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Pokemon Adventure! Pt10 - final

Posted January 26th, 2019 at 1:42 PM by Veil Loreraven

So like, my BFF Lillie and I had a little argument because she like totally wanted to go to that moon temple or whatever and get cosmog finished, but I was all like, Ehh, NOOOO, I know it's like important and junk but I like, so totally have to get my clefable. So like, after two days I finally get my hands on one of those moon stones again from poke pelago...WAAAAYYY too long to fly there on my charizard. Anyway, like, after that we get there and play these flutes and you will NEVER guess what! Guess what?! come on! Tk. OK! NEBBY BECAME A GIANT BAT POKEMON! I was all like, waaaaattt? Nebby is a giant bat now? How is THAT like, possible right? Anyway, After that Lillie's mom and that gangster guy from skull pop out of a portal or some junk and then this Nasty to the max pokemon Necrozma appears and just like, totally MELTS into nebby. I barely beat him and then I was all like told by lillie and the others that I..ME, has to be the one to go like, chase after him and bring nebby back. I like my BFF and all but that is like....AARRRGGEE..OK! But only because she was my BFF I said!

* OK Roleplaying over*

So this is where my pokemon adventure failed. I have no idea why A rock type move does Super effective damage against my water and grass type pokemon, but Not one of my pokemon other than my Alolan sandslash that even after using all 5 rare candies I had collected since the beginning were all killed in one shot. Not only that but it went first every single time. FFS, how the hell does a rock type move super effective damage a WATER TYPE POKEMON! Gem power or whatever that attack is called. It literally went first and had a super effective attack against every single pokemon other than my sandslash. Even if I grinded it would be level 80's before I could take this thing down. So I cheated and brought some pokemon from my bank. Level 70's Greninja and Blazaken which I had to use a max revive on my greninja and blizzard it, TWICE. WTF? right? Ultra Necrozma is way stronger than I remember. I remember my first play through of me wiping the floor with it.

Anyway, it seems with my team. Ultra Necrozma is as far as I could take them in this game without insane level grinding.
oh well.
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