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Plot for some hack in the future. :)

Posted February 10th, 2019 at 11:57 PM by Ace Trainer Slash
Updated February 11th, 2019 at 12:03 AM by Ace Trainer Slash

Hello. :)

On one of the recent blogs I've made, I had decided to show a tidbit of information about a script I'd put in for a future hack of mine. (which now I've read it again, sounds really edgy, I'm probably going to change something with it, not sure what though.)

And so, at this point in time, I've created a base story for this future hack, specifically how it involves the protagonists parents. This is just a basic summary of the parent's roles are in the hack, as well as a bit of the antagonists personality, and I was wondering whether it sounds like something people would be interested in actually playing through. I'll leave a brief summary, as well as some basic dialogue that would lead towards a battle against the antagonist. I'll leave what I wrote in a spoiler for people that don't want to see a clump of information. It's also kinda PG, so. :D

The giant force behind the antagonists will be a man who hated the protagonist’s mother, his ex-wife, in order to spare the young protagonists life, persuades their father to kill their mother, and asks for one of her prized bracelets which she frequently wears as proof of her death. The father says sorry to the main protagonist, as they ask where their mother’s gone. Shortly after, the main antagonist asks for a business proposition to the young protagonist to join his side, after what their father had done to their mother. Immediately, the young protagonists father refutes the antagonist, stating he’ll take the job instead, to protect his offspring. During the adventure, once the protagonist becomes stronger, he infiltrates a large family home, where supposedly his father lay. The protagonist stumbles into the basement, to see an overweight man doing it with two younger, slimmer, naked women, who the protagonist recognises his father. Out of the shadows of the basement, the antagonist steps out, and greets the player to their father, now digging his hands into a steak by his bedside table. The antagonist picks up the Steak, and throws it on the ground, promising the protagonist’s father for more food if he followed him. The antagonist then beckons the protagonist, and their father, to a brightly lit room, that has some undecided deformed Pokemon, with a piece of food in the middle. The antagonist states to the father to go eat the food, in the middle of the room, only to be mauled under intense screams of agony by the Pokemon/human fusion. The antagonist then states: ‘Ah, your father, he was a good man, not only did he kill the person I so do hate, but he even joined my squadron just to protect you! It truly is a shame that it had to be like this, it wasn’t my fault he gained a lusting for guilty pleasures. That’s the cycle of life, lust, and greed will consume you, and will only result with your demise… What’s that? I killed your father?! Preposterous, it was his greed that led to his perishing, not me! You may be wondering now, if your father killed your mother, and your father was killed by a Pokemon… Then who will make you perish? The answer? That’s me. Sayanora [IMPORTANT LAST NAME FOR STORY] family!!

Ok, so the summary. Your mother and father play as goals for the protagonist in the future, specifically, why your mother had been killed by your father, why your father had left you, and why he stole her prized bracelet. The plot to give a personal connection to the antagonist, would be the antagonist would have an ex-wife, who would be the protagonist's mother.

The antagonist threatened to kill the protagonist if the protagonist's father didn't kill his wife, your father ends up killing your mother to save your life. Later on, since the antagonist has created a scenario that the protagonist would dislike, he asks whether they'd like to join his business. The father steps in and takes the job instead to establish a relationship between the father and son further. During the middle of the hack, the protagonist would stumble upon a secret base, with his father suffering from immense lust for food and other pleasures, the antagonist watching the entire scene unfold between both the father and offspring.

The antagonist would lead the father to a chamber, with a piece of food in the middle, and a Pokemon in the same spot. The Pokemon mauls the father to death, as a literal reference to how lust and greed can destroy a person.

I just wanted to know whether this is a good start to a plot, and whether it would be a good decision to add this as a part of the story for an initially dark hack, or change the plot so far entirely. :)

Thanks in advance. :D
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