, to the point where he makes even the in-game character feel weird.

: "It’s not that hard, so don’t worry okay. Alright then, bring me Weird Beach Map A and Weird Beach Map B and I will transforming it into a splendid map. Just trust me…"

: "I don’t really feel any trust…"

I mean he's a big weirdo so I can't blame you.

The nice thing about the treasure map quests is that they're technically infinite - you can keep doing them as many times as you want, as evidenced by the "1/99" there. They're never required for any greater quest chain, so you don't have to worry about doing a mission that many times.

The basic Detection Scroll is pretty bad, not gonna lie. It shows the items long enough for a screenshot, but after that they go away real quick. I prefer the Super version because at least you can dig while the spots are still glowing.

I'll never get over the sight of crazy drilling, mostly because of how pissed the Trickster Mascot face gets. I should mention that better drills can keep Crazy Drilling for longer periods of time, so it'd be good to remember that for later.

: "You're welcome, miss!"

I'm glad she can be happy with all the dumb letters we gave her. I mean, reading corny love letters doesn't seem like a bad way to pass the time.

But alright, we seem to have the complete set of Paradise's equipment! Let's see how it looks.

... Hey listen, it's at least much more dignified than the duck equipment. This is at least a step in the right direction.

What's more important, though, are the boosts that it gives you:

You see the purple numbers in our stats? Having a completed set of equipment gives you additional bonuses, often making them better than just getting random weapons and armor.

This is another major reason why completing a town's requests is so important, because aside from all the experience you get, you also get to look forward to some really good equipment.

We've finally made it to Poppuri Dungeon, but this chapter's been eventful enough as it is.

Next time on Trickster Online, we get some toys back and smash some faces in! See you guys then.


Team Set-up:

(Star Heart / Rachel): "It's so nice and humid here... makes me kinda sleepy..."
* Job class: Schoolgirl ( Tier 1)
* Type: Power
* EXP level: 37 (+3)
* TM level: 34 (+3)
* Gender:
* Bosses slain: Zero (Mong doesn't count)
* Guild: None

(Nebulos): "Man, how did I wind up with all this junk anyway... I need to stop hoarding."
* Job class: Magician ( Tier 2)
* Type: Magic
* EXP level: 129
* TM level: 139
* Gender:
* Bosses slain: 1
* Guild: Remedies - Star Captain (De-facto leader)

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